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This article is a proposed policy for Bulbapedia.

Please discuss the proposed policy and suggest possible changes on the article's talk page.

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This is a proposed system of priorities for Bulbapedia, to be used as a guideline for staff and regular users alike.

Short Term Priorities (Fixing takes up to 3 months)

  • Rule simplification
    • Make a clear and concise list of rules. Simply saying "follow the Code of Conduct, Manual of Style, and all other rules" doesn't count. Here's a sample of what would be good.
  • Policy creation
    • Currently, we need policies on the following:
      • Talk page policy
      • Trivia policy
      • Template policy
      • Fansite/fan notability policy
      • Project establishment/maintenance policy
  • Improve the pages related to Bulbagarden. They aren't very good right now, and we (especially staff) should take more pride in them and improve them.
  • Check on the Project: pages and make sure they have direction, or a plan for new leadership if current leadership is lacking. Evaluate the viability of "dead" projects.

Long Term Priorities (3+ months; infinite projects)

  • Get rid of wanted pages - We've built up a ton of wanted pages. They need to get cleared eventually.
  • Create a more organized list of articles that need significant improvement. This is for a class of articles that basically should be featured and suck at the moment. We need a template and a team designed to really upgrade these articles, from both a grammatical and content standpoint.
  • Manual of Style cleanup - The Manual of Style needs to be overhauled. Our "beginner's help" for edits is good. The Manual of Style should be a short handbook for conventions specific to the Bulbapedia as a whole; it should have subpages designed to address the different sections (manga, games, anime, etc.)
  • Expand stubs that can be expanded; look into solutions for permanently small pages which have little to no hope of growth.
  • Work on making scalable templates and pages that will create a favorable situation for future growth of the series and the wiki.