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Joined 13 July 2011

Hello! i am Iusedworm but that wasn't a user name i wanted to keep.(i didn't make up my mind) the user name i was thinking about now was rwarsrwars so call me rwars and i like Pokémon

no more info because i'm a little lazy, after all, a little but is better than nothing,

My Pokémon

White: Stoutland lv. 82, ♀

Chandelure lv. 82, ♂

Bisharp lv. 82,♂

Wobbuffet lv. 75, ♂

Zekrom lv. 82

Serperior lv. 92,♂

Couldn't do the party template.

Well i got a another White Version and it was way different Pokémon, i guess that the ones you choose always different every time!

Meloetta Lv. 85

Zoroark Lv. 83 ♀

Serperior Lv. 83 ♂

Chandelure Lv. 82 ♂

Stoutland Lv. 82 ♂

Victini Lv. 83