Uhh... hi? I’m Hanson, a new user on Bulbapedia. I’ve always loved Pokémon, and around two years ago I got my first game, Pokémon White 2. It was great, and I’ve been a hardcore fan before and after that amazing taste of the games. I joined Bulbapedia recently, so... I dunno, be nice? This page is gonna be pretty barebones until I learn how to organize things with, like, tables. Here’s some stuff about me.

Pokémon preferences?

Oh... now here’s a thing and a half. Feel free to leave now, because I LOVE talking about my favorite and least favorite types and Pokémon. Let’s start with the basics.

My favorite? Definitely, 900%, Sylveon. It’s an amazing Fairy type, my favorite type (don’t judge me) an Eeveelution, and it kind of forces you to have a strong bond with it, as it evolves through friendship. I love Sylveon

Least favorite? CHAR-omg-ZARD. (Warning: rant ahead) This is mostly a meme because of the obvious favoritism from GAME FREAK, but for me, it is pure, Ultra Necrozma - with - Smart Strike h a t e. I can sum this up in, let’s say, three pictures?


<placeholder, gotta go>