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This is a list of anime Pokémon caught by the main characters, with the exception of Max and Bonnie. The Pokémon are shown in the order and forms they were captured in. Evolutions and Trades do not count as being captured and thus are omitted from this list.

A Pokémon obtained before the season or series, for example Misty's Goldeen, will not be classified as being captured in the episode it debuted in. It will instead be classified as being caught before the series.

List of anime Pokémon by capture

Pokémon Episode Caught Method of Capture
109 James's Koffing Before series Given as a Christmas gift. (Seasonal gift in the original).
023 Jessie's Ekans Before series Given as a birthday gift. (Seasonal gift in the original).
095 Brock's Onix Before series Given as a birthday gift.
074 Brock's Geodude Before series Unknown.
118 Misty's Goldeen Before series Unknown.
120 Misty's Staryu Before series Unknown.
121 Misty's Starmie Before series Unknown.
052 Meowth Before series Joined Team Rocket.
058 Growlie Before series Unknown.
025 Ash's Pikachu EP001 Received from Professor Oak as Starter Pokémon.
010 Ash's Caterpie EP003 Captured by luck.
017 Ash's Pidgeotto EP003 Captured via Pokémon Battle
041 Brock's Zubat EP006 Caught off-screen.
001 Ash's Bulbasaur EP010 Captured via Pokémon Battle.
004 Ash's Charmander EP011 Decided to follow Ash.
007 Ash's Squirtle EP012 Decided to follow Ash.
098 Ash's Krabby EP013 Caught by luck.
116 Misty's Horsea EP019 Captured after rescuing it.
057 Ash's Primeape EP025 Captured via Pokémon Battle.
054 Misty's Psyduck EP027 Caught by accident.
037 Brock's Vulpix EP028 Given by Suzy to look after it.
089 Ash's Muk EP030 Captured via Pokémon Battle.
128 Ash's Tauros x30 EP035 Caught all Tauros by luck and accidentally.
175 Misty's Togepi EP050 Hatched from an egg.
108 Jessie's Lickitung EP052 Captured via Pokémon Battle.
071 James's Victreebel Prior to EP055 Captured via Pokémon Battle. Was a Weepinbell prior debut.
048 Tracey's Venonat Before series Unknown.
183 Tracey's Marill Before series Unknown.
131 Ash's Lapras EP084 Captured after rescuing it and gaining its trust. Captured off-screen.
143 Ash's Snorlax EP094 Captured while it was sleeping.
123 Tracey's Scyther EP097 Decided to go with Tracey.
060 Misty's Poliwag EP110 Captured after it assisted in an urgent matter.
214 Ash's Heracross EP119 Decided to follow Ash.
152 Ash's Chikorita EP126 Captured after gaining its trust.
155 Ash's Cyndaquil EP141 Decided to follow Ash.
204 Brock's Pineco EP143 Captured before it exploded.
158 Ash's Totodile EP151 Caught by either Misty or Ash. Ash got to keep it.
164 Ash's Noctowl EP159 Captured via Pokémon Battle.
222 Misty's Corsola EP213 Captured via Pokémon Battle.
231 Ash's Phanpy EP230 Hatched from an egg.
255 May's Torchic AG001 Received from Professor Birch as Starter Pokémon.
276 Ash's Taillow AG004 Captured via Pokémon Battle.
331 James's Cacnea AG006 Decided to follow James.
252 Ash's Treecko AG007 Captured via Pokémon Battle.
336 Jessie's Seviper AG008 Captured via Pokémon Battle, even though Jessie attacked it.
270 Brock's Lotad AG012 Decided to follow Brock.
265 May's Wurmple AG014 Captured via Pokémon Battle.
265 Jessie's Wurmple AG014 Captured on the spot.
341 Ash's Corphish AG023 Captured via Pokémon Battle.
258 Brock's Mudkip AG025 Decided to follow Brock.
300 May's Skitty AG047 Decided to follow May.
324 Ash's Torkoal AG058 Decided to follow Ash.
001 May's Bulbasaur AG078 Decided to follow May.
358 James's Chimecho AG084 Decided to follow James.
361 Ash's Snorunt AG108 Captured via Pokémon Battle.
446 May's Munchlax AG117 Captured by luck.
298 Misty's Azurill Prior AG133 Hatched from an egg.
007 May's Squirtle AG133 Received from Professor Oak.
439 James's Mime Jr. AG147 Accidentally captured. Decided to follow James.
438 Brock's Bonsly AG156 Captured via Pokémon Battle.
133 May's Eevee AG157 Hatched from an egg.
190 Dawn's Aipom AG182 Captured via Pokémon Battle. Originally caught by Ash.
455 James's Carnivine Before series Caught after James helped it.
393 Dawn's Piplup DP001 Received from Professor Rowan as Starter Pokémon.
396 Ash's Starly DP002 Captured via Pokémon Battle.
387 Ash's Turtwig DP005 Captured via Pokémon Battle.
453 Brock's Croagunk DP008 Followed Brock; Brock purposely captures it.
427 Dawn's Buneary DP009 Captured via Pokémon Battle.
417 Dawn's Pachirisu DP019 Captured via Pokémon Battle. Released but recaptured with same method.
418 Ash's Buizel DP034 Captured via Pokémon Battle. Originally caught by Dawn.
440 Brock's Happiny DP038 Hatched from an egg.
390 Ash's Chimchar DP052 Decided to accept Ash's invitation after being released by former Trainer Paul.
207 Ash's Gligar DP064 Decided to follow Ash.
193 Jessie's Yanma DP080 Captured after another Trainer weakened it.
220 Dawn's Swinub DP084 Decided to follow Dawn.
155 Dawn's Cyndaquil DP143 Hatched from an Egg.
443 Ash's Gible DP157 Decided to follow Ash.
468 Dawn's Togekiss DP171 Given from Princess Salvia as gift.
530 Iris's Excadrill Before series Decided to follow Iris after saving its life (as a Drilbur).
610 Iris's Axew Before series Given from Elder as gift.
511 Cilan's Pansage Before series Given as a gift.
527 Jessie's Woobat BW002 Captured off-screen.
519 Ash's Pidove BW002 Captured via Pokémon Battle.
501 Ash's Oshawott BW003 Decided to follow Ash.
498 Ash's Tepig BW004 Decided to follow Ash.
495 Ash's Snivy BW007 Captured via Pokémon Battle.
557 Cilan's Dwebble BW011 Decided to follow Cilan.
559 Ash's Scraggy BW017 Hatched from an Egg.
540 Ash's Sewaddle BW018 Decided to follow Ash.
562 James's Yamask BW023 Decided to follow James.
587 Iris's Emolga BW024 Decided to follow Iris.
536 Ash's Palpitoad BW032 Captured via Pokémon battle.
618 Cilan's Stunfisk BW032 Captured via Pokémon battle.
524 Ash's Roggenrola BW034 Captured via Pokémon battle.
552 Ash's Krokorok BW065 Decided to follow Ash after losing a duel against Pikachu.
149 Iris's Dragonite BW089 Decided to follow Iris
592F Jessie's Frillish Prior BW109 Unknown; caught offscreen
591 James's Amoonguss Prior BW109 Unknown; caught offscreen
659 Clemont's Bunnelby Before series Decided to follow Clemont.
082 Clemont's Magneton Before series Unknown.
694 Clemont's Helioptile Before series Unknown.
656 Ash's Froakie XY002 Decided to follow Ash.
661 Ash's Fletchling XY003 Caught via Pokémon battle.
686 James's Inkay XY003 Captured by luck.
653 Serena's Fennekin XY004 Received from Professor Sycamore as Starter Pokémon.
702 Clemont's Dedenne XY004 Decided to join Clemont and Bonnie.
650 Clemont's Chespin XY010 Chose to follow Clemont, received from Professor Sycamore.
710 Jessie's Pumpkaboo XY011 Captured by luck.
701 Ash's Hawlucha XY035 Decided to join Ash.
674 Serena's Pancham XY047 Caught via Pokémon battle.
404 Clemont's Luxio XY048 Decided to join Clemont.
704 Ash's Goomy XY055 Decided to follow Ash.
714 Ash's Noibat XY076 Hatched from an egg.
133 Serena's Eevee XY089 Decided to follow Serena.
728 Lana's Popplio Before series Caught after saving it from Team Skull Grunts.
776 Kiawe's Turtonator Before series Unknown.
777 Sophocles's Togedemaru Before series Unknown.
761 Mallow's Bounsweet Before series Given from Mallow's mother as gift.
722 Ash's Rowlet SM004 Decided to follow Ash.
778 Jessie's Mimikyu SM004 Caught by luck.
747 James's Mareanie SM012 Decided to follow James.
037A Snowy SM014 Hatched from an Egg.
744 Ash's Rockruff SM015 Decided to follow Ash.
725 Ash's Litten SM021 Captured via Pokémon battle.
737 Sophocles's Charjabug SM026 Given as a gift, originally obtained by Ash.
105A Kiawe's Marowak SM034 Decided to follow Kiawe.
803 Ash's Poipole SM067 Allowed itself to get captured by Ash.
133 Sandy SM099 Decided to follow Lana.
764 Brock's Comfey SM102 Received from Nurse Joy.
808 Ash's Meltan SM112 Decided to follow Ash.

List of temporary anime Pokémon by capture

This is a list of Pokémon that was temporarily caught by the main characters.

Pokémon Episode Caught Method of Capture
129 James's Magikarp EP015 Received from Magikarp Salesman
093 Ash's Haunter EP023 Decided to follow Ash.
090 Jessie's Shellder EP066 Captured after another Trainer weakened it.
015 Ash's Beedrill EP161 Caught by Ash in a Bug catching contest.
246 Ash's Larvitar EP258 Hatched from an Egg.
550B Cilan's Basculin BW037 Captured via Pokémon battle.