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Joined 18 November 2010

Name's HavocReaper48, I'm usually found on SmashWiki and Donkey Kong Wiki, you know?

Like many of you guys here I have a bujillion Pokemon games. My first was a used Leafgreen. Instead of making userbawxs for each I'll just list my teams for the major ones:



Hey, it was my first game, go easy on me.


I actually have two Emeralds. This was the main team for my second I believe. Their levels are pretty spread out now so I listed them all at level 50.


NOTE: Horridly outdated.

Yeah, from this you can tell what starters I have, favorite Eeveeultion, games I usually, play, etc. without some massive userbawx tower. Not done with the team listings, though. Ask for my code if you wanna battle or something.




Shiny Tauros

tl;dr - I went through two starter Pokemon and a nearly lost chance to get it in addition to a screen glitch at the end.

One day I log onto GTS in hopes of getting some starter Pokemon from other generations. After not getting much hope, I found a Bayleef for a Charmeleon. I went through a ton of crappy offers ("Level 1 Chikorita for Deoxys", etc.) but the one time a decent offer came around... I did not have a Charmeleon. I checked to see if there were any possible Charmeleon offers on the GTS. One of them was for a level fifty Pupitar, which was manageable. I had recently hatched some Larvitars in hopes of getting a better nature (the one on my Pearl team had a Quiet nature which I hardly take advantage of). Though I felt lazy and didn't feel like doing it at the time.

Out of boredom I searched a few other Pokemon I wanted and one of them was Tauros. One of my favorite Pokemon of course. And wouldn't ya know, one of the offers is of a shiny Tauros! I simply could not pass this chance to get one of my favorite Pokemon shiny. The catch? It was for a Bayleef. So, here we go, chain of trades. One training montage later and Pupitar's level fifty and ready to go. I received "Blazer", a powerful Charmeleon who had Rock Slide and Flamethrower. Nice. I used Ditto to make an egg for a Charmander and noticed the Bayleef offer was gone. Uh oh.

Luckily, I don't know if this was the same trainer but a Chikorita was up for Charmeleon so I took it quickly. I leveled the Chikorita to Bayleef. Now, this Bayleef had a "Modest" nature, which meant it had lowered Attack and increased Sp. Attack. This could be used to a pretty good advantage so I kept that, made an egg of it to get a female Chikorita. Normally female starters are quite rare, but I simply leveled up the new Chikorita and traded it for Tauros finally. YES!

I got out of GTS and saved, but when I saved something strange happened. You know the static you get when you rub your body on a carpet or something? Well, that happened to me just as I was saved and I static'd the bottom screen, turning the bottom screen into a pixilated mess. Luckily the save file was not affected and the screen is normal now.

Blaziken vs. Cleffa: TIE?!

tl;dr - Do not pity in the Battle Frontier.

So I was playing Emerald, going to Battle Frontier's "Battle Arena". My lead Pokemon was Blaziken, level 100. This collector guy claims he "has no rival" and proceeds to send out a Cleffa against my Blaziken, also level 100. I sort of pitied it and just used Flamethrower instead of a fighting based move. However, the Cleffa survived with like 10 HP left and used Attract. Just great. As expected I did not go the next turn as Cleffa used Sing next.

My Blaziken was attracted, asleep, and at full health against a Cleffa with very heavy damage, and only one turn left until judgment. Of course Blaziken gladly accepted the chance to nap as Cleffa used Metronome next. How could this get any worse? Hyrdo pump? Earthquake? No, it gets Rest?! Yup. So Blaziken and Cleffa were both on full health asleep when the referee judged. Score was 3:3. Well, that's the last time I pity a Pokemon in the Clefairy line.

Later on I did not hesitate to Fire Blast a Clefairy.