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I'm a player of the Pokémon games since the release of Red and Blue versions, and never once managed to complete the Pokédex yet. Might not help that some Event Pokémon have not been well publicised in the UK.

I have a lot of capability in breeding Pokémon, having nearly a whole team hatched from eggs. A strong understanding in abilities and moves helps to aid an unusual battle technique.

I attended the UK Darkrai event.

I've been playing Pokémon Platinum a lot. Despite not knowing any Japanese, it is still quite enjoyable. I'm playing via a ROM, but still intending to buy a copy when the game hits the UK shores. Recently completed the main part of Platinum, having updated a few pages along the way.

I also feel some Pokémon need New Evolutions.

I'm done some research on abilities such as Multitype.

Other Stuff

Other than playing video games, surfing the internet or anything similar, I have an ability to do programming in several languages. This is shown in an EV counter I made since the in-game Pokétch counter does not save the numbers after power-off.

Other Games

Other than Pokémon, I have other games such as:

  • Super Smash Bros series
  • Mario Series
  • Wario Series
  • Tales of Symphonia
  • Other games not in a series.

Pokémon Used

Here is a list of the Pokémon species I forge a team from, which includes some favourites.

An egg sprite denotes a Pokémon I plan on using.

Demon Bird
Hawt Chick


I feel Pokémon tiers are unnecessary, as every Pokémon can have a use in a different situation.

Just because it doesn't live to your expectations, it doesn't mean it's useless. Sometimes it's better to use a so called "pathetic" Pokémon, as opponents won't know what to do.


Thanks to Pokémon Platinum, many Pokémon got a boost. In particular, Magikarp

With it's new found Bounce move, Magikarp increases it's reign of terror.

Watch out, and use caution.
 Normal   Status 
 Normal   Physical 
 Normal   Physical 
 Flying   Physical 


I've seen some crappy teams.. but none live to their name more than this...

Oh please. This has to be the most crappy team in existence.

For those unable to read Unown. It's Unowns C, R, A, P, P and Y.

Hidden Power
 Unknown   Special 


  • In every generation, Gywall has picked the Water-type starter.
  • Gywall predicted a grass-type evolution of Eevee back in Generation I.
  • He has caught Regigigas in a Poké Ball in Pokémon Pearl.

Extra Hunting