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Pokémon: Desktop Figure
ポケットモンスター デスクでお役立ちフィギュア Pocket Monster Useful Desk Figure
DesktopFigure Flyer.jpg
Generation Generation VII
Release date January 23, 2017[1]
Region Japan

Pokémon: Desktop Figure (Japanese: ポケットモンスター デスクでお役立ちフィギュア Pocket Monster Useful Desk Figure) is a set of figures released by Re-Ment in Japan on January 23, 2017[1]. The figures are designed to function as desk accessories and consist of Pokémon performing attack moves, with eight different figure types in the set. Each type is sold in its own pack with a piece of gum. Boxes contain eight packs of all eight types. They are priced at ¥450[1] per pack or ¥3,888 for a box of all eight types.

This set of figures was followed by Pokémon: Desktop Figure 2.

List of figure types

Picture Number Name Pokémon
DesktopFigure Type1.jpg 1 .ピカチュウ:10まんボルト
smartphone stand
DesktopFigure Type2.jpg 2 ヒトカゲ:かえんほうしゃ
clip case
DesktopFigure Type3.jpg 3 フシギダネ:つるのムチ
stamp stand
DesktopFigure Type4.jpg 4 ゲンガー:したでなめる
rubber band holder
DesktopFigure Type5.jpg 5 ゼニガメ:みずでっぽう
pen stand
DesktopFigure Type6.jpg 6 カビゴン:のしかかり
card stand
DesktopFigure Type7.jpg 7 ピカチュウ:かみなり
pen stand
DesktopFigure Type8.jpg 8 ミュウ:サイコキネシス
cord reel


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