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Joined 2 May 2011
"Hi there! If you were looking for Herbia's Tea Room, it's this way."Spr_BW_Baker.png

FL_AromaLady.pngBag_Honey_Sprite.png Bag_Honey_Sprite.png "Herbia A. Fusionne" Bag_Honey_Sprite.png Bag_Honey_Sprite.png

Bag Lax Incense Sprite.png This user is an Aroma Lady.
Spr 4d 189 s.png This user likes long strolls through meadows.
415.png This user adores Combee.
Spr 5b 572 s.png This user likes sleeping.
Bag Honey Sprite.png This user sells Combee Honey.
113.png This user likes helping others.
045.png This user comes from the Orange Islands.
Project BerryDex logo.png This user is a member of Project BerryDex.
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An engaged and active user, Herbia takes interest in Pokémon behaviors, diets, and special abilities. She follows these interests by being a member of the Project BerryDex, Project Moves and Abilities and Project Pokédex. Herbia studies the properties of Honey gathered by wild Combee, and its effect on other Pokémon in the wild. A few habits that she has developed are feeding her Pokémon freshly grown Berries and Moomoo Milk, and when it comes to friendly battling, she is a very large fan of inducing infatuation.

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'Herbia Alette Fusionne' was born on Valencia Island, in the south-west region of the Orange Archipelago. Her first Pokémon was a Combee which she hatched from an egg given to him by her father after it was found hidden in a food supplies shipment from the Unova Region. She worked during her teen years part-time as an assistant to Professor Ivy in her research of strange colorations in the Pokémon of the Orange Archipelago, in her Pokémon Laboratory.

Bag_Honey_Sprite.png 415.png Bag_Honey_Sprite.png

Herbia's affinity with Combee and their rich, flowery Honey began after the commencement of her travels. She spent a great deal of time as a casual assistant in the 'Pick a Peck of Colors Flower Shop' in Floaroma Town, and was able to spend each afternoon slumbering under a tree in the pleasant Floaroma Meadow. Her Combee, which is called 'Miel', thrived in the flowery meadow, and is now one of her strongest Pokémon companions.



"My name is Aïcha, and I am Herbia's butler. I am not only Head of Staff of her Tea Room, I also perform odd duties for her, and bake her meals!"