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Joined 28 January 2010
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Born August 14, 1994
From United States
Prized Pokémon Hufflepuff, the Ampharos
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ElectricDonphan312, or Electric for short, is only a huge Pokéfan. I currently live in the United States and I am still in High School. My biggest goal in life is to complete an ENTIRE Pokédex without cheating. I only lack 10 (all of whom are legendaries). I am an avid spriter, and I create Pokémon, Trainers, Towns/Cities, items, and anything else that comes to mind. I am trying to sprite an entire region of my own.

As a Trainer

My Pokémon Team

My Favorite Moves

I have a lot of favorite moves aside from Rollout and Toxic, however. I also like Dream Eater the best. Not only is the opponent asleep, you are damaging them severely AND gaining additional HP. I also like Ice Beam and a Sunny Day/SolarBeam combo.

My Favorite Pokemon

I have a LOT of favorite Pokés. So here they are:

First Generation

Name . Name . Name .
Arbok 024MSPE.png Nidoqueen 031MS8.png Ninetales 038MS8.png
Venomoth 049MSPE.png Dewgong 087MSPE.png Cloyster 091MS8.png
Cubone 104MS8.png Lickitung 108MS8.png Rhydon 112MS8.png
Seaking 119MS8.png Dragonite 149MS8.png

Second Generation

Name . Name . Name .
Ariados 168MS6.png Lanturn 171MS8.png Ampharos 181MS6.png
Espeon 196MS8.png Murkrow 198MS6.png Slowking 199MS8.png
Girafarig 203MS6.png Forretress 205MS6.png Qwilfish 211MS8.png
Steelix 208MS8.png Scizor 212MS8.png Typhlosion 157MS6.png
Magcargo 219MS6.png Octillery 224MS8.png Mantine 226MS8.png
Houndoom 229MS6.png Kingdra 230MS8.png Donphan 232MS6.png
Stantler 234MS6.png Hitmontop 237MS8.png Raikou 243MS8.png

Third Generation

Name . Name . Name .
Blaziken 257MS8.png Gardevoir 282MS8.png Camerupt 323MS6.png
Ninjask 291MS8.png Shedinja 292MS8.png Grumpig 326MS6.png
Flygon 330MS8.png Cacturne 332MS6.png Whiscash 340MS8.png
Claydol 344MS8.png Tropius 357MS6.png Sealeo 364MS8.png

Fourth Generation

Name . Name . Name .
Bastiodon 411MS6.png Mothim 414MS6.png Vespiquen 416MS8.png
Drifblim 426MS8.png Mismagius 429MS6.png Gallade 475MS8.png

Contact Me

Email: [email protected]
AIM: bombdotfriggncom