My name is Ghostkaiba297. Gender: Male. Name origin: Ghost Kaiba from Yu-Gi-Oh.

Pokemon was my second anime, the first being Sailor Moon. Other animes I like are Digimon, Dragonball Z, Yu-Gi-Oh, and Monster Rancher.

I have a collectin of Pokemon cards.

How far I got in the anime

I got as far as Johto, but I never finished watching it. The first two seasons were interesting, and the third was kinda interesting as it had new Pokemon, but slightly less more than the first two. I've seen most of the Indigo and Orange episodes, and still take an interest in them and the Pokemon featured in them, but after a while, there are too many to keep track of. Even exceeds Dragonball Z that way.

However, I heard something about an epic death scene for a "Knight of Cerebus" (dark villain appearing in a lighter show making its atmosphere more serious), Hunter J. So I had to get the Diamond and Pearl Galactic Battles DVD's that had J and Cyrus's death scenes on them. The episodes were movie quality and they did impress me, but I was kinda disappointed that the show made me lose interest in later episodes earlier so I couldn't go through the whole "Lake Trio", "Team Galactic", and "Hunter J" arcs the way we were supposed to, wonder what the significance of them are, note how evil J is and disappointed every time she gets away, wondering when/if the season antagonist Cyrus will be defeated, then the epicness of when the three arcs collide, shock/joy at J's death scene, etc.


I've seen the first five movies (Mewtwo Strikes Back, Power of One, Spell of the Unown, Mewtwo Returns, Voice of the Forest), and own the VHS's of them. I've seen Latios and Latias, Destiny Deoxys, and Lucario: Mystery of Mew. They kill off Latios and Lucario! I have a DVD for Mystery of Mew.


First and foremost, I have no Pokemon games for the GameBoy or GameBoy Advance, as I do not have either of those systems.

I have Pokemon Snap, and have taken a picture of every Pokemon, including Mew. There was one we were missing, but my friend showed me how to get Dugtrio.

I have Pokemon Stadium 2, and quite dislike the fact that Mewtwo, Mew, Lugia, Ho-oh, and Celebi are not available at Rental. I only beat Lance through a fluke.

I have Pokemon Coloseeum, and I was forced to get a second Memory Card so I could start my own file without deleting my brother's. Both of us have beaten the game, and gotten Ho-oh, with a full team of Lv. 100's. One of my friends used a GameShark to get several Mew and Rare Candies, and traded a Mew to me for Plusle.

Nicknames on Colosseum

On my brother's file:

On my file, which I named Xeroth: (Caution: some of these nicknames may seem strange)

  • Entei – IGA
  • Suicune – Superstore
  • Raikou – Co-op
  • Metagross – Sobeys
  • Tyranitar – WalMart
  • Mew – Squiggles
  • Espeon – Doopliss
  • Umbreon – Krupke
  • Skiploom – Ciy
  • Quagsire – McDonalds
  • Flaaffy – KFC
  • Furret – Larry
  • Slugma – Colonel
  • Remoraid – Hiking
  • Yanma – StarVision
  • Meditite – Matrix
  • Dunsparce – Altie
  • Swablu – Ci’yi
  • Mantine – Regulus
  • Sudowoodo – Mr. Boddy
  • Gligar – Draynor
  • Piloswine – Arnold
  • Hariyama – Cujiro
  • Feraligatr – FedUp
  • Qwilfish – Spiderman
  • Sneasel – Artemis
  • Ariados – Wine
  • Granbull – Liquor
  • Heracross – Pikachu
  • Miltank – Beer
  • Absol – Ki-iy
  • Houndoom – Pob
  • Hitmontop – Scool
  • Ledian – RuneScape
  • Skarmory – Magnemite
  • Tropius – Nightshade
  • Misdreavus – FedEx
  • Sunflora – Kisser
  • Noctowl – UPS
  • Delibird – Noggin
  • Bayleef – Schnozz
  • Aipom – Wadsworth
  • Quilava – Magma
  • Murkrow – Frog
  • Forretress – Frouq
  • Vibrava – Riff
  • Smeargle – Lava
  • Ursaring – Give a dam
  • Togetic – JC Junior
  • Stantler – Jesse Jr.
  • Shuckle – Diglett

I also have all three Super Smash Bros. games

Pokemon vs Digimon

In my opinion, Pokemon and Digimon are original in their own way, both pet monster animes, and any similarities they have to each other are more like references or even allusions. It is quite wrong to suggest that one is a ripoff of the other, and I cannot see why Pokemon fans and Digimon fans can't live together in peace, much less be both (such as me). I noticed there is a Pokemon and Digimon crossover section on, so that implies that there are more out there besides me who like both Pokemon and Digimon.

Favorite Pokemon

It's a tie between Pikachu and Mew. I've always liked Pikachu, but Mew seemed cool as well when I first saw Mewtwo Strikes Back. Partly because Mew looks like a cat. My friend likes Pichu but used to hate Pikachu for some reason. That is, until we used Pikachu and Yoshi to beat Tabuu on Super Smash Bros. Brawl, when before we never stood a chance against him. I also like Eevee, Mewtwo, Lugia, Ho-oh, Celebi, Diglett, Snorlax, and Dragonair.

Most Memorable Battle

Even though I lost, it's a battle I got on tape, and in any case will never forget. My friend had his Game Boy Advance over, and we fought each other. I was on my brother's JC file, the one that used Ho-oh in battle. Soon it was down to my Ho-oh and his Raichu, and Raichu used Thunder (Rain Dance was in effect) and I had Ho-oh use Sacred Fire. The way it looked, if we kept using the attacks, Raichu would faint first. However, my friend had Raichu equipped with Lansat Berries, which at the critical moment chose to activate and make him hustle. His HP was in red, and Ho-oh would've (barely) survived the next Thunder, and thus taken out Raichu next turn, but Raichu critical-hit and KO'd Ho-oh. That was the closest battle I ever saw, with my victory over Lance on Stadium 2 following up.

DVD Boxsets

I am currently collecting the DVD Boxsets. I ordered the first of the three Indigo League ones on HMV, and I found the other two at Edmonton, and ordered the Orange Islands on Amazon. I am aware that the third Johto Season (Master Quest) has two boxsets, and have ordered them from Chapters, and the two in-between Orange and Master Quest (Johto Journeys and Johto League Champions) do not have boxsets, judging from how The Fortune Hunters has not gotten a DVD yet, as it certainly would have otherwise. If anyone is reading this and they have the power to ask the right people to give Johto Journeys and Johto League Champions a DVD (for no more expensive than the other boxsets, like $39.99 or something), do it. I'll be forever grateful for it.

Crisis about Team Rocket's immortality

Team Rocket seems resistant to death. Explosions merely send them "Blasting off again", while in The Kangaskhan Kid, Tommy's parents were initially thought to have died in the explosion, and in Mewtwo Strikes Back, Dr. Fuji and his scientists actually do get killed in the explosion. They also survive falls over cliffs or into a deep canyon (like in Bye Bye Butterfree), a fall which killed one of Moo's most powerful servants, Naga, on the anime Monster Rancher (you might not have heard of it, it's very overlooked). They even survive their sacrificial fall in the Power of One, and the time in Haunter Versus Kadabra that Haunter makes them fall off a balcony, and both times they were sure that they were going to die from the fall. They have also been shown to survive injuries which would have killed the main characters, like falling into the water below the ship in The Bridge Bike Gang, or James being hit by a boulder and falling off a cliff in Shell Shock. They're like the Joker that way, he's immortal too (except he finally dies in Batman Beyond, and the movie "Batman" also kills him off too, ironically by falling to death).

Also, some of the situations Team Rocket are in at the end of episodes appear to be inescapable or non-survivable, but they always manage to worm their way out of it through some unexplained reason. In the episode "Pokemon Shipwreck", they wind up in a non-survivable situation, trapped aboard the flooded St. Anne, which falls into a deep underwater canyon, and attached to a useless Magikarp, and they manage to escape and are found by Pidgeotto in the same episode, without any explanation as to how Magikarp could have gotten them to the surface. Also, how could they have physically escaped the cave in the Prehistoric Pokemon episode when it was blocked by boulders and Ash only got out through Aerodactyl taking him out. Basically, Team Rocket is pretty much immortal and they can survive anything. Right?

Now, here's the problem. PsychicRider and Rocket Admin Hunter Blade seem at odds as to where this trivia goes. I tried putting it on the Team Rocket article, but PsychicRider removed it and said that applies more to Anime physics than Team Rocket. So I put that under anime physics, near a part of the article that mentions ONE way in which Team Rocket survives what would kill anyone else (the flight from them blasting off again), but Hunter removed it, saying it wasn't physics. I requested that these two settle the matter with each other and come to an agreement as to where this trivia belongs. Team Rocket? Anime physics? Or somewhere else?

The three of us have talked, and Hunter says that if I can reword the non-survivable situation thing, and omit the Pokemon Shipwreck thing (as it wasn't found humorous), I could put it on Anime Physics. I have tried my rewording of the subject, but apparently Hunter didn't think it was good enough. He'd probably agree that it would go better under Team Rocket, but the two of us must convince PsychicRider of it first.

PsychicRider eventually suggested that I ask an admin. I asked the main admin in charge, TTEchidna. At first I thought he was saying that it should go in the anime physics article, but looking closer at what he said, he does not think it should go up anywhere. He thinks it would be "over-analyzing it" or something. Despite the fact that it's not much different from all the other stuff on anime physics. That was the one result I was not hoping for - if it did go on Anime Physics or Team Rocket, at least it would've been up for everyone to see. I haven't been this disappointed since I found out that the "Play as Artemis, Orion, Sirius, Altair, and Regulus on Bomberman64 after collecting 120 gold cards on hard mode" was false, as it took a lot of hard work to get those gold cards, even with Full Power mode on (but anyway, that's a different game). As disappointing as the results were, it's atleast good to have this debate over and done with.

I have noticed a certain villain of another show takes a fall off a mountain, in a similar style to Team Rocket. This convinced many that she survived, but she is more like Disney villains than Team Rocket, and Disney villains, unlike Team Rocket, are prone to falling to their deaths...

Reception on this wiki

Other users have a very poor opinion of me, even though I only try to help out, add more detail when it is needed, post notable trivia, etc. PsychicRider threatened to convince an admin to ban me if I didn't start using link templates. Apparently, the act of not using a link template outweighs the act of helping out around the site (though I am using link templates now). Just when PsychicRider and I were getting along, a misunderstanding of the "Team Rocket's Immortality" debate (see above) turned him against me again.

Maxim, on the other hand, does appreciate me, cause he had several questions on the books for me, which I was able to answer.

Debate: Tail Whip

By a strange twist of fate, I found myself in the middle of a debate over what a "Tail Whip" is in the anime. The only time anyone ever mentions Tail Whip is when Psyduck uses it, which Misty sometimes refers to as "Tail Wag", a more accurate term. However, Charmeleon, a giant Onix, the Crystal Onix, a pink Nidoking, and Nurse Joy's Gyarados have all sent Team Rocket blasting off by hitting them with their tails, and several Kangaskhan bounce them around also by hitting them with their tails, and Drake's Dragonite knocks out Ash's Squirtle by hitting it with its tail.

While searching the Tail Whip page, I saw that Kangaskhan was already on there, so I figured if that counted as Tail Whip, the others did too, so I added them, but then they were all removed by Kenji-girl, who says that Tail Whip is different than hitting an opponent with a tail. However, none of the other tail-related attacks seem to apply to the situation. Thus, it is still up for debate, but several other sites seem to think so, even pointing out on Errors for the Problems with Paras that Tail Whip does not do any damage. However, if I am wrong, then we've never seen a Tail Whip used by a Pokemon other than Psyduck.

TTEchidna, whom I think is an admin, seems to be on my side of the argument, as he even put under trivia that tail whip (referring to Charmeleon in the Problem with Paras) does not do any damage in the games. He even placed it in the Errors section, but does seem to think that Tail Whip best describes his attack.

The move in question might actually be Slam, but we have all finally come to an agreement saying that it is not really a "Tail Whip" like Psyduck's is, but simply "hitting the opponent (usually Team Rocket) with their tails". So that has also finally been resolved, and on the same day as the Team Rocket one (see "above"), though as most of it was me trying to clear up all the confusion as to whether or not it really was Tail Whip, the results weren't quite as disappointing as the last one.