This is the primary party I use for all hand held Pokemon games. I started as a dragon trainer back when Generation I was half way through its life. At the time there was no dragon pokemon aside from Dragonite's line and I didn't really want to follow suite with Lance and have three of the same Pokemon. Obviously I used Charizard for his clear Dragonish characteristics and Aerodactyl and Gyrados for their dragon like features and the fact that Lance used them too. I also choose Seadra because he was typed Dragon (which confused my childish brain at the time since he was clearly a sea horse). That left one free space so I choose Arcanine one of my favorite Pokemon at the time. I already had a fire pokemon on my team so although I dont really regret the choice I do think I could of made a better one like picking a strong psychic pokemon or a nice round Snorelax. Generation II came and I had only managed to get two of my pokemon to level 100 (Charizard and Dragonite) so I traded them to my new silver and decided to start again with the rest. I was delighted that Seadra turned out to have a dragon evolution. I also used the new red gyrados instead of an old blue one. Then came Generation III with many new dragon pokemon but I'm the kind of person that doesnt like change and didnt touch ruby or saphire for years. Then came fire red and I couldnt help myself. I bought it and caught the exact same team I did so long ago in the exact same locations (Chamander from Oak, Magicarp from the guy out side of Mt Moon, Growlith outside Celedon, Dratini in the Rocket Game House, Horsea south of Lavander and Aerodactyl from the old amber). I kept Arcanine out of my love for him. I spent the next five years on and off training these six up to level 100. Once they reached level 100 I traded them to Emerald (which I bought as soon as it came out) and cloned them before trading them back (I hate the way they stop loving me when I did that). Like Generation III I was hesitant about Generation IV but I did get a lone of Diamond before the Gen II remakes came along and I didn't really like it at all. In fact i didnt even finish it which is very rare for me to do to a game (I stopped right before challenging the Elite Four). But again when Heart Gold and Soul Silver came around I knew I just had to buy them and did so when I could (I wanted Soul Silver but all they had was Heart Gold). I emigrated my team from Emerald after cloning them again and thats were I use them today. But they are all level 100 now and theres not much to do with them except battle frontier which feels hollow in all but the battle hall because my Pokemon's levels are scaled down. So I've started training a new generation of Dragons starting with a Flygon who is currently at level 55. I also have and plan on training up another Charmander (bred from my Charizard), Dratini (the event one with extreme speed now a Dragonair) and the red gyrados. I would also like to try out Garchomp and also bred a Bagon. And of course I just have to have a Kingdra (this one with Sniper and not switf swim because that is the biggest throw away ability there is).

Move notes

Some of the moves have changed after I moved my team to heart gold. In Generation III Dragonite had Fire Blast instead of Draco Meteor. Kingra has Hyper Beam instead of said attack. Aerodactyl has Hyper Beam instead of Giga Impact and I plan on giving him Stone Edge once I win enough BP. I also plan on giving Dragonite and Gyrados Giga Impact instead of Hyper Beam once I play enough VOltorb flip