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This article is a proposed policy for Bulbapedia.

Please discuss the proposed policy and suggest possible changes on the article's talk page.

These pieces of trivia appear on episode pages and are also separated into three sections: General trivia, Errors and Dub Edits. Please note that this category is only for episode articles, not general anime.

General trivia

Similar to species page, general trivia must be relevant to the episode in question.


  • "Drought" trivia are notable, though there are certain rules that may apply differently to others. For example:
    • Droughts between Gym Battles or Badges are notable, as long as the number of episodes is over 30.
    • Appearances of Pokémon species only applies if the Pokémon species in question hasn't appeared in over two series. An example would be Weezing whose species has not appeared in the anime since A Poached Ego!.
    • Move appearances share a similar rule to the rule above in that there must be a gap of at least two series
    • Evolution of a Pokémon are only notable if the Pokémon in question took over 100 episodes to evolve. An example would be Ash's Quilava who took over 500 episodes to evolve.
  • Size discrepancies
  • Breaking the fourth wall.
  • Postponement or banning of an episode.
  • Changes to the Opening or Ending theme's animation.
  • Background music from the movies being used in an episode.


  • First and last episode of the year: Simply unneeded as it doesn't mean anything.
  • Speculation and opinion: As usual, speculation and opinion is frowned upon on Bulbapedia.
  • Comparison trivia: Comparing or listing the similarities between two or more specific episodes


Errors are any major mistakes or inconsistency found in an episode. Note that because Pokémon is a long running show, small errors are bound to appear. Split second, frame-by-frame errors are considered insignificant and should be avoided.


  • Discolored body parts or clothing
  • Coloring inconsistencies
  • Missing or having too many/little body parts (such as legs or fingers)
  • Size disproportion.
  • Misnomers, misspellings and grammatically incorrect sentences in either dialogue or on screen.
  • Anime move errors
    • Note that this is for Pokémon using a move it cannot legally learn, not moves that appear to work differently to the games (such as Swift missing).


  • Slightly different shade of the same color.
  • Very minor animation errors such as missing eyelashes or lipstick.
  • Ash scanning a Pokémon he's already seen.

Dub edits

Dub edits are those little but major edits the dubbing company do, though there are some dub edits that are notable. Note that subs are not dub edits.

  • Dub added dialogue that is not present in the original.
  • Dialogue change between original and dub that causes a conflict.
  • Censorship.

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