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Since I own all Generation III games, I plan to get all the Pokémon that can be captured, and bring them to Emerald. In Emerald, I plan to bring them up to level 100. Mainly, the Pokémon that I won't have are some of the legendary Pokémon, and two of the Johto Starters.

PC (as of January 29, 2012 9:16 pm)

Spr 3e 018.png Poké Ball summary IV.png Pidgeot Lv. 100
Normal Flying
Keen Eye
HP 283 Sp.Atk 159
Atk 198 Sp.Def 146
Def 167 Speed 168
Aerial Ace Steel Wing
Thief Fly
OT Collin, ID No. 13156 None
Spr 3e 026.png Poké Ball summary IV.png Raichu Lv. 100
HP 237 Sp.Atk 193
Atk 216 Sp.Def 183
Def 129 Speed 209
Thunderbolt Strength
Brick Break Thunder
OT Collin, ID No. 13156 Magnet
Spr 3e 097.png Poké Ball summary IV.png Hypno Lv. 100
HP 305 Sp.Atk 160
Atk 169 Sp.Def 282
Def 166 Speed 154
Psychic Headbutt
Hypnosis Dream Eater
OT Collin, ID No. 13156 TwistedSpoon
Spr 3e 071.png Poké Ball summary IV.png Victreebel Lv. 100
Grass Poison
HP 300 Sp.Atk 226
Atk 248 Sp.Def 136
Def 193 Speed 171
Razor Leaf Sludge Bomb
Cut Sleep Powder
OT Collin, ID No. 13156 Miracle Seed
Spr 3e 134.png Poké Ball summary IV.png Vaporeon Lv. 100
Water Absorb
HP 402 Sp.Atk 258
Atk 170 Sp.Def 209
Def 144 Speed 176
Surf Shadow Ball
Aurora Beam Hydro Pump
OT Collin, ID No. 13156 Mystic Water
Spr 3e 006.png Poké Ball summary IV.png Charizard Lv. 100
Fire Flying
HP 296 Sp.Atk 240
Atk 196 Sp.Def 196
Def 210 Speed 221
Flamethrower Dragon Claw
Fly Blast Burn
OT Collin, ID No. 13156 Charcoal

And that is all that I have for this moment in time. I will be updating as fast as I can.