User:Evkl/Policy tracker

This table captures all active Bulbapedia policies, their last updated date, and whether they are being evaluated for updates or changes. I will be taking point on policy refreshes in my userspace, but any editors are welcome to propose changes or suggestions on the appropriate Talk Pages - you don't have to be an admin!

These policy changes are designed to:

  • Streamline language and policy to be more clear throughout
  • Reduce the weight of historical memory in favor of clear, bright-line rules (e.g. eliminate "this change was made because in 2006 a vandal..." should be removed and replaced with "do not advertise on your user page")
  • Eliminate redundancy and/or obsolete rules

Going forward, I would recommend all policies are reviewed every four years, or more frequently if needed.

Policy Name Last substantial update Planned changes On policy page? Ready for review?
Blocking policy 7 July 2020 1.35 local block features Yes Yes
Banning policy 26 January 2009 Merge with blocking? No No
Image reversion policy 8 January 2010 On hold - major refresh? Yes Yes
Username policy 16 March 2019 Minor refresh Yes Yes
Userspace policy 22 July 2013 Minor refresh Yes Yes
Signature policy 26 May 2012 Minor refresh Yes Yes
Manual of Style 9 October 2020 No Yes N/A
Notability requirements 13 June 2013 Minor refresh or merge into MoS? Yes No
Protection policy 30 November 2020 No Yes N/A
Dispute resolution 11 February 2006 Obsolete? Yes N/A
Copyrights 26 January 2009 TBD Yes N/A
Categories 28 November 2008 TBD No N/A
Cross-posting policy 6 April 2010 Obsolete? No N/A
Vandalism 4 January 2012 Obsolete? No N/A
Disambiguation 18 August 2008 Merge into MoS? No No
Epicode 29 May 2020 Minor refresh No Yes
FAQ 14 February 2021 On hold - major refresh No N/A
General disclaimer 28 February 2005 Pending No N/A
Link templates 25 July 2008 Minor refresh No Yes
Shipping 9 March 2006 Pending No N/A
Speculation policy 30 August 2020 No No N/A
Style primer 25 July 2008 Obsolete? No N/A
Talk page policy 16 July 2013 Minor refresh No Yes
Templates 21 April 2009 Merge into MoS? No N/A
Usertag policy 12 July 2009 Merge into userspace policy? No Yes - in userspace policy
Values 22 July 2020 No No N/A
Warning policy 29 November 2012 Merge with blocking? No N/A
Wikicode 3 November 2011 Obsolete? No N/A