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Pansear and Pansage

AppleTreeShipping is the belief that Cilan's Pansage and Chili's Pansear belong in a belong in a romantic relationship. The name originates from apple trees and Pansear eating apples for stress.


Pansage's hints

Before the battle, Pansage was shaking hands with Pansear.
After the battle, Pansear was feeling down and Pansage went to help it up.
During Pansear's Training Montage, Pansage was acting as a couch while the others cheer it on.

Pansear's hints

Pansear was glad to learn SolarBeam with Pansage.
Pansear high fives Pansage after it succesfully learned SolarBeam.


  • Pansear and Pansage are both part of the Field Egg Group.
  • They both have the ability Gluttony.
  • They're both based off of Monkeys.