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Chili hugging Pansear

Kikazarushipping is the belief that Chili and his Pansear belong in a romantic relationship. This comes from the fact that Chili seemingly has a close bond with his Pansear, the two seem to have so much in common. The name comes from Pansear being "Hear no Evil".


Chili's hints

When Pansear got defeated Chili looked worried about it.
After Chili apologized to Pansear, Chili was holding Pansear's hand.

Pansear's hints

When Oshawott got defeated. Pansear runs towards Chili and leaps in his arms causing the two to hug. This shows Pansear's not just happy about the victory but showing that Pansear loves Chili.
Pansear leaps on Chili's shoulders while they bid farewell.


  • According to Cilan, Pansear and Chili have a lot in common and are the perfect pair.
  • They both are quick tempered
  • They both enjoy food when upset. (in Chili's case donuts and Pansear's case apples)