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Joined 25 August 2009
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Hello! I'm not exactly sure why you're here, but...uh...thanks for visiting! Not too much to say about me, I love Pokémon (duh), not doing my schoolwork (as evidenced by this page) and collecting Gameboy games for my Game Boy micro. I know only minuscule amounts of netiquette (still learning!) or teeny details that everyone seems to know. So please bear with me! My raison d'etre is the mighty Hoenn Battle Frontier, although I've indefinitely put it down to hang my head in shameful defeat. Battle Subway, on the other hand... When it comes to my little darlings, I remember that Satoshi always supported nicknaming. No Pokémon in box or party is without a name! I'd have it no other way! Generation V, and going strong! Thank you, unseen and aloof Internet community for reading my little profile! Hope we can have some fun together! ☆

зеленый свет