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All of this states all Pokémon stuff stated in the Pokédex entries. Please edit!


Alolan Raichu: "hodad"US
Electrode: "The Bomb Ball"FRX
Exeggutor: "The Walking Jungle"DPPtBWB2W2Y
"The Walking Tropcial Rainforest"FR
Hitmonlee: "Kick Master"C or "kicking master"Stadium
Goldeen: "The Water Queen"RBLG or "water dancer"HGSSY
"Princess of the water"UM
Starmie: "The Gem of the Sea"ROR
Dratini: "Mirage Pokémon"DPPtBWB2W2X
Dragonite: "The God of Destruction" (Dark Dragonite (Team Rocket 5))
"Sea guardian"Stadium
"The sea incarnate"US
Lanturn: "The Deep-Sea Star"RDPPtBWB2W2XOR
Sharpedo: "The Bully of the Sea"RDPPtBWB2W2XORS
"Gangs of the Sea" (anime: AG019, Professor Oak's Big Pokémon Examination (DP171))
Flygon: "The Desert Spirit"DPPtHGSSBWB2W2Y
"The Elemental Spirit of the Desert"ROR
Drifloon: "Signpost for Wandering Spirits"PtBWB2W2YAS
Honchkrow: "Summoner of Night"PtBWB2W2XOR
Finneon: "Beautifly of the Sea"P (also anime: DP077)
Abomasnow: "The Ice Monster"PXOR
Uxie: "The Being of Knowledge"DXOR
Mesprit: "The Being of Emotion"DXOR
Azelf: "The Being of Willpower"DXOR
Braviary: "Soldier of the Sky" (anime: BW099)
Wishiwashi: "demon of the sea" (School Form)US

Endurance (Temperature)

Will need to make a distinction of what the Pokémon expels/body temperature vs. what it endures later.

Regice: -328°F
Snorunt: -150°F
Seel: -40°F
Flareon: 1650°F
Rhydon: 3600°F
Magcargo: 18000°F


Dodrio: roughly 40 mph
Doduo: over 60 mph
Goldeen: 5 knots (roughly 5.75 mph)
Sharpedo: 75 mph
Arcanine: 6200 miles in a day and night (a little more than 129 mph)
Rapidash: 150 mph
Dragonite: roughly 1556 mph

Jumping height

Ponyta: capable of jumping Ayers Rock (1142 ft), Eiffel Tower (1063 ft)
Blaziken: can jump a 30-story building


Alakazam: ≥5000 IQ (varies)

Carrying ability

Mudbray: 50× its weight
Mudsdale: 10 tons