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Joined 24 January 2015

Hello, Im Deltamon3. I joined this wiki like... sometime between 2014 and 2015. I have tried to make contributions on the wiki. I usually focus on the games due to my bare knowledge of manga or TGC. Anime I do watch but don't "contribute" about. I first did the online Pokemon RPG, I decided to watch a anime episode, before I knew it I got hooked.



  • First got Pokémon ORAS.
  • First got Pokemon XY.
  • Beating Elite Four.
  • getting RAYQUAZA!
  • I am done.


  • Traded a Mewtwo for a Magmortar so I can trade the Magmortar for a shiny Wailmer, but when I was about to get Wailmer, someone did it.\
  • The moment where you find a shiny and accidentally faint it.