User:Felthry/Gen VII Fly Locations

In Generation VII, Charizard can take the player to any Pokémon Center, but there are also a number of other possible destinations.

Island Location Destination Drop-off Point
Melemele Island Route 1
Hau'oli Outskirts
"Your House" The player's house
"Route 1" Route 1 Pokémon Center
"Ten Carat Hill" Just behind the rocks blocking access to Ten Carat Hill
Hau'oli City
Shopping District
"Shopping District" Hau'oli City Pokémon Center
Iki Town "Iki Town" Iki Town sign
"Ruins of Conflict" Entrance to Ruins of Conflict
Route 2 "Route 2" Route 2 Pokémon Center
"Hau'oli Cemetary" Just outside Hau'oli Cemetary
"Verdant Cavern" Entrance to Verdant Cavern
Route 3 "Melemele Meadow" Entrance to Melemele Meadow
Akala Island Heahea City "Heahea City" Heahea City Pokémon Center
Paniola Town "Paniola Town" Paniola Town Pokémon Center
"Paniola Ranch" Just outside the Pokémon Nursery
Route 5 "Brooklet Hill" Route 5 Pokémon Center
"Lush Jungle" Entrance to Lush Jungle
Royal Avenue "Royal Avenue" Royal Avenue Pokémon Center
"Battle Royal Dome" Entrance to Battle Royal Dome
Hano Grand Resort "Hano Grand Resort" Entrance to Hano Grand Resort
Route 7 "Wela Volcano Park" Entrance to Wela Volcano Park
Route 8 "Route 8" Route 8 Pokémon Center
Route 9 "Memorial Hill" Entrance to Memorial Hill
"Ruins of Life" Entrance to Ruins of Life
Konikoni City "Konikoni City" Konikoni City Pokémon Center
Ula'ula Island Malie City "Malie City" Malie City Pokęmon Center
Route 10 "Mount Hokulani" Route 10 Pokémon Center
Route 12 "Blush Mountain" Near Geothermal Power Plant
Tapu Village "Tapu Village" Tapu Village Pokémon Center
"Pokémon League" Mount Lanakila Pokémon Center
Route 16 "Route 16" Route 16 Pokémon Center
"Lake of the Moone"S
"Lake of the Sunne"M
Entrance to Lake of the MooneS
Entrance to Lake of the SunneM
Route 17 "Po Town" Just outside Po Town
Poni Island Seafolk Village "Seafolk Village" Seafolk Village Pokémon Center
"Exeggutor Island" Exeggutor Island dock
Ancient Poni Path "Vast Poni Canyon" Entrance to Vast Poni Canyon
"Altar of the Sunne"S
"Altar of the Moone"M
Z-Crystal pedestal at the end of Vast Poni Canyon
Poni Breaker Coast "Ruins of Hope" Entrance to Ruins of Hope
Poni Plains "Poni Meadow" Entrance to Poni Meadow
Poni Gauntlet "Battle Tree" Just outside the Battle Tree reception area
Aether Paradise Aether Paradise "Aether Paradise" South entrance of Aether Paradise