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Glitchipedia's Typhlosion is a level 91 male Typhlosion. It was given to Glitchipedia as a level 5 Cyndaquil by Professor Elm in New Bark Town, Johto.


Glitchipedia started his journey as a Pokémon Trainer in Johto, under the pseudonym "Ben". Throughout his quest, Glitchipedia and his Typhlosion were inseparable. Glitchipedia trained his Typhlosion from level 5 to 91 the long way, without any Rare Candies. Typhlosion was at the lead throughout, from the first battle with Glitchipedia's rival, Michael, to the final battle against Red atop Mt. Silver.

Late into their quest, Typhlosion, as well as the rest of Glitchipedia's Johto-native Pokémon, contracted a deadly virus capable of slowly sapping all of their energy until they finally died. In order to prevent this, Glitchipedia stored his Pokémon, Typhlosion included, in cryogenic stasis pods in White City's Pokémon Laboratory. Glitchipedia has yet to find a cure.

Moves used

In-depth look

  • The disease mentioned above is actually the Generation II battery problem.
  • The "stasis pods" are based on the digital storage system in Pokémon Stadium 2.
  • The cure would involve backing up Glitchipedia's Pokémon Silver Version save data (which may be considered illegal), replacing the internal battery (which will wipe the save data) and then reprinting the save data onto the cartridge (again, probably illegal).