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List of items found in Battle Pyramid.

Pass #1 (paralysis; Open)

Item Location Games
Hyper Potion Hyper Potion
  • Starting item
  • 1F; southeast, near Aroma Lady
  • 2F; northwest, near Fisherman
  • 3F; east of Fisherman
Ether Ether
  • Starting item
  • 2F; near Picnicker
Fluffy Tail Fluffy Tail
  • 1F; southwest
  • 2F; north of Ether
  • 2F; southeast
  • 2F; southeast
  • 3F; near Bug Catcher
Cheri Berry Cheri Berry
  • 1F; southwest, near Fluffy Tail
  • 1F; southwest, near teleport
  • 2F; near teleporter
Revive Revive
  • 3F; near Bug Catcher
  • 3F; near Pokémaniac
Shell Bell Shell Bell 1F; near Collector in middle


80 - Revive, Cheri Berry 90 - Fluffy Tail 100 - Revive