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Ben 10 vs. Pokémon Comparison

Many characters in the Pokémon series seem to bare a resemblace to several characters from the Cartoon Network show, Ben 10. Below I have created a chart listing the Pokémon the bares a resemblance to the Ben 10 "aliens".

Omnitrix Alien Alien Picture Pokémon Pokémon Picture Notes
Diamondhead None.png Regice 378Regice.png Both share a diamond-like structure
Fourarms Machamp 068Machamp.png Without being to complicated both have "fourarms" and they also have 2 toes.
Ghostfreak Dusknoir 477Dusknoir.png Both are "ghostly" and have a complicated structure
Grey Matter None.png
Heatblast Magmar 126Magmar.png Made of Molten Lava and can withstand high temperatures
Ripjaws Feraligatr 160Feraligatr.png Underwater capabilities and a set of giant crunchers
Stinkfly Yanmega 469Yanmega.png Both are flying insectiods
Upgrade None.png
Wildmutt None.png
XLR8 None.png
Wildvine Carnivine 455Carnivine.png Similiar Head to Neck structure and abilities
Way Big None.png
Benwolf None.png
Benmummy None.png
Benvicktor Electivire 466Electivire.png Frankenstein-like appearance
Eye Guy None.png
Ditto None.png
Upchuck Munchlax 446Munchlax.png Will eat anything in sight; shorter than most others.
Cannonbolt Donphan 232Donphan.png Rolling monsters
Eon None.png
Spitter None.png
Buzzshock Rotom 479Rotom.png Are able to take control of electricity and have a "shocking" appearance
Articguana None.png
Swampfire None.png
Humongasaur None.png
Big Chill Froslass 478Froslass.png Ice and Ghost powers. Can go through objects and are female (Big Chill has been seen to lay babies)
Echo Echo None.png
Brainstorm None.png
Jetray Gliscor 472Gliscor.png Use the winds to glide through the sky. Bat-like wingspan
Goop Ditto 132Ditto.png Are able to change their appearance. Composed of jelly-like substances
Chromastone None.png
Spidermonkey None.png
Alien X None.png
Lodestar None.png
Rath None.png
Nanomech None.png
AmpFibian None.png
Water Hazard None.png
Terraspin Torterra 389Torterra.png Contain "Terra" (earth) in their name. Turtle-like; have environmental benefits.
NRG None.png
Armodrillo Rhyperior 464Rhyperior.png Both are suited with armor; have drilling powers