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This article is a proposed policy for Bulbapedia.

Please discuss the proposed policy and suggest possible changes on the article's talk page.

The trivia section is one of the most popular section of any wiki, thus, many users will most likely edit that particular section. However, due to users freely adding trivia that are either unnotable or misplaced, we have decided to create a trivia policy to guide users into writing good and interesting trivia. This policy outlines how you should approach creating trivia and the types of trivia we have.

What is trivia?

Trivia is a collection of insignificant or obscure items, details, or information - little known or rare facts.

What type of trivia are there?

This policy separates trivia into seven different categories: Species, Episode, Anime, Games, TCG, Manga, and Miscellaneous. Each category covers various different aspects of the Pokémon franchise appropriate to its category. Links to the categories are located in the template below.

If you are unsure what category your trivia falls under, bring it up on this policy's talk page.

How do I know if my trivia is notable?

If they meet the notability requirements from each category. Also, make sure your piece of trivia has not already been added as they may be worded differently to yours.

How should I add trivia?

If you want to add any trivia, whether it is notable or not, you must suggest it in the talk page of the desired article. A staff member, and only staff members, can decide whether your trivia is notable or not. Do not go adding trivia without doing this first.

How should I write it down?

With good spelling and proper grammar. You should also use link templates whenever necessary, and follow the Manual of Style. When writing down the trivia, make sure it is short and to the point. Do not stretch a trivia by making it extremely specific just to make the trivia notable.

Also, avoid using the word "you" in trivia as you would avoid using "you" in any articles.

Where should I add the trivia?

There should be a section on any given page call "Trivia". Click the edit button and add your trivia. If there is no "Trivia" section, you have to edit the whole page and place it near the bottom of the page, preferably right before the navigation templates.

Why did my piece get removed?

Your piece of trivia may have been removed because it was either not notable and didn't meet the criteria (of the category) or it does meet the criteria though the user who reverted you does not deem it notable.

If you think your piece is notable, please bring it up on either the user's talk page or the talk page of the article. Please note that they may have explained their reasons in the edit summary. Do not revert the user who reverted you as it falls under edit warring.

Usually, the staff will have a private discussion regarding the trivia to see if the problematic trivia is notable.

Can I improve a poorly written/structured trivia?

Yes you can. Anyone is allowed to improve a trivia that seems to be incomprehensible. You may also add link templates wherever you think is necessary, though remember, when it is linked once, you do not need to link it again.

However, if you come across a trivia that is poor and unnotable, remove it immediately and explain your reasons in the edit summary or the talk page of the user that added the trivia.

Trivia Policy
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