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I saw a couple of people doing this, and I decicided to comment too.

Pokémon Green Red/Blue Yellow Back Gold Silver Crystal Conclusion
Bulbasaur Spr 1g 001.png Spr 1b 001.png Spr 1y 001.png Spr b g1 001.png Spr 2g 001.png Spr 2s 001.png Spr 2c 001.png From Yellow onward it's fine. The bulb moving and ear twitching is off, but fine.
Ivysaur Spr 1g 002.png Spr 1b 002.png Spr 1y 002.png Spr b g1 002.png Spr 2g 002.png Spr 2s 002.png Spr 2c 002.png Yellow, Gold, and Crystal are fine, but Silver is about to sneeze, Green got crushed by its own plant, and the back sprite is questionable.
Venusaur Spr 1g 003.png Spr 1b 003.png Spr 1y 003.png Spr b g1 003.png Spr 2g 003.png Spr 2s 003.png Spr 2c 003.png Gold and Crystal are good. Green is also crushed by own plant. Back sprite still questionable.
Charmander Spr 1g 004.png Spr 1b 004.png Spr 1y 004.png Spr b g1 004.png Spr 2g 004.png Spr 2s 004.png Spr 2c 004.png Green scares me, R/B is about to fall over, and Silver and Yellow contradict each other. Crystal is still winking.
Charmeleon Spr 1g 005.png Spr 1b 005.png Spr 1y 005.png Spr b g1 005.png Spr 2g 005.png Spr 2s 005.png Spr 2c 005.png Looks like they screwed up until Gen. III! I think the back sprite is going to puke...
Charizard Spr 1g 006.png Spr 1b 006.png Spr 1y 006.png Spr b g1 006.png Spr 2g 006.png Spr 2s 006.png Spr 2c 006.png Gen. II is ok, but Green looks like it fell apart and was put back together several times, R/B looks insane, and Yellow just looks silly. The Back sprite is terrible too.
Squirtle Spr 1g 007.png Spr 1b 007.png Spr 1y 007.png Spr b g1 007.png Spr 2g 007.png Spr 2s 007.png Spr 2c 007.png You know, I think Yellow looks better then Gen. II. R/B/G looks like a baby and Silver looks like a hunch-back. G/C are tolerable, however.
Wartortle Spr 1g 008.png Spr 1b 008.png Spr 1y 008.png Spr b g1 008.png Spr 2g 008.png Spr 2s 008.png Spr 2c 008.png R/B is fat and silly-looking, but after Yellow it's pretty much ok. WHAT THE HECK HAPPENED TO GREEN?!?
Blastoise Spr 1g 009.png Spr 1b 009.png Spr 1y 009.png Spr b g1 009.png Spr 2g 009.png Spr 2s 009.png Spr 2c 009.png R/B is too fat, Green are too thin, and Yellow looks like a swamp monster. Silver is tolerable, but Gold is prefferable. Why is Crystal's tail wagging?
Caterpie Spr 1g 010.png Spr 1b 010.png Spr 1y 010.png Spr b g1 010.png Spr 2g 010.png Spr 2s 010.png Spr 2c 010.png It's back sprite looks mean. In Gen. II it's tolerable, but I really don't like it until FireRed and LeafGreen.
Metapod Spr 1g 011.png Spr 1b 011.png Spr 1y 011.png Spr b g1 011.png Spr 2g 011.png Spr 2s 011.png Spr 2c 011.png Gen. I: Awfull. Gen. II: Tollerable. Really, it's not good until Gen. IV.
Butterfree Spr 1g 012.png Spr 1b 012.png Spr 1y 012.png Spr b g1 012.png Spr 2g 012.png Spr 2s 012.png Spr 2c 012.png These sprites are tollerable. Not quite good, but tollerable.
Weedle Spr 1g 013.png Spr 1b 013.png Spr 1y 013.png Spr b g1 013.png Spr 2g 013.png Spr 2s 013.png Spr 2c 013.png What can I say? Green looks like a clown, R/B doesn't have feet, Yellow is about to stick its tail into its head, and silver looks drunk. However, Gold and Crystal are tolerable.
Kakuna Spr 1g 014.png Spr 1b 014.png Spr 1y 014.png Spr b g1 014.png Spr 2g 014.png Spr 2s 014.png Spr 2c 014.png Green is too tall, R/B have ARMS and Yellow has a flat head. Gen II is actually pretty accurate.
Beedrill Spr 1g 015.png Spr 1b 015.png Spr 1y 015.png Spr b g1 015.png Spr 2g 015.png Spr 2s 015.png Spr 2c 015.png Green looks threatning, Yellow is about to stab you and R/B is just off. Gen. II is actually pretty good though.
Pidgey Spr 1g 016.png Spr 1b 016.png Spr 1y 016.png Spr b g1 016.png Spr 2g 016.png Spr 2s 016.png Spr 2c 016.png Yellow is perfect. Gen. II is tolerable. The back sprite is incredibly chicken-like.
Pidgeotto Spr 1g 017.png Spr 1b 017.png Spr 1y 017.png Spr b g1 017.png Spr 2g 017.png Spr 2s 017.png Spr 2c 017.png Up until Yellow it is fat and chicken-like. Crystal blinks too much.
Pidgeot Spr 1g 018.png Spr 1b 018.png Spr 1y 018.png Spr b g1 018.png Spr 2g 018.png Spr 2s 018.png Spr 2c 018.png Silver's really the only good one. The back sprite's questionable too.
Rattata Spr 1g 019.png Spr 1b 019.png Spr 1y 019.png Spr b g1 019.png Spr 2g 019.png Spr 2s 019.png Spr 2c 019.png I'm not too sure about Gen. I or the back sprite, but after that it's sort of ok.
Raticate Spr 1g 020.png Spr 1b 020.png Spr 1y 020.png Spr b g1 020.png Spr 2g 020.png Spr 2s 020.png Spr 2c 020.png Green, silver, and Crystal were tollerable, but I like Yellow and Gold the best.
Spearow Spr 1g 021.png Spr 1b 021.png Spr 1y 021.png Spr b g1 021.png Spr 2g 021.png Spr 2s 021.png Spr 2c 021.png HATE IT until Gen. III.
Fearow Spr 1g 022.png Spr 1b 022.png Spr 1y 022.png Spr b g1 022.png Spr 2g 022.png Spr 2s 022.png Spr 2c 022.png I just don't like it until Gen. II, however it's back sprite nailed it.
Ekans Spr 1g 023.png Spr 1b 023.png Spr 1y 023.png Spr b g1 023.png Spr 2g 023.png Spr 2s 023.png Spr 2c 023.png Green looks like a Bellsprout, R/B looks like a duck, Yellow is a bit off, and it's back sprite is terrible. It's fine from Gen. II onwards though.
Arbok Spr 1g 024.png Spr 1b 024.png Spr 1y 024.png Spr b g1 024.png Spr 2g 024.png Spr 2s 024.png Spr 2c 024.png Accually, these are sort of good.
Pikachu Spr 1g 025.png Spr 1b 025.png Spr 1y 025.png Spr b g1 025.png Spr 2g 025.png Spr 2s 025.png Spr 2c 025.png Untill Yellow it is too fat and too silly-looking.
Raichu Spr 1g 026.png Spr 1b 026.png Spr 1y 026.png Spr b g1 026.png Spr 2g 026.png Spr 2s 026.png Spr 2c 026.png They are all too fat and back sprite has 'closed' ears.
Sandshrew Spr 1g 027.png Spr 1b 027.png Spr 1y 027.png Spr b g1 027.png Spr 2g 027.png Spr 2s 027.png Spr 2c 027.png I don't like it until Gen. III. Period.
Sandslash Spr 1g 028.png Spr 1b 028.png Spr 1y 028.png Spr b g1 028.png Spr 2g 028.png Spr 2s 028.png Spr 2c 028.png Yellow's a bit dorky, but tolerable. the good sprites don't start until Gen. II though.
Nidoran♀ Spr 1g 029.png Spr 1b 029.png Spr 1y 029.png Spr b g1 029.png Spr 2g 029.png Spr 2s 029.png Spr 2c 029.png Really it's not good until FireRed and LeafGreen. It's back sprite is awfull too.
Nidorina Spr 1g 030.png Spr 1b 030.png Spr 1y 030.png Spr b g1 030.png Spr 2g 030.png Spr 2s 030.png Spr 2c 030.png R/B/G look pig-like, Yellow's just off, Gold and Crystal are just weird, but Silver's accually kindof ok.
Nidoqueen Spr 1g 031.png Spr 1b 031.png Spr 1y 031.png Spr b g1 031.png Spr 2g 031.png Spr 2s 031.png Spr 2c 031.png Gen. I is terrible, Gold is ok, Silver is disturbing, and Crystal dances. I hate the back sprite too.
Nidoran♂ Spr 1g 032.png Spr 1b 032.png Spr 1y 032.png Spr b g1 032.png Spr 2g 032.png Spr 2s 032.png Spr 2c 032.png Despite R/B/G and the back sprite, it's actually pretty good.
Nidorino Spr 1g 033.png Spr 1b 033.png Spr 1y 033.png Spr b g1 033.png Spr 2g 033.png Spr 2s 033.png Spr 2c 033.png R/B/G may be hiddeous, but Yellow looks like he's trying to flirt with me.
Nidoking Spr 1g 034.png Spr 1b 034.png Spr 1y 034.png Spr b g1 034.png Spr 2g 034.png Spr 2s 034.png Spr 2c 034.png Yellow is slightly disturbing, but Gen. II is almost good. Not perfect, but good.
Clefairy Spr 1g 035.png Spr 1b 035.png Spr 1y 035.png Spr b g1 035.png Spr 2g 035.png Spr 2s 035.png Spr 2c 035.png Green is utterly confused, R/B has big feet, and the back sprite is missing it's wings, but otherwise it's good.
Clefable Spr 1g 036.png Spr 1b 036.png Spr 1y 036.png Spr b g1 036.png Spr 2g 036.png Spr 2s 036.png Spr 2c 036.png Gen. I is kindof weird, but Gen. II is good.
Vulpix Spr 1g 037.png Spr 1b 037.png Spr 1y 037.png Spr b g1 037.png Spr 2g 037.png Spr 2s 037.png Spr 2c 037.png OMG, THE BACK SPRITE HAS A MOHAWK!!! R/B/G look really stupid, but Yellow got it perfect.
Ninetales Spr 1g 038.png Spr 1b 038.png Spr 1y 038.png Spr b g1 038.png Spr 2g 038.png Spr 2s 038.png Spr 2c 038.png Green is hiddious and R/B's leg is melting, but it's fine after that.
Jigglypuff Spr 1g 039.png Spr 1b 039.png Spr 1y 039.png Spr b g1 039.png Spr 2g 039.png Spr 2s 039.png Spr 2c 039.png R/B/G are HIDEOUS, Yellow looks evil, and I don't exactly aprove of the animation in Crystal, but otherwise it's pretty good.
Wigglytuff Spr 1g 040.png Spr 1b 040.png Spr 1y 040.png Spr b g1 040.png Spr 2g 040.png Spr 2s 040.png Spr 2c 040.png Green is absolutly insane, R/B is fat and silly-looking, and Yellow's just bad. Gen. II is tollerable, but it's not good until Gen. III.
Zubat Spr 1g 041.png Spr 1b 041.png Spr 1y 041.png Spr b g1 041.png Spr 2g 041.png Spr 2s 041.png Spr 2c 041.png Green's head is too thin and R/B/Y's head is too fat. It's Gen. II sprite is ok though.
Golbat Spr 1g 042.png Spr 1b 042.png Spr 1y 042.png Spr b g1 042.png Spr 2g 042.png Spr 2s 042.png Spr 2c 042.png R/B's tounge is slightly disturbing, Yellow is fainting and Green is just bad. Gen. II is actually kindof good though.
Oddish Spr 1g 043.png Spr 1b 043.png Spr 1y 043.png Spr b g1 043.png Spr 2g 043.png Spr 2s 043.png Spr 2c 043.png Green and the back sprite's leaves are too long and R/B/Y are leaning forward. Gen. II is actually pretty good.
Gloom Spr 1g 044.png Spr 1b 044.png Spr 1y 044.png Spr b g1 044.png Spr 2g 044.png Spr 2s 044.png Spr 2c 044.png R/B/G are terrible, but everything else is fine.
Vileplume Spr 1g 045.png Spr 1b 045.png Spr 1y 045.png Spr b g1 045.png Spr 2g 045.png Spr 2s 045.png Spr 2c 045.png It looks like somthings been eating Green's flower. R/B's arm got messed up and Yellow's Flower is too thick. Gen. II is good. The back sprite has an uneven petel.
Paras Spr 1g 046.png Spr 1b 046.png Spr 1y 046.png Spr b g1 046.png Spr 2g 046.png Spr 2s 046.png Spr 2c 046.png G/R/B is weird-looking and Yellow's head vanished, but Gen. II is almost perfect.
Parasect Spr 1g 047.png Spr 1b 047.png Spr 1y 047.png Spr b g1 047.png Spr 2g 047.png Spr 2s 047.png Spr 2c 047.png Green's eyes are a bit offsetting, but outherwise it's really good.
Venonat Spr 1g 048.png Spr 1b 048.png Spr 1y 048.png Spr b g1 048.png Spr 2g 048.png Spr 2s 048.png Spr 2c 048.png These are actually pretty good. I don't know about the eyes flashing in Crystal, but it's good.
Venomoth Spr 1g 049.png Spr 1b 049.png Spr 1y 049.png Spr b g1 049.png Spr 2g 049.png Spr 2s 049.png Spr 2c 049.png R/B/G and the back sprite are hiddeous. Everything else is ok though.
Diglett Spr 1g 050.png Spr 1b 050.png Spr 1y 050.png Spr b g1 050.png Spr 2g 050.png Spr 2s 050.png Spr 2c 050.png Ok, why is it that you can draw Diglett perfectly and yet screw up a Jigglypuff?
Dugtrio Spr 1g 051.png Spr 1b 051.png Spr 1y 051.png Spr b g1 051.png Spr 2g 051.png Spr 2s 051.png Spr 2c 051.png Why? Why Dugtrio and not Vulpix?
Meowth Spr 1g 052.png Spr 1b 052.png Spr 1y 052.png Spr b g1 052.png Spr 2g 052.png Spr 2s 052.png Spr 2c 052.png Green is a bit fat, but it's ok. This just isn't fair.
Persian Spr 1g 053.png Spr 1b 053.png Spr 1y 053.png Spr b g1 053.png Spr 2g 053.png Spr 2s 053.png Spr 2c 053.png Green looks a little akward and R/B has pointy ears, but it's good. WHY?!?
Psyduck Spr 1g 054.png Spr 1b 054.png Spr 1y 054.png Spr b g1 054.png Spr 2g 054.png Spr 2s 054.png Spr 2c 054.png Finally, a Pokémon that isn't perfect right off the bat.
Golduck Spr 1g 055.png Spr 1b 055.png Spr 1y 055.png Spr b g1 055.png Spr 2g 055.png Spr 2s 055.png Spr 2c 055.png Gen. I is a bit off, but tollerable.
Mankey Spr 1g 056.png Spr 1b 056.png Spr 1y 056.png Spr b g1 056.png Spr 2g 056.png Spr 2s 056.png Spr 2c 056.png Awfull until Yellow.
Primeape Spr 1g 057.png Spr 1b 057.png Spr 1y 057.png Spr b g1 057.png Spr 2g 057.png Spr 2s 057.png Spr 2c 057.png Bad until Gen. II.
Growlithe Spr 1g 058.png Spr 1b 058.png Spr 1y 058.png Spr b g1 058.png Spr 2g 058.png Spr 2s 058.png Spr 2c 058.png Not so great in Gen. I but Gen. II nailed it.
Arcanine Spr 1g 059.png Spr 1b 059.png Spr 1y 059.png Spr b g1 059.png Spr 2g 059.png Spr 2s 059.png Spr 2c 059.png Same as Growlithe.
Poliwag Spr 1g 060.png Spr 1b 060.png Spr 1y 060.png Spr b g1 060.png Spr 2g 060.png Spr 2s 060.png Spr 2c 060.png Not Bad after Yellow.
Poliwhirl Spr 1g 061.png Spr 1b 061.png Spr 1y 061.png Spr b g1 061.png Spr 2g 061.png Spr 2s 061.png Spr 2c 061.png Its eyes don't look right until Yellow.
Poliwrath Spr 1g 062.png Spr 1b 062.png Spr 1y 062.png Spr b g1 062.png Spr 2g 062.png Spr 2s 062.png Spr 2c 062.png It's too weird until Yellow
Abra Spr 1g 063.png Spr 1b 063.png Spr 1y 063.png Spr b g1 063.png Spr 2g 063.png Spr 2s 063.png Spr 2c 063.png These sprites are really good, but, is Gold peaking?!?
Kadabra Spr 1g 064.png Spr 1b 064.png Spr 1y 064.png Spr b g1 064.png Spr 2g 064.png Spr 2s 064.png Spr 2c 064.png After Yellow it's actually pretty good. I don't know about the back sprite though.
Alakazam Spr 1g 065.png Spr 1b 065.png Spr 1y 065.png Spr b g1 065.png Spr 2g 065.png Spr 2s 065.png Spr 2c 065.png It's actually pretty good after Yellow.
Machop Spr 1g 066.png Spr 1b 066.png Spr 1y 066.png Spr b g1 066.png Spr 2g 066.png Spr 2s 066.png Spr 2c 066.png Gen. II is tolerable, but Gen. I is awfull.
Machoke Spr 1g 067.png Spr 1b 067.png Spr 1y 067.png Spr b g1 067.png Spr 2g 067.png Spr 2s 067.png Spr 2c 067.png R/B/G are horrible, but from Yellow onward it's fine.
Machamp Spr 1g 068.png Spr 1b 068.png Spr 1y 068.png Spr b g1 068.png Spr 2g 068.png Spr 2s 068.png Spr 2c 068.png Absolutely disgracefull until Gen. II!
Bellsprout Spr 1g 069.png Spr 1b 069.png Spr 1y 069.png Spr b g1 069.png Spr 2g 069.png Spr 2s 069.png Spr 2c 069.png Fine from Yellow onward.
Weepinbell Spr 1g 070.png Spr 1b 070.png Spr 1y 070.png Spr b g1 070.png Spr 2g 070.png Spr 2s 070.png Spr 2c 070.png Same as Bellsprout.
Victreebel Spr 1g 071.png Spr 1b 071.png Spr 1y 071.png Spr b g1 071.png Spr 2g 071.png Spr 2s 071.png Spr 2c 071.png Gen. II finally got it right.
Tentacool Spr 1g 072.png Spr 1b 072.png Spr 1y 072.png Spr b g1 072.png Spr 2g 072.png Spr 2s 072.png Spr 2c 072.png Silver finally got it right.
Tentacruel Spr 1g 073.png Spr 1b 073.png Spr 1y 073.png Spr b g1 073.png Spr 2g 073.png Spr 2s 073.png Spr 2c 073.png Gen. II are tollerable, but the rest are just bad.
Geodude Spr 1g 074.png Spr 1b 074.png Spr 1y 074.png Spr b g1 074.png Spr 2g 074.png Spr 2s 074.png Spr 2c 074.png Horrible until Yellow.
Graveler Spr 1g 075.png Spr 1b 075.png Spr 1y 075.png Spr b g1 075.png Spr 2g 075.png Spr 2s 075.png Spr 2c 075.png They all just look wrong...
Golem Spr 1g 076.png Spr 1b 076.png Spr 1y 076.png Spr b g1 076.png Spr 2g 076.png Spr 2s 076.png Spr 2c 076.png R/B/G's arms are too weird and you have too really look for Yellow's head, but Gen. II is pretty good.
Ponyta Spr 1g 077.png Spr 1b 077.png Spr 1y 077.png Spr b g1 077.png Spr 2g 077.png Spr 2s 077.png Spr 2c 077.png Gen. I is a little weird, but Gen. II is ok.
Rapidash Spr 1g 078.png Spr 1b 078.png Spr 1y 078.png Spr b g1 078.png Spr 2g 078.png Spr 2s 078.png Spr 2c 078.png It's kind of hard to tell that it has flames until Gen. II.
Slowpoke Spr 1g 079.png Spr 1b 079.png Spr 1y 079.png Spr b g1 079.png Spr 2g 079.png Spr 2s 079.png Spr 2c 079.png They all look kind of weird to me. It might have something to do with It being unatainable in the games I have.
Slowbro Spr 1g 080.png Spr 1b 080.png Spr 1y 080.png Spr b g1 080.png Spr 2g 080.png Spr 2s 080.png Spr 2c 080.png It just looks wrong until Gen. II.

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