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User:Ht14/The Shedinja Factor

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Title credit goes to Serebii.


Shedinja is a very interesting Pokémon as it can inherit all of Ninjask's moves after evolution. This can be done through these options:

  • Shedinja
    • level-up (12)
    • Gen III level-up (10)
    • TM/HM (31)
    • breed (7)
    • tutor (14)
  • Ninjask
    • level-up (8)
  • Nincada
    • level-up (10)
    • Gen III level-up (10)
    • TM/HM (25)
    • tutor (10)

This brings the total to 137 moves.

However, since so many are copies, let's eliminate those that are...

That narrows it down to:

  • Shedinja
    • level-up (12)
    • TM/HM (31)
    • breed (6)
    • tutor (8)
  • Ninjask
    • level-up (5)
  • Nincada
    • level-up (1)

...which brings it down to... only 63 moves:

Now, even though you might be thinking this was all a waste of time with only 6 more gives one more options. If you're wondering which ones they are, they're the starred ones. The ones that are crossed out will not work (leaving us with 61 moves)...unless Ditto is in play...

Defensive moves are useless unless Baton Pass is used.

In addition, despite having only 1 HP, with the use of a Ditto in a double/triple battle, or against a Ditto with Imposter, things change. Due to Transform negating the HP IV stat, Ditto (as Shedinja) can have as much HP as a typical Ditto would have and would not have to worry much about weather and status effects killing it in one turn. That's all that to be said about Shedinja and how Ditto can change things.

Now... I'm really lazy, so I'll add the new moves that were incorporated into Shedinja and its family as of Generation V. Sadly, no changes were made to the level-up set...

That ups it to 68 moves, which is ok I guess...