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Heart of Thorns

Joined 15 September 2008

Heart of Thorns, also known as SuicuneGirl, and most commonly called SG, is a random Pokémon fan who is extremely adamant about her love for Pokemon and ideals revolving around it; is/was a member of a fairly large number of Pokémon Community; and is rather enjoying talking about herself in third person for this article. She is, after all, known to do this more often than most people, saying things such as "SG is bored" or "Would Jaxa do a favor for SG?" (Jaxa being a friend of SG's, declared more than a few times as her favorite friend to talk in third person with). SG may also be prone to extreme overuse of emoticons. ^^


  • Age: 18
  • Gender: Female
  • Education: A year of college; quit. '^^
  • Religion: A culmination of various aspects of different religions and philisophical views that takes longer to explain than most people care to listen to. :3
  • Likes: Pokémon, Digimon, Fanfiction, RolePlaying, Chobits, Absolute Boyfriend, Tail of the Moon, WoW, Yu-Gi-Oh!, Final Fantasy
  • Dislikes: Stupid people, mean people, close-minded people, people who flame, preppy people, selfish people, people people (xD), cockroaches, Duskull.


SuicuneGirl, her original user name just about everywhere, was first used on the first forum she joined on the now-deceased fansite PokéVista. Of course, as with most forum users (at least in SG's experience), Vistans were lazy. Thus, the admin (Shiny Umbreon) became SU; SuicuneGirl, SG; MissingNo., M-No; etc. Pretty typical. SG loves her nickname though, as far as answering to it (sometimes before her real name) in real life. After a few years of forum experience as well as gaining some (though not much x3) maturity, though, she realized "SuicuneGirl" was pretty n00bish, common, etc. Thus, she changed her username in most places to Heart of Thorns, which (though still not one-of-a-kind) was more unique, expressive, and quoted a bit from a story-in-progress which she is rather proud of.

Unfortunately, friends quickly helped her realize that the acronym for her name was now HoT (which could be pronounced 'hot' or 'haw-tee', depending on whether or not the reader made any distinguishment for the captial 'T'). She did not like this AT ALL. It sounded preppy and vain. Thus it was declared that despite the change of username, friends and members were still required to call her SG (or if not, "Heart of Thorns", "Heart", "Thorn(s)", or "Thornheart") or else. (The actual meaning of "or else" was never fully determined. xD)


SG is generally pretty easy to get along with, especially if you are a fellow Pokémon fan. She is, however, known to have a short temper at times (^^ though it has gotten a LOT better in recent years), as well as being inconceivably stubborn. This isn't to say that she is close-minded, however, as she loves to argue so long as debate stays friendly, and does consider other's views; whether she actually comes to an agreement or finds a compromising adaptation of others' views combined with her prior views depends upon each situation, of course. She loves to help out pretty much anyone any way she can, (save a very few people who time has left a general distaste for, or new people who make a particularly bad first impression), especially if it involves Pokémon. SG tends to be a little heavy on descriptions of pretty much everything, so she does apologize if this description seems rather short, but she fears it may otherwise become far too long, leaving the impression that she is self-absorbed (which talking in third person does NOT constitute. xD It's just FUN).

Currently Active At...

Please note, no external links will be given, as SG doesn't want to seem as if she is trying to advertise. That being said, SG has been on many Pokémon forums in the past, but is currently only active on a few. These include:

  • Element Destiny, SG's own forum. Element Destiny is primarily a roleplaying community, though plenty of different out-of-character areas are present. A more detailed look into this can be found further into this page.
  • Gods of Legend RPG, a rather unique roleplaying board which strongly incorporates religion into the plot. A play-as-wild-Pokémon RP, the backstory revolves around seven deities, each based on a Virtue, who were created by Arceus shortly before he took to his slumber. In early time, earth was a perfect haven under their rule. Over time, however, dark spirits began to form, and on one fateful night, possessed seven sleeping Pokémon, eventually becoming deities themselves, each based upon a Sin; their easy-life allure hard to resist, they quickly gained followers. Hence ensued a battle between the servants of each side. In the end, they fused into two mega-deities, the Goddess of Virtue and God of Sin, who destroyed each other in a final battle. When this happened, their essences were spread about in the form of unique items, and it is said that if someone could accumulate all for either side, that the deities or great deity could be restored. But prophecy fortells something which could mean the end for any or all of the Pokémon involved. Thus, the RP is a race against time and battle quite literally between good and evil, each side trying to build its forces before that coming day.
  • Illusions of the Heart, a non-Pokémon roleplaying community that is nonetheless inhabited by a very high ratio of Pokémon fans.

Theories on Pokémon

In spirit of Wiki, please do understand that while the following are personal beliefs and theories, it is a fact that SG thinks these. That stated, let us continue. As mentioned, SG is quite adamant about her ideals concerning various aspects of the Pokémon universe. While generally happy to debate, one thing she absolutely will not budge on is that Pokémon are far, far more than pixels on a screen. Various examples of her beliefs and theories are described below; more may be added as they are remembered, or as she comes up with them. ^^

Thoughts Become Reality

Yes. This IS a quote from .hack//SIGN. Not the point. SG adamantly believes in this philosiphy; in fact, it is one of the various aspects accumulating her unique religion mentioned in the profile section. She believes that anything a person believes in strongly enough can become real, even if only to that person. An "imaginary" friend, by the average person's standards, though far from pure imagination. This, of course, does not entail a physical form, as much as she is sure many of us would like it to, although the created life force can act with physical force. Her most adamant personal example of this is her Suicune (the one to whom her original username was tribute), 'Blizzard', who- like any Suicune- is capable of controlling the wind. Many a skeptic has arisen on this factor, but SG has far too many times had her tears dried by the wind on an otherwise gustless day to pay them an ounce of mind.

In other more powerful examples, she was once crying outside for reasons she can no longer remember (teen angst ftw! Lol), and after a while realized she was howling; feeling a bit stupid for a moment, she then decided 'why not?' and continued, soon to be answered by similar howls of the wind. This was not common in the area; additionally, the howls lasted roughly as long as a Suicune's call (anime roar, not in-game call). Another of these examples is the time when, upon request, Blizzard showed SG a detailed description of a yard she had never seen before with incredible accuracy; when she later checked, very few details were askew, and these she attributes to a natural misconception of information with any mental-visual communication.

Primarily, however, Blizzard and all of her Pokémon (and other) friends serve the purpose any "imaginary" friend would: companionship and communication. This being said, she has been thoroughly convinced that all Pokémon have a life, and as such has had to make herself believe that resetting a game doesn't delete Pokémon, just releases them back into the wild, in order to keep herself from COMPLETELY destroying friends who reset (minor destroying may still occur :3), or for hating herself when she has to delete that one last Magikarp or Bidoof when (after transfering every other Pokemon to other games or storage devices) resetting her own games.

A random fact on this note: during the Mew event for the release of Lucario and the Mystery of Mew, the kid in front of SG in line did not trade a Lv2-3 Bidoof/Rattata/Pidgey/etc for his Mew, but a Lv64 Raichu. The thought a hard-trained Pokémon being so carelessly abandoned quite literally horrified her, so with surprisingly little effort, she convinced the guy doing trades to give SG the previous kid's Raichu as well as her Mew, rescuing the poor thing from abandonment. xD (Nerd alert! LOL.)

The Legendary Beast Trio

(Three hundred years ago) "Humans tried to steal the power of Ho-oh and all Pokémon, causing the great fire in the tower. Three Pokémon were caught in the flames, unable to escape on time. Ho-oh watched in sadness and disgrace. Drawing from the forces of nature and its own ancient power, Ho-oh created new lives for them. The reincarnation of the North Wind- Suicune. The reincarnation of the Volcano- Entei. The reincarnation of Thunder- Raikou. Ho-oh sent these Pokémon to observe humans. They wait for the day when Pokemon and humans can finally live together in cooperation and harmony. When that time finally comes, Ho-oh will return."

-Eusine, For Ho-oh the Bells Toll!, dub.

As clearly stated here, the trio was not always the trio. Before being recreated as legendary Pokémon, they were three DIFFERENT Pokémon. SG has indeed seen this theory online, but not recently, and she came up with it on her own before seeing others who agreed anyway. So what WERE these Pokémon? SG without doubt believes that they were Vaporeon (Suicune), Flareon (Entei), and Jolteon (Raikou), and unlike the few places she has seen that says "some speculate", she has a long list of evidence supporting the theory.

  • Both sets are trios. (Despite the Eevee family expanding so much, many still think of each generation of Eeveelutions as its own set, the two latter duets in addition to the original trio. This may not be true of all fans, but enough it still holds ground.)
  • All three Legendary Beasts could easily be dual-type. For example, Suicune, as the Aurora Pokémon, could be Water/Ice, or as the North Wind, could be Water/Flying; heck, Suicune could easily even be Ice/Flying. Despite this, each has only a single type, all of which match the corresponding Eeveelution's type.
  • Both sets are similar in build, being pawed quadrapeds with both canine and feline characteristics present. (SG finds it a bit funny, really, that in all the debate over Legendary Cats or Dogs, people never though Foxes, which are similar to both. =P)
  • Excluding the color of the mane or 'cape' on the Legends, their color schemes are similar. Suicune and Vaporeon are varying shades of blue to teal with white detail (though sometimes accompanied by or completely cream on Vaporeon, which also varies; Suicune, too, has gone through discrepincies in detail color of course). Raikou and Jolteon are both yellow with white detail, though Raikou is actually one of the most colorful Pokémon. (... o.o' Now that SG has counted, Raikou actually ties Chatot (and perhaps Ho-oh and/or Entei depending on how you want to count them) as THE most colorful Pokémon, having a whopping SIX colors counting the red of its eyes! =O) Entei and Flareon are both of a reddish shade (Entei's more brown, but Flareon's varying enough to make up for it) with yellow detail, though Entei has more white than cream, but white is the mane color intentionally discluded.
  • The amount of head detail corresponds. Vaporeon has a massive head revamp compared to Eevee, and Suicune has the largest head ornament. Flareon has its large but sole tuft of yellow fur, and Entei has a fairly large but modest gold head ornament. Jolteon has only its bits of spikey fur to distinguish its head from Eevee's, and Raikou has a very small, modestly spiked head ornament. In addition, while Vaporeon's fins and Flareon's tuft stick out, Jolteon's spikes are slicked back; likewise, Suicune and Entei's ornaments potrude much more than the formfitting ornament of Raikou.
  • All three Legends' head ornaments have some form of symmetrical prongs on each side, though it varying degrees; these could debatably be reminiscent of the Eeveelutions' ears.
  • Flareon and Entei are each the furriest of their trios. Suicune and Vaporeon are both extremely slick. Jolteon and Raikou are both fairly sleek, though differing a bit more admittedly; they are still similar however, Jolteon having spiked fur, and Raikou having a spiked face ornament, very small spikes on its head ornament, and a spiked tail tip.
  • In the original Japanese Red and Green, Vaporeon is far more canine than the other two, having a very long snout as opposed to the flatter faces of its counterparts. 'Coincidentally', Suicune has a long unobscured snout, as opposed to the flat ornamented faces of its counterparts.
  • Vaporeon and Suicune are two of the few pure-Water Pokemon who can learn Ice-type moves without a TM/Egg/Tutor. The only of these which does damage for Vaporeon is Aurora Beam, which was a signature Crystal Suicune move in Gen II and became a stable move of Suicune's in later Gens. Vaporeon's ability to use Aurora Beam was also introduced in the third part of its original generation's set.

^^ SG is quite sure she can find more if you remain unconvinced. ('xD Actually she went back and added three after typing that sentence..) In addition to all of those and anything else she missed, there remains the obvious other factor that there aren't really any other candidates with arguments as good, and certainly not any better. :3

This has led SG, as well as most members in communities where she has been very active and made these points, to abandon (in part or full) other collective names (The Legendary Beasts/Cats/Dogs/Gerbils) for a new name, "The Great Eons".

Ho-oh vs Lugia vs Mew

Before Arceus, SG was adamantly convinced Ho-oh was PokéGod. However, the introduction of this deity has not changed her views by much.

Two beings did the original one make, and three following that. Chances are that bit of lore will change slightly to include Giratina in Platinum, but that possibility won't really affect this theory. The point being made is there was Arceus the Creator. He made space and time, then spirit. Supposedly, that was it. However, as likely as it is statistically, SG has a hard time believing his five creations worked together creating all else once you consider Dialga and Palkia's reactions to each other in Rise of Darkrai. No, she believes the most likely theory is that Arceus did create more, although it is also possible that his original creations created one or a few creatures, which then made creatures of their own.

There is one remarkably common theory, however, which SG will tell you is NOT the case: Mother Mew. If anyone cares to actually read rather than skim Mew's various PokéDex entries, every instance which says anything vaguely giving off that ideal clearly states THEORY and SCIENTISTS SUSPECT. Scientists can't even agree in real life, and Arceus only knows how many scientific theories, even those once counted as fact, have been disproven. (Spontaneous generation anyone?) What makes anyone believe that scientists in the Pokémon world are any more accurate, especially given such wonderful in-game and animé examples, is a mystery.

In fact, a few very clearly stated facts can disprove Mew's ability to Transform meaning any sort of creator status. (1) Arceus was; Arceus made. Clearly, Mew did not make Arceus, nor any of his specified creations. But wait! What if the original five made Mew out of their DNA, and then Mew made everything after that? (2) "Ho-oh created new lives for them." Suicune, Raikou, and Entei were created by Ho-oh. Okay, so what about non-legends? (3) Humans created Mewtwo and Porygon on purpose, and Deoxys on accident. This means they were not created by Mew. If you battle Dialga, Azelf, Entei, Porygon, or any of these Pokémon proven to be created by others with a Mew, Mew can still Transform into them. On top of that, there is of course the pure realistic fact that it can't logically have 493(+?) types of DNA. Mew, like Ditto, can just reconfigure its DNA. That's all.

So what of Ho-oh then? Did he create all life after Arceus's slumber? SG isn't sure enough to say, but believes he (yes, he; if ever Ho-oh is proven a she SG will gladly edit, though) should be counted a deity, second only to Arceus, or if not after only Arceus' original creations, all the same. Ho-oh is not to be mistaken as a minor counterpart to Lugia, who is far less ominous. Let us look at the evidence, which will often compare Ho-oh to Mew and/or Lugia.

  • All sources (with the exception of multiple games and trading of course, but this problem arises in all legends) indicate there is only one ancient Ho-oh. However old, it is proven that there is more than one Lugia (the Power of One Lugia being one, and the parent and child from the small arc in the Johto saga being two more, for a total of at least three) and, that's right, more than one Mew. (While the Mew in Lucario and the Mystery of Mew is bound to the Tree of Beginning (which is not named for actual beginnings of the world if you pay attention), the Mew in Mewtwo Strikes Back is free to wander Kanto. The Mew seen by Mewtwo in Mewtwo Returns may or may not be the Mew from the first movie, bringing the total to at least two, possibly three confirmed. Furthermore, Emerald Dex data reads "A Mew", further implying multiples.) In fact, most legends are confirmed or implied to have many members.
  • Ho-oh and Lugia have been compared to, and indeed are likely based on, the sun and moon. Ho-oh is the bright flaming entity capable of giving life, while Lugia is the sleek silver entity which controls the sea the way the moon controls tides. With proper thought, however, one will realize that this only emphasizes Ho-oh's superiority. Within a solar system, there is one bright sun, but many moons (going along with the previous point of one Ho-oh to many Lugia), and without the sun's light, the moons cannot shine. In addition, in a large number of polytheistic religions, the sun is the highest deity.
  • Ho-oh is, other than Arceus, the only Pokémon who has been confirmed to indisputably create life (in a non-birthing sense of course). The Mew in Lucario and the Mystery of Mew needed another's life energy along with the Tree's power to do what may have been restoring life or returning from another dimension. Palkia, in Rise of Darkrai, technically just reconfigured the matter which had been previously scattered into its original form. Similarly, the Celebi in Pokémon 4Ever simply needed reverse time within the dying/dead Celebi's body to undo its death. If I've missed another example, please inform me.
  • Ho-oh is featured in Episode 01, and shown on the panel in the Pokémon Center in Episode 02. Granted Arcanine was also on this panel, but meh. The fact that Ho-oh's design was originally an ideal for Moltres should be completely irrelevant here, however, as games were already released with Moltres's current form; it was most certainly intended to be Ho-oh when placed in the episode a full generation before its time. That stated, Ho-oh was the only Pokémon whose identity remained a complete mystery up until its generation's games, as Togepi and Marill, who came much later, did have names and some available data. This could indicate Johto was planned all along; if it doesn't, however, it only makes Ho-oh's presence more important, as it was so holy, divine, and mysterious that it was the only Pokémon with no info past whispers of memories.
  • Ho-oh has a shrine. xD Lol, this one sounds a bit petty, but still. Conflicting evidence can state that the towers of Ecruteak were each for a bird. However, more evidence states that the single tower was a shrine to Ho-oh, and the second tower was a remake in hopes of bringing him back. Celebi has a very small abandoned-looking shrine. Dialga and Palkia seem to have had them, but they are ruins now. The small alters on the islands of the birds in The Power of One could be shrines, but even if they are it is debatable whether they are/were to the birds or the elements the birds represent. To SG's knowledge, no other Legendary Pokémon have a clearly named shrine.

^^ Wootness. There's a lot more that can be said on the matter, but that'll do for now, as SG is growing short on time at the time of creating this article.

Giovanni's Kid?

By far the worst up here as far as conspiracy goes. xD Mostly this one is just fun. So we all know Giovanni has a kid, and this kid has red hair, as told to us in Fire Red and Leaf Green. So who is it? PROBABLY Silver. In one version, it IS Silver. But why NOT develop some alternate theories, neh? xD

Potential Canon Characters:

  • Silver, obviously. See Giovanni and Silver's articles for evidence.
  • Gary. xD Yes. As this is the prime candidate of SG's conspiracy theory of doom, evidence will come in a moment.
  • Ritchie, due to similarities to Ash. This theory is best used in accompiniment with the "Ash is in a coma" theory SG once saw, though. o.o' It scarred her for life.. Not a likely candidate.
  • Misty, since, well, she's a redhead cannon character. Not at all likely.

SG believes Gary is a pretty likely candidate. Meaning, yes, Giovanni would be Professor Oak's son. xD But this theory doesn't end there. Remember how in the manga Delia (Ash's mom) and Giovanni once dated? Well...

  • We never see either of Gary's parents.
  • We never see Ash's dad.
  • Delia and Gary have the same hair color.
  • Delia and Oak are very close. A father/daughter-in-law relationship is a lot nicer and more believable than alternate theories as to the reason.
  • In Red and Blue, after being defeated, Giovanni leaves to study Pokémon, (although this is later changed to leaving for training in FR/LG).
  • Oak does say 'he's been your rival since you were a baby'. xD

So yes, rofl. SG believes it is possible that the scientist was right on BOTH accounts! That Giovanni could be Professor Oak's son, (ex)husband to Delia Ketchum (Ketchum being a maiden name, or (less likely) an alias), father to both Ash and the red-headed Gary. xD Siblings do have rivalry since birth. Also, Team Rocket could well be a form of rebellion against his famous, poetic, pacifistic father; and once defeated, Giovanni's decision to go into research himself could reflect a new understanding of his father and acceptance of his roots. So why not tell the boys? Well, keeping the whole family together would certainly make it easy to find them all, neh? '^^ Besides, who wants to hear "Sorry kid, you're dad's responsible for all things evil three regions over" (counting Orange Islands)? On top of that, had random unexplained circumstances required the family split up as it did for so long, it would simply be awkward to try to tell them now, right?

To Be Continued

SG will finish typing later.