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Welcome to my lovely userpage, I am glad to be here on bulbapedia. My name is Gabriel but here address me as DoTheWave, or simply Wave for short. You might be wondering the origin of a name so peculiar, and uncommon among these users, well in order to understand this name you first need to understand stand me, and my origin with Pokémon.

I was hooked on Pokémon at a young age, somewhere between 5-7. My first connection with Pokémon was with the anime starting at EP001. Later than I began playing the card game but my interest didn't last very long, but did last was the memory. The thing was i never knew how to play the TCG by myself, so my friends and family would help me at that young age, my main rival in these games was my cousin. Everytime I would play with him I would manage to bring to the field Wigglytuff, but more specifically Wigglytuff (Jungle 16). Everytime, every single time i played this card, I did a little dance to celebrate its summon, called "The Wave" because of an attack on the card called Do The Wave. At first i was irritated by this because it became a rule that if I played the card I would have to do the dance, and it was flat out embarassing. As I matured and slipped away from the card game and the anime, I always stayed true to the videogames since the days of Pokémon Crystal Version and Pokémon Pinball, but kept dear to me my Wigglytuff, and my Charizard (Base Set 4), because it was straight out awesome. Now I continue my interest in Pokémon by playing the re-installments of Pokémon Silver and Pokémon Gold Version, Pokémon SoulSilver and HeartGold and exploring a whole new world in the Unova region. I look forward to the release of Pokémon X and Y Versions.

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