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The Hoenn Rangers Coexistence Force (Japanese: 共存戦隊ホウエンジャー Coexistence Squadron Hōenger) is a team of local heroes made by TV Mauville that used to be popular in Hoenn until Pokémon Contest Spectaculars began to emerge. The characters were introduced in Pokémon Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire. Old action figures can still be found on sale around Hoenn. Their motto is "We fight for the peaceful coexistence of Pokémon, nature, and people!".

The heroes are as follows:

In other languages

Language Title
France Flag.png French Hoenngers
Germany Flag.png German Hoenn-Ranger
Italy Flag.png Italian Hoennger
South Korea Flag.png Korean 공존전대 호연레인저 Coexistence Squadron Hoyeon Ranger
Spain Flag.png Spanish Hoenn Rangers

Littleroot Crimson

Language Title
Japan Flag.png Japanese ミシロクリムゾン Mishiro Crimson
France Flag.png French Vol Écarlate
Germany Flag.png German Wurzelheim Crimson
Italy Flag.png Italian Albanova Crimson
South Korea Flag.png Korean 미로크림슨 Miro Crimson
Spain Flag.png Spanish Raíz Escarlata

Mauville Yellow

Language Title
Japan Flag.png Japanese キンセツイエロー Kinsetsu Yellow
France Flag.png French Lavandor
Germany Flag.png German Malvenfroh Yellow
Italy Flag.png Italian Ciclamipoli Yellow
South Korea Flag.png Korean 보라옐로 Bora Yellow
Spain Flag.png Spanish Malvalona Ocre

Rustboro Ivory

Language Title
Japan Flag.png Japanese カナズミアイボリー Kanazumi Ivory
France Flag.png French Mérivoire
Germany Flag.png German Metarost Ivory
Italy Flag.png Italian Ferrugipoli Ivory
South Korea Flag.png Korean 금탄아이보리 Geumtan Ivory
Spain Flag.png Spanish Férrica Marfil

Fallarbor Bordeaux

Language Title
Japan Flag.png Japanese ハジツゲボルドー Hajitsuge Bordeaux
France Flag.png French Autégrenat
Germany Flag.png German Laubwechselfeld Bordeaux
Italy Flag.png Italian Brunifoglia Bordeaux
South Korea Flag.png Korean 단풍보르도 Danpung Bordeaux
Spain Flag.png Spanish Pardal Burdeos

Lilycove Viridian

Language Title
Japan Flag.png Japanese ミナモビリジアン Minamo Viridian
France Flag.png French Nénuverdet
Germany Flag.png German Seegrasulb Viridian
Italy Flag.png Italian Alghepoli Viridian
South Korea Flag.png Korean 해안비리디언 Haean Viridian
Spain Flag.png Spanish Calagua Verdemar

Pacifidlog Cobalt

Language Title
Japan Flag.png Japanese キナギコバルト Kinagi Cobalt
France Flag.png French Pacilicate
Germany Flag.png German Floßbrunn Cobalt
Italy Flag.png Italian Orocea Cobalt
South Korea Flag.png Korean 황금코발트 Hwanggeum Cobalt
Spain Flag.png Spanish Oromar Añil


  • The group is a reference to the Super Sentai series, a long-running Japanese superhero franchise.
  • Upon defeating the Team MagmaOR/AquaAS Grunts, one of the Grunts mentions his aspiration to become a Hoenn Ranger in the future.