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Joined 21 October 2013

Info and Facts Director at Holcomb Pokemon Alliance Foundation

Who Am I?

                Hello, PokeManiacs worldwide! I am Benjamin Kalik, A.K.A Lord Machamp. 

Evidently, based off of my user-name, I am also referred to as the Duke of Trumpet.

       My Pokemon journey begins in the year 2003. 

I was given a tin of 'original' Pokemon cards- first printing, original design/artwork, and all first Gen. In the following years, I pretty much forgot about Pokemon Card collecting until 2007. I began trading and battling non-stop, crushing my opponents with a mighty Cross Chop via Machamp- and thus creating my title as 'Lord Machamp'. I wasn't a dueling prodigy, and Yugioh! was still what I was best at, so I choose to invest in Yugioh! instead of Pokemon. It was probably a bad decision. In 2008, I played through LeafGreen on a good 'ol Gameboy. In 2009, I played through Platinum. In 2010, my entire Pokemon collection was stolen. All 5000 cards. All of them. I gave up on Pokemon. Let's zoom past a few years of Yugioh! shall we? In August of 2013, I picked up Platinum again, and started over. I beat the game in two weeks. I was a newb, and it wasn't easy. I hadn't a clue what EV training was, or what a 'shiny' Pokemon was. Mesuda? I would have told you 'what the hell is that?" In September, I found a guy who was a complete Pokemon 'Master'. He taught me the ins and outs, and I loved the game so much that I began programming new Pokemon material, and learning the coding for the game. I played through FireRed 3 times, and beat Black 1 in two days. I am the Facts and Info Director at the Holcomb Pokemon Alliance Foundation now. I currently spend most of my time breeding and grinding Pokemon for stats. Want one? Shiny? Naive nature? Email Me. Done. Email: [email protected] Phone: Don't creep on me, bruh.



Spr 4p 473 m.png
Ice Ground
Snow Cloak
Held item:
Bag Icicle Plate Sprite.png Icicle Plate
Luna Lv.95
Stone Edge
Ice Physical
Normal Physical
Ice Shard
Ice Physical
Ground Physical


Legendary Pokémon

# Sprite Name Introduced

{{User:Focus58/Lop/legendary|144|Torterra| {{User:Focus58/Lop/legendary|144|Mamoswine {{User:Focus58/Lop/legendary|144|Salamence {{User:Focus58/Lop/legendary|144|Staraptor {{User:Focus58/Lop/legendary|144|Palkia {{User:Focus58/Lop/legendary|144|Infernape