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This article is a proposed policy for Bulbapedia.

Please discuss the proposed policy and suggest possible changes on the article's talk page.

This trivia policy governs pages on several manga, including but not limited to: Pokémon Adventures, Pokémon Diamond and Pearl Adventure!, Magical Pokémon Journey, The Electric Tale of Pikachu, Pokémon Pocket Monsters, etc.


  • Information widely considered being interesting that does not fit into another section of the article.
    • Example: Red's birthday is the same day as when the first volume of Pokémon Adventures came out.

Volume pages

  • Information on a release that is of a particular significance (first, last, long drought, coincidental, etc.)
    • Example: This was the first new Pokémon Adventures volume to be released by VIZ Media since their original release of Volume 7 in January 2003 and is thus the longest gap between new volumes to occur in their publication of the series.
    • Example: This was the last volume of Pokémon Adventures that Chuang Yi released before going out of business.
    • Example: The VIZ Media second edition of this volume was released on the same day as Chuang Yi's translation of Volume 10 of Magical Pokémon Journey.

Chapter/round pages

  • Information on other releases (mini-volumes, etc) that cannot be included in the main infobox of a chapter/round.
  • Information on chapters/rounds being combined/uncombined in various re-releases.
    • Example: In the original VIZ Media translation, this round was split into two shorter chapters: Cloystered and Raging Rattata. This chapter arrangement remains present in the "Best of Pokémon Adventures" compilation volume, but in the 2009 second edition it is presented as only one round entitled Cloystered.

Character pages

  • Uniqueness - first, only, etc. Uniqueness should generally be, well, unique - at the most, should be limited to one other character or grouping of characters.
    • Example: Emerald and Yellow are the only main characters of Pokémon Adventures not directly based on game characters.
  • Similarities between characters - this is okay as long as the similarities are very specific and do not include too many other characters, including cross-manga similarities.
    • Example: Pikachu's inability to speak human language in a world where other Pokémon can is similar to another Pikachu, Red's Pikachu.


As outlined in the Manga manual of style, errors sections are added as a subsection of the trivia section. Errors should be further organized by which version they appeared in (Japanese version or English translation, and which English translation if there is more than one). For move errors (Pokémon using moves they cannot legally learn in the games), see manga move errors.

Translation edits

Similar to anime episodes, translation edits should be noted when there is a significant difference in the localization between the original Japanese manga and an official English translation. This includes dialogue edits and visual edits. Translation edits should be noted when there is something as simple as a localization change or as major as censorship.

Trivia Policy
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