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My name is Emp, although I’m also known as Empoleon Dynamite in some places. I’ve been an avid member of Bulbagarden since June 2007, although I’ve only just started getting into the swing of Bulbapedia. Whilst I have no specific articles I want to create or work on, I like making things look nicer. I expect I’ll spend most of my time fixing up stubs and improving the visuals in certain places, but at the moment I’m still quite uneasy about my first major edit. Whilst I enjoy Bulbagarden, I currently don’t spend much time on the main boards, usually sticking to the Fizzy Bubbles and Games section. I used to be an passionate competitive battler, reaching the Semi’s of a few of the Smogon Tours, but that dream kinda fizzled somewhere along the line. I'm still not a very good editor, but I'm learning at quite a fast pace. Don't hesitate to post any queries on my talk page. Thanks.


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