I was a n00b.I didn't know of a Grammar, and blamed this on stupid things. Like a n00b. I was useless, spend all my time on talk pages, used awful spelling and was just plain useless. Then one day I couldn't sign in. Thinking I was banned, I decided I hated this wiki. I joined another website, slowly learnt of the awesomeness of Grammar and Spelling. Two years later, I came back to check on something. Looking at the talk of "Pokemon Adventures" I saw that my page was still up. Thinking this to be odd, I clicked on it. Seeing I wasn't banned, I felt a strange mix of Regret and Happiness. Trying to sign in, I found out that I had forgotten my password. Yay. I clicked on new password, and found out I'd forgotten the password to my old email. Yep. Anyway, it took me until the 1st of February, 2011 to sign back in.

To everyone who knew me before, sorry.

To everyone looking at this for the first time, hello, I hope we will become friends.