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Pokémon Yellow Comics, or PYC for short, is a ficticious webcomic on the Drunk Duck website. The webcomic was created by MysteriousJeff. The comic is based on Pokémon Yellow Version, with the character, the rival, and a Pikachu following the character.



BKLCBKL is a human male that is based on Red and Ash Ketchum. He has Super Mario World on his SNES and is known to be a fan of the X-Files. He is also Professor Oak's enemy, because he messed with Oak's AOL account and changed his password. His Pikachu, Nozo, thinks he's stupid because he can't figure stuff out quickly and because he gives his Pokémon names that are fake words. When he was in Viridian City, he wouldn't deliver Oak's Parcel unless money was involved. When he fought Brock, he lost quickly, same as Misty. But he challenged Misty to a rematch after Bill taught him useful stuff and he won. In Vermillion City, when BKLCBKL was about to take the S.S. Anne, Nozo noticed a truck and used it to try to run BKLCBKL over, but it failed and ended up running over Lt. Surge instead. Officer Jenny arrested him because of that.


CDwxx is a trainer that is BKLCBKL's rival and resembles Gary Oak and Blue. His Eevee is thought to be genetically enhanced because it knows Hyper Beam. He tricked BKLCBKL into going into Diglett's Cave so CDwxx could get farther than him. When BKLCBKL met up with him and realized he tricked him, he challenged CDwxx to a battle, but CDwxx lost easily because his Pokémon were too weak to battle. After he told BKLCBKL to say no to a guy who will ask if he wants to join Team Rocket, he left.

Other Characters

Known Pokémon



  • Eevee (A Pokémon that is thought to be genetically enhanced)
  • Spearow (No information known)


  • Arbok (An Arbok that was genetically enhanced and was killed by CDwxx's Eevee)




Other Trainers and Wild Pokémon

  • Bug Catcher
  • Fossil Protector
  • Many Diglett (Always mean to Miru before it was captured)


MysteriousJeff made some errors in his comic

  • Eevee isn't supposed to learn Hyper Beam at all, but, CDwxx's Eevee knew Hyper Beam and killed Jessie's Arbok with it.
  • Weezing and Arbok are genetically enhanced, but in the game and in the anime, they are just regular Pokémon.
    • Another error was made with Weezing and Arbok, they first appeared in Mt. Moon, but in the games, they started out as Ekans and Koffing on Mt. Moon.

The comic

It started out with sprites, but when the battle against Brock came, it turned into drawings. It is not appropriate for children because of the constant use of curse words. There was no cannon in the game, but in the comic, a girl shoots BKLCBKL out of a cannon as a shortcut to Viridian City, but it led to Pewter City. MysteriousJeff lets fans make guest comics and he puts them up with his comic, but it doesn't count as part of the story. There has been a total of 120 pages (not counting guest comics, fillers, and birthday comics) of the comic.

Complete Parties

Warning: Some of this may not be entirely true.

  • Spearow doesn't show any moves because no moves are known


There have been many crossovers from different generations

Generation II

  • Some of Nozo's brothers and sisters are Pichu
  • Officer Jenny goes crazy over a Shiny Pidgey despite Shinies not being introduced until Generation II

Generation IV

  • One of Nozo's siblings are a Spiky-Eared Pichu
  • A Piplup made a guest appearance in part of a comic. It was surfing with its trainer.

Generation V

  • Hilbert appears in page 118 and 119 talking to another trainer about that he caught Nozo's sister.

Beta Stuff

Only one known Beta thing was going to be part of it

  • The Hyper Beam was originally going to cut Arbok in half, like in Pokémon Adventures, but was cut because MysteriousJeff said it would be hard to draw and it would make more sense if it just made a hole.


  • At the beginning, Oak laughed at BKLCBKL's name, then when BKLCBKL questioned CDwxx's name, Oak was kidding around when he said he would have CDwxx kill BKLCBKL
  • When BKLCBKL's adventure first started, he was playing Super Mario World on is SNES
  • When BKLCBKL didn't want to pick a Pokémon, he went over to Oak's computer and messed with his AOL account
    • BKLCBKL also changed Oak's password, which was shown later
  • Oak's computer's company name is a parody of Dell, which is O-Well
  • There was a Dragonball Z reference when Eevee used Hyper Beam on Arbok, it looked like Piccolo's Special Beam Cannon and went through Arbok like it did with Raditz and Goku
  • The stalker is thought to be Barry because of the same hairstyle and clothes
  • The rumored truck where people find Mew appears but it doesn't contain Mew, but Nozo used it to try to run BKLCBKL over
  • A joke in the comic was that Misty was Spiderman