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All the shippings, Pokémon shippings. (sorry I'm not sure that's legal but the original list came from Kenji-girl please don't sue me). But will rename some and add some.


Cilan/Pansage(japanese=デンヤナ: DenYana|)


  • Cilan refers to Pansage as his "premium brand" Pokémon which means that he is his most trusted partner.
Cilan begins to gloat how perfectly compatible he is with Pansage while battling Ash and his Oshawott.
Pansage tries to comfort Cilan after he inadvertently knocked over the pot of soup he was making for lunch caused by Ash and Iris's goofing off.
Cilan is seen holding Pansage after he is poisoned by group of wild Foongus. He does not do the same for his Dwebble who is also poisoned.


Ash's Pikachu/Dawn's Pachirisu (japanese=ピカパ: PikaPachi) Evidence


  • Both are Electric-type rodents that can store electricity in their cheeks.
  • Both are in the Field egg group and, if Pachirisu is female, would be able to breed.
  • Both have received the same sickness that caused electricity to build up in their cheeks.
  • Both frequently electrocute there Trainers.


  • Pachirisu was the first Electric-type to be obtained by a main character since Pikachu.
  • Pachirisu was shown with balloons tied to its waist in Steamboat Willies! similar to the "flying Pikachu".


Iris's Axew/Ash's Scraggy|(japanese キバズル:KibaZuru)


  • Due to their experience levels, the two are often sparring partners with one another. However, Axew is considerably more experienced than Scraggy is.
Even before Scraggy's hatching, Axew took interest in his egg and liked to watch out for it. Later when Scraggy runs off in the middle of the night, Axew is the first to notice and alerts everyone.
Axew and Scraggy are shown to have a strong and friendly relationship in this episode. After their sparring match they are seen playing and splashing each other with water. Later when a Gothita takes a liking to Scraggy, Axew becomes almost jealous of it. He then becomes upset when Gothita's Trainer says that if she defeats Ash in battle that she will take Scraggy for herself. So much so that he has a nightmare about it later in the night. Once again, he's one of the first to notice Scraggy's absent but this time goes off by himself to try and stop Gothita.
Axew was pained to see Scraggy being mercilessly kicked by Akkie's Simisage during the Clubsplosion tournament to the point where he had to put his hands over his eyes. However, he was very proud that Scraggy learned Focus Blast shortly after.
Scraggy was the first to notice that Axew was missing after it was taken by a couple of Durant. Aside from Iris, he was clearly the most upset about Axew being missing. After they had found Axew, Scraggy gave him a light scolding for worrying him so much.



Ash's Oshawott/Iris's Emolga (japanese ミジュエモ: MijuEmo) Evidence

Oshawott is immediately smitten with Emolga upon first seeing her. Also, Oshawott interrupts her battle with Bianca's Minccino by jumping in front of the Attract meant for the other Pokémon.
Later on when Emolga is surrounded by a group of wild Swoobat, Oshawott lets himself out of his Poké Ball in order to protect her. He was hit by a Swoobat's Charge Beam forcing Ash to recall him to his Poké Ball.
When Emolga wanders off on her own while the others are sleeping, Oshawott and Axew follow after her. When they find her she lies to them in order to get some apples by telling them that she was ambushed by a group of wild Watchog. Angered, Oshawott fights valiantly in order to protect her and retrieves an apple for himself, Emolga, and Axew. Oshawott continues to protect Emolga even standing up to an enraged Simisear. However, he was easily defeated by the angry Pokémon.
At the Pokémon center, Oshawott continued to flirt with Emolga, much to her dicomfort.

Name origins

  • LethalAttraction comes from the fact that Oshawott usually ends up getting hurt while trying to protect Emolga. It also could be from the fact that Water-types are weak against Electric attacks.


  • Oshawott and Emolga are both part of the Field egg group and therefore can breed.


Ash's Pikachu/Dawn's Piplup (jap ピカポッチャ:PikaPocha)


Pikachu and Piplup spent nearly the whole episode hugging each other with hearts in their eyes. Even when Dawn returns Piplup to his Poké Ball, he lets himself out and goes back to hugging Pikachu. Of course, this was all a result of Professor Kodama's affinity machine which made pure Electric and Water-types inseparable.
Piplup becomes emotional knowing that the group is going to go their separate ways. He was hoping that Dawn would go with Ash and Brock to Kanto so that he could stay with Pikachu. When she decides she's going to stay in Sinnoh, Piplup runs off into the forest alone. Fans also note that even though Pikachu is Buneary's object of affection, she did not appear upset at all over the news of Pikachu leaving unlike Piplup. Pikachu becomes concerned and runs off too to look for him. When he finds Piplup, he latches on to him and starts crying. This causes Pikachu to also start crying.
Later on when they accept that they are going to separate, Pikachu and Piplup high five each other before hugging again.


  • Both were unwilling to obey their Trainers at first, but became friends after saving them from a group of attacking Pokémon. Pikachu saved Ash from a flock of Spearow, while Piplup saved Dawn from a swarm of Ariados.
  • Both are actively kept outside of their Poké Balls.
  • Both have expressed reluctance to evolve and prefer to remain in their current forms.
    • Both have battled against their evolved forms.




Excadrill shows some reaction to Iris's crying after his loss to Langley's Beartic earlier. As such, he left the to the forest in order to work on Focus Blast and become stronger. Later, he agrees to rematch Beartic and listen to Iris's commands after regaining his confidence. After the second battle with Beartic, Iris hugs Excadrill and tells him that she loves him.


Axew/Iris(japanese キバアイ:KibaAi)


  • Axew is never seen in a Poké Ball unlike Iris's other Pokémon an prefers to travel inside her hair showing a close bond. Axew also tends to impersonate some of her actions, such as backing her up when she refers to Ash as a kid.
  • The Bloom Is on Axew!
When Iris becomes upset that she can't help Axew perfect Dragon Rage, he goes off and finds an apple for her to help her feel better. Later when Excadrill refuses to help Iris rescue Axew from a wild Scolipede, she takes it upon herself to save him without the aid of a Pokémon.
After Axew uses Dragon Rage perfectly for the first time, Iris begins to smother him with affection.




  • Marill is Tracey's most recurring Pokémon.
  • In the Pink
Marill becomes frightened when called upon to battle the pink Nidoking and jumps into Tracey's arms for protection. In response, he hugs it back.
While Tracey recalls Scyther and Venonat to their Poké Balls, he clenches Marill to his side during the storm that Maren's boat got caught in.



  • Pansear is Chili's Star Pokémon.


Chili held Pansear's hand after his apology.
Cilan says that Pansear is the perfect Partner for Chili.
After their victory, Pansear jumps in Chili's arms and the two embrace in hug.
Chili and Pansear hug.png