Glitchipedia is a user on Bulbapedia. The region in which his mind takes place is Johto, and his starting area was New Bark Town. In addition, his starter was Cyndaquil.

Despite his username, Glitchipedia does not, nor does he claim to, know everything about the various glitches in the Pokémon games.

He does, however, have a fondness for links, as just demonstrated.

Glitchipedia can speak, as well as read, a little Japanese, but not nearly enough for an intelligent conversation. Some would argue that he doesn't even speak enough English for an intelligent conversation. As if to prove this point, he can also speak fluent Chatspeak and Leetspeak. What's worse, he sometimes speaks both at the same time. But that's nothing compared to when he speaks both of those and Engrish at the same time, as in the following example:

"0/\/\9 1i3|< 411 |_||2 8453 |2 8310/\/9 70 |_|5 10123|22 XD!!"

Which, loosely translated, means:

"We have assumed control of your entire base."

Glitchipedia's presence is detested by most. More often than not, if Glitchipedia shows up, entire forum threads can wind up devoted to flames and pointless arguments, particularly regarding fan fiction. Approach with extreme caution, and above all, do not insult his girlfriend.

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