I'm a regular guy who likes Gallade (naturally). I enjoy Pokèmon music; my favorites from each generation are:

  • Generation I:-
  • Generation II:Red battle theme
  • Generation III:Elite 4 theme/Regi battle theme
  • Generation IV:Cynthia battle theme
  • Generation V:N battle theme/Swords of Justice theme
  • Generation VI:Zinnia battle theme
  • Generation VII:Lusamine battle theme/Alola Champion theme
  • Generation VIII:Galar Champion theme/Gym battle theme


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Pokémon that are rippofs

Pokemon GO Release Predictions

-Kecleon: Still hasn't been released idk when it will happen

-Phione: Will be released with manaphy

-Manaphy: Will be released with phione

-Shaymin: ???

-Arceus: Definitely in raids

-Zorua: Probably in disguise, like ditto

-Mienfoo: ?

-Druddigon: ?

-Larvesta: ? but will be rare

-Keldeo: Raids or research