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I don't know whether or not this is mainspace material. I'd like to keep it though, even if it's not.

This is a list of all cards that feature a narrative in their illustrations in the Pokémon Trading Card Game. Thus far, all of them are in the Legendary Treasures expansion.

Tepig, Pignite, and Emboar


On the Tepig card, a husband and wife are depicted with their young son holding the family Tepig. On the Pignite card, the family Tepig has evolved into Pignite, and the husband and wife appear to have had a daughter. On the Emboar card, the family Tepig has fully evolved. On the left, the son has started a family of his own, while the aging husband and wife sit beside their daughter on the right.

Natu and Bouffalant


On the Natu card, two Natu are huddled together in a blizzard, while a Bouffalant approaches in the distance. On the Bouffalant card, the blizzard has abated, and the two Natu appear contently snug in Bouffalant's afro.

Charmeleon and Swablu


On the Charmeleon card, Charmeleon singes a Swablu's wing with the flame on its tail. On the Swablu card, the Swablu with its singed wing angrily flies away, while the surprised Charmeleon looks on.

Trubbish, Phione, and Empoleon


On the Trubbish card, Trubbish has been left at a landfill site. On the Phione card, the abandoned Trubbish meets a Phione upon reaching a waterfront. On the Empoleon card, the Phione appears to have introduced the abandoned Trubbish to an Empoleon. The Trubbish appears to be enjoying itself riding on the Empoleon's back as it travels through the water.