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Valitsen sinut! -musikaali (English: I Choose You! The Musical) is a Finnish, fan-made Pokémon musical from 2016. It was made as a part of the Finnish Pokémon fan community's celebration of the Pokémon franchise's 20th anniversary, being mostly based on Pokémon Red, Blue, and Yellow, but also containing elements from other Pokémon games, the Pokémon anime, the Pokémon Adventures manga, and various fan theories.

Some songs for the musical were first scripted in 2012, but the full-on production of the musical started in Autumn 2014 with the actor auditions, and the rehearsals began in early 2015. The musical received its premiere on April 10, 2016 at Kulttuuritalo in Helsinki. The play was performed several times over the course of the year, until finally receiving its final performance on August 27, 2016. On December 23, 2017, the musical was released on YouTube on the musical crew's own YouTube channel, also being available with English subtitles.


Valitsen sinut! -musikaali (I Choose You! The Musical) is an entirely fan-made musical based on Pokémon games Red, Blue and Yellow, as well as the first season of the anime. Behind the project there is a volunteer team of 50 people, and the musical toured Finland in 2016, the 20th anniversary of Pokémon.

We're not affiliated with Nintendo or Pokémon Company in any way. No one was paid for the project, and our crowdfunding was used fully for creating the musical.


Act 1

The musical starts with Professor Oak welcoming the viewers to the world of Pokémon, after which all the actors gather on stage to perform the Pokémon Theme song.

The plot properly starts with the introduction of Red, a young, traveling Trainer, who is quite skilled, but still only has one Pokémon: Charizard, which he received from Professor Oak as a Charmander. He comes across a Pikachu, who has been injured while escaping from Team Rocket. Seeing that Pikachu needs help, Red catches it and brings it to Professor Oak's Laboratory to be healed. At the Laboratory, Professor Oak is having trouble with his misbehaving Bulbasaur. After Pikachu is healed and officially made a member of Red's team, Professor Oak asks Red to deliver a set of genetic samples from three Pokémon to his old friend Dr. Fuji on Cinnabar Island, even giving Red a ticket to the luxury cruiser St. Anne, which is going to make a stop at Cinnabar. Red gladly accepts the request, and, to express his gratitude, Oak also gives Red his Bulbasaur.

Meanwhile, Team Rocket's Commander, Sabrina, briefs her underlings about their mission. Their task is to collect DNA samples of all unevolved Pokémon in order to recreate the "Original Gene" possessed by the Mythical Pokémon Mew, which is said to possess the genes of all existing Pokémon. Team Rocket's goal is to use the Original Gene to create Pokémon of their own design for their own purposes. As evolved Pokémon aren't going to be useful for their plan, Sabrina tells the Grunts that they can either catch them for their own use, or dispose of them completely.

While heading for the St. Anne, Red encounters his rival, Blue, who feels irritated that his grandfather chose to give Red a rare Pokémon like Bulbasaur, even though he had been studying abroad to learn everything about Pokémon, and challenges Red to a battle. Red is utterly defeated, with his Pikachu losing to Blue's Eevee and his Charizard being felled by Blue's Blastoise. As Blue mocks Red of his inadequate training skills, they see an explosion happening at Mt. Moon. Red, feeling that someone must be in trouble there, heads off to help, while Blue takes his leave, not caring at all.

At Mt. Moon, the explosion is revealed to have been caused by Team Rocket, who used the commotion to capture a group of Fairy Pokémon. As they prepare for another explosion, Red shows up, and, angered by Team Rocket hurting innocent Pokémon, challenges them to a battle. Although Red's Charizard manages to defeat Team Rocket's Pokémon, the Grunts still detonate the second bomb, and Red barely manages to recall his Pokémon back into their Poké Balls before the cave collapses around him. However, while he's unconcious, Mew appears and saves him, and he's found by Misty just as he wakes up. Red is certain he sensed someone, but Misty says she didn't see anyone. As Red's Pokémon are injured, Misty offers to escort Red to the Cerulean City Pokémon Center.

After having his Pokémon healed at the Pokémon Center, Red asks Nurse Joy about the fastest possible route to Vermilion City, and she tells them to go south through Saffron City, and they'll arrive in there in a couple of days, just in time before St. Anne departs. Misty gets excited upon hearing Red mentioning St. Anne, as she has always wanted to see it, and Nurse Joy mentions the Pokémon Fair that is going to take place aboard the ship. Just then, Nurse Joy gets a phone call, and she answers it. The call is from the Cerulean Gym, asking for a couple dozen Super Potions to be delivered there. When Nurse Joy mentions that she could give them to Misty to be delivered there, the caller is surprised to learn that Misty is at the local Pokémon Center, and Misty steps in to take over the conversation. The callers are revealed to be Misty's sisters, who are surprised to learn of her return. She had left home a couple days earlier to improve her skills as a Pokémon Trainer. Misty's sisters believe that she's just been hiding in the Pokémon Center and think she made up her idea about traveling because she's such a "loser" next to them. Misty angrily declares that she's not coming home and is going to travel to Vermilion for a cruise, saying that she's going to catch every Water Pokémon in the world. She hangs up the call and leaves with Red, leaving Nurse Joy confused about who's going to deliver the Super Potions.

While traveling through Route 5, Misty rants about her sisters and how they treat her like a little kid, even though she feels that she'd be ready to become a Gym Leader like them. Red, who's the only child of his family and lived most of his life just with his mother, is unable to offer any advice, just saying that he didn't have a lot of playmates as a child, but he still had his Charmander. Even though he can't understand what it's saying, he trusts it completely, saying that Charizard is like a brother to him. Misty asks if Charizard could fly them to their destination so that they'd get there faster, but Red laughs at the idea, revealing his Charizard can't do that. After Misty reiterates her reasons for going with Red, the two enter the gate to Saffron City, where Misty catches the attention of the guard, who's complaining about being thirsty. He tells the two that the road is closed and to take another route. However, he offers them the chance to get through in case they give give him a drink, but they don't have any drinks, so he tells them to go away. Misty figures an alternate route for them through "a cave" and a "small town", which would get them almost to Vermilion. Red feels grateful for having Misty along, and she tells him that he could show off his gratitude by buying him a ticket to the ship when they arrive in Vermilion. They enter Rock Tunnel, where they are attacked by a swarm of Zubat. After making it out of the cave, Misty asks Red why he didn't use his Pikachu to deal with the Zubat, but Red claims it would've been too scary for it. Misty drops the subject and the two move on.

Meanwhile, Sabrina is contacting Giovanni, informing her Boss that their operation of collecting unevolved Pokémon is almost complete in the eastern areas of the region, only needing to capture a Cubone. Giovanni, feeling that the operation has already taken too much time, orders his subordinates to fool the people of Lavender Town into helping them in their task, and one of the Grunts present informs him that said plan is already in progress.

Red and Misty arrive in Lavender Town, where the spooky atmosphere is scaring them. Misty complains that if they could've gone through Saffron, they'd be in Vermilion already, but Red assures her that the St. Anne isn't due to depart until two days later, giving them plenty of time to get there. A local man approaches the two unexpectedly, asking them if they've seen a Cubone, and tells them to inform the Pokémon Tower staff if they see one, claiming that it's been wreaking havoc and destruction. While Red is sceptical, Misty believes the man's story, saying that a Pokémon that likes bones cannot be good.

Elsewhere, a mother Marowak and her child Cubone are living peacefully together, until the two are attacked by a group of Team Rocket Grunts. The mother fight fiercly to protect her child, but since only Cubone is important to their plan, the Grunts don't hesitate in using lethal force against Marowak, and eventually have their Pokémon kill the mother. Cubone, who managed to avoid being captured by the Grunts, soon comes to realize that its mother is dead, and takes the skull from her head to wear on its own head. Invisible to even Cubone, its mother's spirit now appears to watch over her child, hoping to one day be reunited with it. Just then, Red and Misty show up and notice Cubone. Red, insisting that Pokémon don't behave aggressively without reason, says that a young Pokémon like this Cubone couldn't possibly be dangerous. A pair of Team Rocket Grunts then shows up, and Red immediately recognizes them from as the same people he saw at Mt. Moon. Initially, Misty wants Red to not fight them, but upon learning of Marowak's death, she gets angry as well and starts battling the Grunts with her Poliwhirl. Despite fighting valiantly, Poliwhirl is no match for the Grunts' Golbat and Victreebel, falling to their combination of Confuse Ray and Razor Leaf. The Grunts boast about Team Rocket's invicibility, but Misty then sends out her Gyarados, which proceeds to easily defeat the Grunts' Pokémon, forcing them to retreat.

Before leaving, Misty asks Cubone to come say goodbye. With an encouraging push from its mother's spirit, Cubone accepts the offer, and Misty hugs Cubone, apologizing for speaking ill about it before. Red says that everybody makes mistakes, and points out that Cubone has chosen to come with her. As Misty had protected it earlier and not left it alone, it now intends to return the favor by not leaving Misty's side. Misty accepts the offer, and as Marowak's spirit now sees her child in peace and departs to the afterlife, Misty catches Cubone to be the newest member of her team.

Act 2

Two days later, Red and Misty have arrived in Vermilion City and board the St. Anne, which departs towards Cinnabar Island. Red lets his Pokémon out of their Poké Balls to enjoy the ride too, but he's immediately afterwards approached by Youngster Joey. He is impressed by Red's Charizard, but then proceeds to boast about how his Rattata, claiming that it is in the "top percentage of Rattata". Red is reluctant to accept his request to battle, but Joey starts taunting him by saying that Red is afraid to fight because there are women in the audience. Misty returns the taunt by talking about how someone could've let a ten-year-old boy in shorts aboard, but Joey counters by saying that shorts are "comfy and easy to wear". Red finally accepts the battle request, but only if Joey will leave them alone if he wins. Joey is certain of his impending victory, but his confidence comes crashing down when Red's Pikachu easily defeats Joey's Rattata with a single attack. Joey leaves as promised, but not before telling Red to keep his cellphone open for calls from him.




Official musical recording

By Valitsen sinut! -musikaali
This video is not available on Bulbapedia; instead, you can watch the video on YouTube here.