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My Pokemon Trainers

Since my own userpage had become too big, I had to make a small sub-page for my trainers, eheh. So, here's the list of my trainers. Once again, much thanks to Kogoro for allowing me to use her trainer template!

Ever since Yellow version, I've been making up stories and personalities and the like for all the trainers my sisters and I played. It wasn't until recently that I learned of Pokemon Special and other mangas, though I've been watching the anime up to halfway through the Advanced Generation. I never followed the anime personalities, since anime does not equal games. After learning a bit more about Pokemon Special, the main manga that many people interpret their characters off of if not using the anime, I realized I share both a slim few similarities and many other major non-similarities between how I planned my own Pokemon world and how the Pokemon Special and anime worlds are. Personally, I find it extremely dull and boring that every other Pokemon fan will expect the other to reuse the same "set" personalities of these trainers, as well as non-game characters like the manga's Yellow and Emerald.

The story itself is still being planned, and isn't anywhere except on another dA account of mine. I could link to it later. Anyway, onto the trainers and their current party (in my story) as of "Pokemon Platinum".

Pokemon Platinum: Leaf

Main PartyGōkazaru - ♀
Charap - ♀
Gen - ♂
Karanaku - ♀
Mamoru - ♂

Trainer Card

Name: Leaf
Class: Champion
ID: 33654
Pokédex: 491 Caught & 491 Seen

Coal Badge Forest Badge Cobble Badge Fen Badge Relic Badge Mine Badge Icicle Badge Beacon Badge

Pokemon Emerald: Link

Spr E Brendan.png
Main PartyBlaze - ♀Lotus - ♂
Kin - ♂Golmoria - ♀
Mekan - ♀Joy - ♂
Nasua - ♀Arino - ♂
Rob - ♂Boo-boo - ♀

Trainer Card

Name: Link
Class: Coordinator
ID: 34164
Pokédex: 314 Caught & 323 Seen

Stone Badge Knuckle Badge Dynamo Badge Heat Badge Balance Badge Feather Badge Mind Badge Rain Badge

Pokemon FireRed: Leaf

Spr FRLG Red.png
Main PartyRyū - ♂
Tsubasa - ♀
Nezumi - ♀
Rui - ♀
Kazushime - ♀
Kimyō - ♂

Trainer Card

Name: Leaf
Class: Champion
ID: 34162
Pokédex: 318 Caught & 331 Seen

Boulder Badge Cascade Badge Thunder Badge Rainbow Badge Soul Badge Marsh Badge Volcano Badge Earth Badge

Pokemon Crystal: Kris

Main PartyMario - ♂Calm Girl - ♀
Bandage - ♀Sneaky - ♂
RocketGirl - ♀Drilly - ♀
Mi - ♂Skippy - ♂
BallTraveler - ♀

Trainer Card

Name: Kris
Class: PKMN Ranger
ID: 35171
Pokédex: 197 Caught & 230 Seen

Zephyr Badge Hive Badge Plain Badge Fog Badge Storm Badge Mineral Badge Glacier Badge Rising Badge

Pokemon Yellow: Red

Spr Y Red.png
Main PartyPikachu - ♂
Max - ♂
Sleepyhead - ♂
Dragon - ♂
Bowser - ♂
Flora - ♂

Trainer Card

Name: Red
Class: PKMN Trainer
ID: 33610
Pokédex: 68 Caught & 142 Seen

Boulder Badge Cascade Badge Thunder Badge Rainbow Badge Soul Badge Marsh Badge Volcano Badge Earth Badge