I am Hitmonchan90, amd I am a female, unlike a real Hitmonchan.

Pokémon Ideas

Wouldn't it be a good idea if they created a female counterpart of the Hitmons, including Tyrogue?

Here's what I think. Its name can be something like Karatina (karate and Tina, a girl's name). Stupid, but possible. Also a female variation of Hitmontop can look like a ballerina who is always shown standing on its toes but has the same attacks, abilities, etc.

For pre-evos, I'm thinking Kangaskhan, or even Tauros, Miltank, or perhaps a baby who turns into either one of them according to its gender. There should also be ones for Absol, Sableye, Mawile, Carnivine, and Doduo.

Evolutionwise, Pinsir, Pachirisu, Zangoose, Seviper, and Absol just scream "need a new evo". Their should also be an alternate male-only evo for Buneary and just make Lopunny female-only.

New Attack Ideas

Attack name: Speed Jolt

Type: Electric

Category: Special

Power: 40

Accuracy: 100%

Description: User fires a fast shot of electricity. The attacker goes first when this attack is used.

Effect: none

PP: 25

Variation?: Quick Attack

Attack name: Spitfire

Type: Fire

Category: Special

Power: 60

Accuracy: Never misses

Description: User spits fast fireballs that cannot be missed.

Effect: none

PP: 20

Variation?: Swift

Attack name: Down Cloud

Type: Flying

Category: Special

Power: 65

Accuracy: 85%

Description: The user creates a cloud of feathers and launches it at the foe. May lower accuracy.

Effect: 10% of lowering accuracy of opponent by one stage

PP: 10

Variation?: Octazooka

And now for some originality

Attack name: Phantasm Charge

Type: Ghost

Category: Physical

Power: 85

Accuracy: 100%

Description: The user's charges into the opponent with frightening power. Has a small chance of lowering all of the opponent's stats by a stage.

Effect: 10% chance of lowering all stats of opponent by one stage.

PP: 15

More to come later...