User:Eridanus/Pokémon Seer quotes

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"I see all. I know all... Certainly, I know of your Pokémon!"
"Fufufu! I saw that you'd do nothing!"
Chose traded Pokémon
"Whaaaat? I can't tell a thing! How could I not know of this?"
Chose player's Pokémon
"Hm... I see you met <nickname> here: <name>! The time was
  • Pokémon grew by over 90 levels
"I'm impressed by your dedication. It's been a long time I've seen a Pokémon as mighty as this <nickname>. I'm sure that seeing <nickname> in battle would excite anyone."
  • Pokémon grew by 60-89 levels
"It certainly has grown mighty! This <nickname> must have come through numerous Pokémon battles. It looks brimming with confidence."
  • Pokémon grew by 30-59 levels
"<nickname> has grown. It's gained much strength."
  • Pokémon grew by 10-29 levels
"It seems to have grown a little. <nickname> seems to be becoming more confident."
  • Pokémon grew by up to 9 levels
"It would be wise to raise your Pokémon with a little more care."