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Joined 28 October 2009

Wow ... I'm an italian boy ... I write very bad in English ... My english teacher is a big whale so I'm not good in English ... I'm Federico, I've 13 years and I'm from Milano, in Lombardia. I love pokémon, anime and games. I started to play pokémon games when I was six, with pokèmon silver. Later, a my friend gave me Pokémon Gold. In all two versions I chose Cyndaquil. In the 2004, my mum and my father gave a present to me, pokémon ruby (in english). In this version I chose Treecko. Later, I bought pokémon sapphire, and here I chose Torchic. Later, I bought FireRed, LeafGreen, Emerald (In English), Diamond, Pearl and Platinum blablablabla.. But, my life is very boring, or not? Now I'm playing pokémon platinum, which I finished twice times, and pokémon crystal, which a my friend gave me two weeks ago. I'm so writing my Crystal team.