Welcome. I am Gallade User and I have been a contributor since 2019. I'm just learning the kinks around how to edit on Bulbapedia so I can help contribute to it and make it more accurate.

About Me

I go by Sandro and I live in the New York Tri-State area in the United States. I have been playing Pokémon since Diamond and Pearl came out; at that time, I remember I came home from my second-grade field trip. The first time I really got into the franchise was when a kid in my first-grade class gave me a Spoink card (I still own this card) and I was intrigued by what Pokémon is. Since then, I have not stopped playing the franchise; I own just about one game from each generation. My favorite games in the franchise would have to be Emerald (especially now that I figured out how to achieve Glitzer Popping and got a Jirachi two months ago (in February of 2020), making the game more fun for me to play (I recently found out that I could not transfer this Jirachi from my Emerald, using the Cloning Glitch, into my Shield as it got flagged by the Poké Transporter, so I left it in my Black 2 Version). At the moment, I am currently training the original Jirachi in my Emerald to reach Level 100) and Platinum; both of those games are my hub games to me because I am putting in the work to completing the National Pokédexes in both games and they were better than the original versions in those generations. At the moment, I am figuring out how to complete the Pokédexes in my Emerald, Platinum, and Black 2 Versions as well as Pokémon HOME; while I do this, I do have a "live" Pokédex in the boxes in each of these games to see what I have left to collect and complete the Pokédexes. I am also a very avid Pokémon GO player and I will dig my nose into the game whenever I get the chance to play it (which is most of my time).

The very first Pokémon that I've ever gotten was a Piplup in my Diamond Version. For some reason, I remember naming it "PLURP," but I was 8 at the time. Since then, I have gotten out to catching more and more Pokémon. I am a very active user in Pokémon GO, being one of those guys who ended up "starting out" with Pikachu. I always have time to take breaks and play Pokémon for fun, especially as I get older.

At the moment, I like to dip my hand into some Pokémon Battles in my Shield version. Due to COVID-19, I have been finding ways to entertain myself and I found competitive battling with my good buddy to be a hobby I needed and I learned how to find and/or breed Pokémon with very good stats to learn how to battle better. I am always raring to go for battles in Shield and it has been a lot of fun battling other trainers with my team.

Sableye (Explorers of Time, Darkness, and Sky)

I do play the Mystery Dungeon Explorers of Time, Darkness, and Sky games often and I just recently thought how Dusknoir's six Sableye minions do not have their own Bulbapedia page despite playing something of a role throughout the games and in the Special Episode In the Future of Darkness. I want to try and create a mock-up page for the Sableye that I hope can become an actual page for Bulbapedia. I'll post it below:

User:Gallade User/Sableye (Explorers of Time, Darkness, and Sky)


As the name suggests, my favorite Pokémon is a Gallade, with Alakazam coming in a close second, and I prefer using Psychic-type Pokémon in battle. There is something about them that really peaks my interests and I fell in love with the type. I want to test something out with a mock party (which I also play with in Pokémon Ultra Moon) with modifications from an Alakazam I used from my Emerald Version:

Below I want to try out my teams that I have used in my various games just for fun. At the moment in both games, I am just leveling everyone to Level 100:

Hopefully, this starts off my introduction. I'll try to add more as I can.
Gallade User