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A Glimpse of the Glow
VS. Mew
Chapter Red, Green & Blue
Collected in Vol. 1
Round number 1
Location Pallet Town
Previous Round None
Next Round Bulbasaur, Come Home!

A Glimpse of the Glow (Japanese: VSミュウ VS. Mew) is the first round in the Red, Green & Blue chapter of the Pokémon Adventures manga.

Spoiler warning: this article may contain major plot or ending details.



The story starts in Pallet Town, where a small group of children are trying to capture a Nidorino. Seeing the children failing to do so, Red approaches and teaches the children how to catch a Pokémon. Red brings out his Poliwhirl, and uses Water Gun on the Nidorino, before throwing a Poké Ball and succeeding to capture it. On their way back home, the children start to ask Red about Professor Oak, the great Pokémon Professor. Stubbornly, Red suggests he is better than this Professor Oak, but keeps the doubt at the back of his mind.

Red says goodbye to the younger children and departs for home. Lost in thought, Red accidentally bumps into a Team Rocket Grunt, prompting the thug to scold him. Red notices some Poké Balls hanging on one of the Grunt's belts, and realizing they are Pokémon Trainers, he decides to follow them. After some time, the Team Rocket Grunts stop, and Red hides in some bushes nearby. He overhears the group speaking about a 'Phantom Pokémon' inhabiting the western forest. After Team Rocket leaves for the western forest, Red runs home to grab an armful of Poké Ball to be used to capture the mysterious new Pokémon.

Entering the forest, Red spots another Trainer in the forest battling a rare glowing Pokémon, Mew. The other Trainer, Blue, sends his Charmander out to attack the wild Pokémon. Mew easily evades Charmander's attacks, however, prompting Blue to recall his Pokémon. Shocked that Blue surrendered so quickly, Red impulsively comes out of the bushes and tells Blue off. Determined to not let the Pokémon escape, Red chooses Poliwhirl to battle against Mew, commanding it to use Water Gun, but Mew suddenly counters the attack, knocking out Poliwhirl. Mew leaves, leaving Red and Poliwhirl in a daze. Blue steps in and tells Red that he made a foolish choice in battling Mew, as Mew was superior in strength; Blue then leaves. Later, Team Rocket, still hot on Mew's trail, bump into Red for a second time. One of the members starts yelling at Red, but the others remind the grunt that finding Mew is more important than the kid.

With the sun setting on the outskirts of Pallet Town, Red heads home after a long day. Spotting Professor Oak's lab, he decides to go and meet Professor Oak, and hopefully be given some good advice. The story ends with Red ringing the doorbell, waiting for what comes next.

Major events

For a list of all major events in the anime, please see the timeline of events.


Pokémon debuts



  • This chapter is included in The Best of Pokémon Adventures: Red.
  • One of the Pallet Town kids bears resemblance to a Bug Catcher.
  • The girl with the Pallet Town kids bears a resemblance to Yellow, albeit with different clothing.
  • Charmander is shown to have spines on its back. This is the same as on its Generation I back sprites, but is absent in those of future generations.
  • The Team Rocket Grunts have Great Balls on their belt as opposed to regular Poké Balls.
  • A reference is made to the games in the way that Poké Balls have a one attempt catch when Red enters the Western Forest to try to track the "Phantom Pokémon" with an armful of Poké Balls.


In other languages

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