Here's my full list of my combined Pokédexes for Diamond and Black. Completing the NationalDex on Black is of secondary importance, and any non-GenV entries I have for Black are not listed here.

Progress report:
Sinnoh: 151 seen, 151 owned
GenIV National: 493 seen, 493 owned
Unova: 156 seen, 156 owned

# Icon Name Type Seen Owned
001 Ani001MS.png Bulbasaur GrassIC.gif PoisonIC.gif X X
002 Ani002MS.png Ivysaur GrassIC.gif PoisonIC.gif X X
003 Ani003MS.png Venusaur GrassIC.gif PoisonIC.gif X X
004 Ani004MS.png Charmander FireIC.gif X X
005 Ani005MS.png Charmeleon FireIC.gif X X
006 Ani006MS.png Charizard FireIC.gif FlyingIC.gif X X
007 Ani007MS.png Squirtle WaterIC.gif X X
008 Ani008MS.png Wartortle WaterIC.gif X X
009 Ani009MS.png Blastoise WaterIC.gif X X
010 Ani010MS.png Caterpie BugIC.gif X X
011 Ani011MS.png Metapod BugIC.gif X X
012 Ani012MS.png Butterfree BugIC.gif FlyingIC.gif X X
013 Ani013MS.png Weedle BugIC.gif PoisonIC.gif X X
014 Ani014MS.png Kakuna BugIC.gif PoisonIC.gif X X
015 Ani015MS.png Beedrill BugIC.gif PoisonIC.gif X X
016 Ani016MS.png Pidgey NormalIC.gif FlyingIC.gif X X
017 Ani017MS.png Pidgeotto NormalIC.gif FlyingIC.gif X X
018 Ani018MS.png Pidgeot NormalIC.gif FlyingIC.gif X X
019 Ani019MS.png Rattata NormalIC.gif X X
020 Ani020MS.png Raticate NormalIC.gif X X
021 Ani021MS.png Spearow NormalIC.gif FlyingIC.gif X X
022 Ani022MS.png Fearow NormalIC.gif FlyingIC.gif X X
023 Ani023MS.png Ekans PoisonIC.gif X X
024 Ani024MS.png Arbok PoisonIC.gif X X
025 Ani025MS.png Pikachu ElectricIC.gif X X
026 Ani026MS.png Raichu ElectricIC.gif X X
027 Ani027MS.png Sandshrew GroundIC.gif X X
028 Ani028MS.png Sandslash GroundIC.gif X X
029 Ani029MS.png Nidoran♀ PoisonIC.gif X X
030 Ani030MS.png Nidorina PoisonIC.gif X X
031 Ani031MS.png Nidoqueen PoisonIC.gif GroundIC.gif X X
032 Ani032MS.png Nidoran♂ PoisonIC.gif X X
033 Ani033MS.png Nidorino PoisonIC.gif X X
034 Ani034MS.png Nidoking PoisonIC.gif GroundIC.gif X X
035 Ani035MS.png Clefairy NormalIC.gif X X
036 Ani036MS.png Clefable NormalIC.gif X X
037 Ani037MS.png Vulpix FireIC.gif X X
038 Ani038MS.png Ninetales FireIC.gif X X
039 Ani039MS.png Jigglypuff NormalIC.gif X X
040 Ani040MS.png Wigglytuff NormalIC.gif X X
041 Ani041MS.png Zubat PoisonIC.gif FlyingIC.gif X X
042 Ani042MS.png Golbat PoisonIC.gif FlyingIC.gif X X
043 Ani043MS.png Oddish GrassIC.gif PoisonIC.gif X X
044 Ani044MS.png Gloom GrassIC.gif PoisonIC.gif X X
045 Ani045MS.png Vileplume GrassIC.gif PoisonIC.gif X X
046 Ani046MS.png Paras BugIC.gif GrassIC.gif X X
047 Ani047MS.png Parasect BugIC.gif GrassIC.gif X X
048 Ani048MS.png Venonat BugIC.gif PoisonIC.gif X X
049 Ani049MS.png Venomoth BugIC.gif PoisonIC.gif X X
050 Ani050MS.png Diglett GroundIC.gif X X
051 Ani051MS.png Dugtrio GroundIC.gif X X
052 Ani052MS.png Meowth NormalIC.gif X X
053 Ani053MS.png Persian NormalIC.gif X X
054 Ani054MS.png Psyduck WaterIC.gif X X
055 Ani055MS.png Golduck WaterIC.gif X X
056 Ani056MS.png Mankey FightingIC.gif X X
057 Ani057MS.png Primeape FightingIC.gif X X
058 Ani058MS.png Growlithe FireIC.gif X X
059 Ani059MS.png Arcanine FireIC.gif X X
060 Ani060MS.png Poliwag WaterIC.gif X X
061 Ani061MS.png Poliwhirl WaterIC.gif X X
062 Ani062MS.png Poliwrath WaterIC.gif FightingIC.gif X X
063 Ani063MS.png Abra PsychicIC.gif X X
064 Ani064MS.png Kadabra PsychicIC.gif X X
065 Ani065MS.png Alakazam PsychicIC.gif X X
066 Ani066MS.png Machop FightingIC.gif X X
067 Ani067MS.png Machoke FightingIC.gif X X
068 Ani068MS.png Machamp FightingIC.gif X X
069 Ani069MS.png Bellsprout GrassIC.gif PoisonIC.gif X X
070 Ani070MS.png Weepinbell GrassIC.gif PoisonIC.gif X X
071 Ani071MS.png Victreebel GrassIC.gif PoisonIC.gif X X
072 Ani072MS.png Tentacool WaterIC.gif PoisonIC.gif X X
073 Ani073MS.png Tentacruel WaterIC.gif PoisonIC.gif X X
074 Ani074MS.png Geodude RockIC.gif GroundIC.gif X X
075 Ani075MS.png Graveler RockIC.gif GroundIC.gif X X
076 Ani076MS.png Golem RockIC.gif GroundIC.gif X X
077 Ani077MS.png Ponyta FireIC.gif X X
078 Ani078MS.png Rapidash FireIC.gif X X
079 Ani079MS.png Slowpoke WaterIC.gif PsychicIC.gif X X
080 Ani080MS.png Slowbro WaterIC.gif PsychicIC.gif X X
081 Ani081MS.png Magnemite ElectricIC.gif SteelIC.gif X X
082 Ani082MS.png Magneton ElectricIC.gif SteelIC.gif X X
083 Ani083MS.png Farfetch'd NormalIC.gif FlyingIC.gif X X
084 Ani084MS.png Doduo NormalIC.gif FlyingIC.gif X X
085 Ani085MS.png Dodrio NormalIC.gif FlyingIC.gif X X
086 Ani086MS.png Seel WaterIC.gif X X
087 Ani087MS.png Dewgong WaterIC.gif IceIC.gif X X
088 Ani088MS.png Grimer PoisonIC.gif X X
089 Ani089MS.png Muk PoisonIC.gif X X
090 Ani090MS.png Shellder WaterIC.gif X X
091 Ani091MS.png Cloyster WaterIC.gif IceIC.gif X X
092 Ani092MS.png Gastly GhostIC.gif PoisonIC.gif X X
093 Ani093MS.png Haunter GhostIC.gif PoisonIC.gif X X
094 Ani094MS.png Gengar GhostIC.gif PoisonIC.gif X X
095 Ani095MS.png Onix RockIC.gif GroundIC.gif X X
096 Ani096MS.png Drowzee PsychicIC.gif X X
097 Ani097MS.png Hypno PsychicIC.gif X X
098 Ani098MS.png Krabby WaterIC.gif X X
099 Ani099MS.png Kingler WaterIC.gif X X
100 Ani100MS.png Voltorb ElectricIC.gif X X
101 Ani101MS.png Electrode ElectricIC.gif X X
102 Ani102MS.png Exeggcute GrassIC.gif PsychicIC.gif X X
103 Ani103MS.png Exeggutor GrassIC.gif PsychicIC.gif X X
104 Ani104MS.png Cubone GroundIC.gif X X
105 Ani105MS.png Marowak GroundIC.gif X X
106 Ani106MS.png Hitmonlee FightingIC.gif X X
107 Ani107MS.png Hitmonchan FightingIC.gif X X
108 Ani108MS.png Lickitung NormalIC.gif X X
109 Ani109MS.png Koffing PoisonIC.gif X X
110 Ani110MS.png Weezing PoisonIC.gif X X
111 Ani111MS.png Rhyhorn GroundIC.gif RockIC.gif X X
112 Ani112MS.png Rhydon GroundIC.gif RockIC.gif X X
113 Ani113MS.png Chansey NormalIC.gif X X
114 Ani114MS.png Tangela GrassIC.gif X X
115 Ani115MS.png Kangaskhan NormalIC.gif X X
116 Ani116MS.png Horsea WaterIC.gif X X
117 Ani117MS.png Seadra WaterIC.gif X X
118 Ani118MS.png Goldeen WaterIC.gif X X
119 Ani119MS.png Seaking WaterIC.gif X X
120 Ani120MS.png Staryu WaterIC.gif X X
121 Ani121MS.png Starmie WaterIC.gif PsychicIC.gif X X
122 Ani122MS.png Mr. Mime PsychicIC.gif X X
123 Ani123MS.png Scyther BugIC.gif FlyingIC.gif X X
124 Ani124MS.png Jynx IceIC.gif PsychicIC.gif X X
125 Ani125MS.png Electabuzz ElectricIC.gif X X
126 Ani126MS.png Magmar FireIC.gif X X
127 Ani127MS.png Pinsir BugIC.gif X X
128 Ani128MS.png Tauros NormalIC.gif X X
129 Ani129MS.png Magikarp WaterIC.gif X X
130 Ani130MS.png Gyarados WaterIC.gif FlyingIC.gif X X
131 Ani131MS.png Lapras WaterIC.gif IceIC.gif X X
132 Ani132MS.png Ditto NormalIC.gif X X
133 Ani133MS.png Eevee NormalIC.gif X X
134 Ani134MS.png Vaporeon WaterIC.gif X X
135 Ani135MS.png Jolteon ElectricIC.gif X X
136 Ani136MS.png Flareon FireIC.gif X X
137 Ani137MS.png Porygon NormalIC.gif X X
138 Ani138MS.png Omanyte RockIC.gif WaterIC.gif X X
139 Ani139MS.png Omastar RockIC.gif WaterIC.gif X X
140 Ani140MS.png Kabuto RockIC.gif WaterIC.gif X X
141 Ani141MS.png Kabutops RockIC.gif WaterIC.gif X X
142 Ani142MS.png Aerodactyl RockIC.gif FlyingIC.gif X X
143 Ani143MS.png Snorlax NormalIC.gif X X
144 Ani144MS.png Articuno IceIC.gif FlyingIC.gif X X
145 Ani145MS.png Zapdos ElectricIC.gif FlyingIC.gif X X
146 Ani146MS.png Moltres FireIC.gif FlyingIC.gif X X
147 Ani147MS.png Dratini DragonIC.gif X X
148 Ani148MS.png Dragonair DragonIC.gif X X
149 Ani149MS.png Dragonite DragonIC.gif FlyingIC.gif X X
150 Ani150MS.png Mewtwo PsychicIC.gif X X
151 Ani151MS.png Mew PsychicIC.gif X X
152 Ani152MS.png Chikorita GrassIC.gif X X
153 Ani153MS.png Bayleef GrassIC.gif X X
154 Ani154MS.png Meganium GrassIC.gif X X
155 Ani155MS.png Cyndaquil FireIC.gif X X
156 Ani156MS.png Quilava FireIC.gif X X
157 Ani157MS.png Typhlosion FireIC.gif X X
158 Ani158MS.png Totodile WaterIC.gif X X
159 Ani159MS.png Croconaw WaterIC.gif X X
160 Ani160MS.png Feraligatr WaterIC.gif X X
161 Ani161MS.png Sentret NormalIC.gif X X
162 Ani162MS.png Furret NormalIC.gif X X
163 Ani163MS.png Hoothoot NormalIC.gif FlyingIC.gif X X
164 Ani164MS.png Noctowl NormalIC.gif FlyingIC.gif X X
165 Ani165MS.png Ledyba BugIC.gif FlyingIC.gif X X
166 Ani166MS.png Ledian BugIC.gif FlyingIC.gif X X
167 Ani167MS.png Spinarak BugIC.gif PoisonIC.gif X X
168 Ani168MS.png Ariados BugIC.gif PoisonIC.gif X X
169 Ani169MS.png Crobat PoisonIC.gif FlyingIC.gif X X
170 Ani170MS.png Chinchou WaterIC.gif ElectricIC.gif X X
171 Ani171MS.png Lanturn WaterIC.gif ElectricIC.gif X X
172 Ani172MS.png Pichu ElectricIC.gif X X
173 Ani173MS.png Cleffa NormalIC.gif X X
174 Ani174MS.png Igglybuff NormalIC.gif X X
175 Ani175MS.png Togepi NormalIC.gif X X
176 Ani176MS.png Togetic NormalIC.gif FlyingIC.gif X X
177 Ani177MS.png Natu PsychicIC.gif FlyingIC.gif X X
178 Ani178MS.png Xatu PsychicIC.gif FlyingIC.gif X X
179 Ani179MS.png Mareep ElectricIC.gif X X
180 Ani180MS.png Flaaffy ElectricIC.gif X X
181 Ani181MS.png Ampharos ElectricIC.gif X X
182 Ani182MS.png Bellossom GrassIC.gif X X
183 Ani183MS.png Marill WaterIC.gif X X
184 Ani184MS.png Azumarill WaterIC.gif X X
185 Ani185MS.png Sudowoodo RockIC.gif X X
186 Ani186MS.png Politoed WaterIC.gif X X
187 Ani187MS.png Hoppip GrassIC.gif FlyingIC.gif X X
188 Ani188MS.png Skiploom GrassIC.gif FlyingIC.gif X X
189 Ani189MS.png Jumpluff GrassIC.gif FlyingIC.gif X X
190 Ani190MS.png Aipom NormalIC.gif X X
191 Ani191MS.png Sunkern GrassIC.gif X X
192 Ani192MS.png Sunflora GrassIC.gif X X
193 Ani193MS.png Yanma BugIC.gif FlyingIC.gif X X
194 Ani194MS.png Wooper WaterIC.gif GroundIC.gif X X
195 Ani195MS.png Quagsire WaterIC.gif GroundIC.gif X X
196 Ani196MS.png Espeon PsychicIC.gif X X
197 Ani197MS.png Umbreon DarkIC.gif X X
198 Ani198MS.png Murkrow DarkIC.gif FlyingIC.gif X X
199 Ani199MS.png Slowking WaterIC.gif PsychicIC.gif X X
200 Ani200MS.png Misdreavus GhostIC.gif X X
201 Ani201MS.png Unown PsychicIC.gif X X
202 Ani202MS.png Wobbuffet PsychicIC.gif X X
203 Ani203MS.png Girafarig NormalIC.gif PsychicIC.gif X X
204 Ani204MS.png Pineco BugIC.gif X X
205 Ani205MS.png Forretress BugIC.gif SteelIC.gif X X
206 Ani206MS.png Dunsparce NormalIC.gif X X
207 Ani207MS.png Gligar GroundIC.gif FlyingIC.gif X X
208 Ani208MS.png Steelix SteelIC.gif GroundIC.gif X X
209 Ani209MS.png Snubbull NormalIC.gif X X
210 Ani210MS.png Granbull NormalIC.gif X X
211 Ani211MS.png Qwilfish WaterIC.gif PoisonIC.gif X X
212 Ani212MS.png Scizor BugIC.gif SteelIC.gif X X
213 Ani213MS.png Shuckle BugIC.gif RockIC.gif X X
214 Ani214MS.png Heracross BugIC.gif FightingIC.gif X X
215 Ani215MS.png Sneasel DarkIC.gif IceIC.gif X X
216 Ani216MS.png Teddiursa NormalIC.gif X X
217 Ani217MS.png Ursaring NormalIC.gif X X
218 Ani218MS.png Slugma FireIC.gif X X
219 Ani219MS.png Magcargo FireIC.gif RockIC.gif X X
220 Ani220MS.png Swinub IceIC.gif GroundIC.gif X X
221 Ani221MS.png Piloswine IceIC.gif GroundIC.gif X X
222 Ani222MS.png Corsola WaterIC.gif RockIC.gif X X
223 Ani223MS.png Remoraid WaterIC.gif X X
224 Ani224MS.png Octillery WaterIC.gif X X
225 Ani225MS.png Delibird IceIC.gif FlyingIC.gif X X
226 Ani226MS.png Mantine WaterIC.gif FlyingIC.gif X X
227 Ani227MS.png Skarmory SteelIC.gif FlyingIC.gif X X
228 Ani228MS.png Houndour DarkIC.gif FireIC.gif X X
229 Ani229MS.png Houndoom DarkIC.gif FireIC.gif X X
230 Ani230MS.png Kingdra WaterIC.gif DragonIC.gif X X
231 Ani231MS.png Phanpy GroundIC.gif X X
232 Ani232MS.png Donphan GroundIC.gif X X
233 Ani233MS.png Porygon2 NormalIC.gif X X
234 Ani234MS.png Stantler NormalIC.gif X X
235 Ani235MS.png Smeargle NormalIC.gif X X
236 Ani236MS.png Tyrogue FightingIC.gif X X
237 Ani237MS.png Hitmontop FightingIC.gif X X
238 Ani238MS.png Smoochum IceIC.gif PsychicIC.gif X X
239 Ani239MS.png Elekid ElectricIC.gif X X
240 Ani240MS.png Magby FireIC.gif X X
241 Ani241MS.png Miltank NormalIC.gif X X
242 Ani242MS.png Blissey NormalIC.gif X X
243 Ani243MS.png Raikou ElectricIC.gif X X
244 Ani244MS.png Entei FireIC.gif X X
245 Ani245MS.png Suicune WaterIC.gif X X
246 Ani246MS.png Larvitar RockIC.gif GroundIC.gif X X
247 Ani247MS.png Pupitar RockIC.gif GroundIC.gif X X
248 Ani248MS.png Tyranitar RockIC.gif DarkIC.gif X X
249 Ani249MS.png Lugia PsychicIC.gif FlyingIC.gif X X
250 Ani250MS.png Ho-Oh FireIC.gif FlyingIC.gif X X
251 Ani251MS.png Celebi PsychicIC.gif GrassIC.gif X X
252 Ani252MS.png Treecko GrassIC.gif X X
253 Ani253MS.png Grovyle GrassIC.gif X X
254 Ani254MS.png Sceptile GrassIC.gif X X
255 Ani255MS.png Torchic FireIC.gif X X
256 Ani256MS.png Combusken FireIC.gif FightingIC.gif X X
257 Ani257MS.png Blaziken FireIC.gif FightingIC.gif X X
258 Ani258MS.png Mudkip WaterIC.gif X X
259 Ani259MS.png Marshtomp WaterIC.gif GroundIC.gif X X
260 Ani260MS.png Swampert WaterIC.gif GroundIC.gif X X
261 Ani261MS.png Poochyena DarkIC.gif X X
262 Ani262MS.png Mightyena DarkIC.gif X X
263 Ani263MS.png Zigzagoon NormalIC.gif X X
264 Ani264MS.png Linoone NormalIC.gif X X
265 Ani265MS.png Wurmple BugIC.gif X X
266 Ani266MS.png Silcoon BugIC.gif X X
267 Ani267MS.png Beautifly BugIC.gif FlyingIC.gif X X
268 Ani268MS.png Cascoon BugIC.gif PoisonIC.gif X X
269 Ani269MS.png Dustox BugIC.gif PoisonIC.gif X X
270 Ani270MS.png Lotad WaterIC.gif GrassIC.gif X X
271 Ani271MS.png Lombre WaterIC.gif GrassIC.gif X X
272 Ani272MS.png Ludicolo WaterIC.gif GrassIC.gif X X
273 Ani273MS.png Seedot GrassIC.gif X X
274 Ani274MS.png Nuzleaf GrassIC.gif DarkIC.gif X X
275 Ani275MS.png Shiftry GrassIC.gif DarkIC.gif X X
276 Ani276MS.png Taillow NormalIC.gif FlyingIC.gif X X
277 Ani277MS.png Swellow NormalIC.gif FlyingIC.gif X X
278 Ani278MS.png Wingull WaterIC.gif FlyingIC.gif X X
279 Ani279MS.png Pelipper WaterIC.gif FlyingIC.gif X X
280 Ani280MS.png Ralts PsychicIC.gif X X
281 Ani281MS.png Kirlia PsychicIC.gif X X
282 Ani282MS.png Gardevoir PsychicIC.gif X X
283 Ani283MS.png Surskit BugIC.gif WaterIC.gif X X
284 Ani284MS.png Masquerain BugIC.gif FlyingIC.gif X X
285 Ani285MS.png Shroomish GrassIC.gif X X
286 Ani286MS.png Breloom GrassIC.gif FightingIC.gif X X
287 Ani287MS.png Slakoth NormalIC.gif X X
288 Ani288MS.png Vigoroth NormalIC.gif X X
289 Ani289MS.png Slaking NormalIC.gif X X
290 Ani290MS.png Nincada BugIC.gif GroundIC.gif X X
291 Ani291MS.png Ninjask BugIC.gif FlyingIC.gif X X
292 Ani292MS.png Shedinja BugIC.gif GhostIC.gif X X
293 Ani293MS.png Whismur NormalIC.gif X X
294 Ani294MS.png Loudred NormalIC.gif X X
295 Ani295MS.png Exploud NormalIC.gif X X
296 Ani296MS.png Makuhita FightingIC.gif X X
297 Ani297MS.png Hariyama FightingIC.gif X X
298 Ani298MS.png Azurill NormalIC.gif X X
299 Ani299MS.png Nosepass RockIC.gif X X
300 Ani300MS.png Skitty NormalIC.gif X X
301 Ani301MS.png Delcatty NormalIC.gif X X
302 Ani302MS.png Sableye DarkIC.gif GhostIC.gif X X
303 Ani303MS.png Mawile SteelIC.gif X X
304 Ani304MS.png Aron SteelIC.gif RockIC.gif X X
305 Ani305MS.png Lairon SteelIC.gif RockIC.gif X X
306 Ani306MS.png Aggron SteelIC.gif RockIC.gif X X
307 Ani307MS.png Meditite FightingIC.gif PsychicIC.gif X X
308 Ani308MS.png Medicham FightingIC.gif PsychicIC.gif X X
309 Ani309MS.png Electrike ElectricIC.gif X X
310 Ani310MS.png Manectric ElectricIC.gif X X
311 Ani311MS.png Plusle ElectricIC.gif X X
312 Ani312MS.png Minun ElectricIC.gif X X
313 Ani313MS.png Volbeat BugIC.gif X X
314 Ani314MS.png Illumise BugIC.gif X X
315 Ani315MS.png Roselia GrassIC.gif PoisonIC.gif X X
316 Ani316MS.png Gulpin PoisonIC.gif X X
317 Ani317MS.png Swalot PoisonIC.gif X X
318 Ani318MS.png Carvanha WaterIC.gif DarkIC.gif X X
319 Ani319MS.png Sharpedo WaterIC.gif DarkIC.gif X X
320 Ani320MS.png Wailmer WaterIC.gif X X
321 Ani321MS.png Wailord WaterIC.gif X X
322 Ani322MS.png Numel FireIC.gif GroundIC.gif X X
323 Ani323MS.png Camerupt FireIC.gif GroundIC.gif X X
324 Ani324MS.png Torkoal FireIC.gif X X
325 Ani325MS.png Spoink PsychicIC.gif X X
326 Ani326MS.png Grumpig PsychicIC.gif X X
327 Ani327MS.png Spinda NormalIC.gif X X
328 Ani328MS.png Trapinch GroundIC.gif X X
329 Ani329MS.png Vibrava GroundIC.gif DragonIC.gif X X
330 Ani330MS.png Flygon GroundIC.gif DragonIC.gif X X
331 Ani331MS.png Cacnea GrassIC.gif X X
332 Ani332MS.png Cacturne GrassIC.gif DarkIC.gif X X
333 Ani333MS.png Swablu NormalIC.gif FlyingIC.gif X X
334 Ani334MS.png Altaria DragonIC.gif FlyingIC.gif X X
335 Ani335MS.png Zangoose NormalIC.gif X X
336 Ani336MS.png Seviper PoisonIC.gif X X
337 Ani337MS.png Lunatone RockIC.gif PsychicIC.gif X X
338 Ani338MS.png Solrock RockIC.gif PsychicIC.gif X X
339 Ani339MS.png Barboach WaterIC.gif GroundIC.gif X X
340 Ani340MS.png Whiscash WaterIC.gif GroundIC.gif X X
341 Ani341MS.png Corphish WaterIC.gif X X
342 Ani342MS.png Crawdaunt WaterIC.gif DarkIC.gif X X
343 Ani343MS.png Baltoy GroundIC.gif PsychicIC.gif X X
344 Ani344MS.png Claydol GroundIC.gif PsychicIC.gif X X
345 Ani345MS.png Lileep RockIC.gif GrassIC.gif X X
346 Ani346MS.png Cradily RockIC.gif GrassIC.gif X X
347 Ani347MS.png Anorith RockIC.gif BugIC.gif X X
348 Ani348MS.png Armaldo RockIC.gif BugIC.gif X X
349 Ani349MS.png Feebas WaterIC.gif X X
350 Ani350MS.png Milotic WaterIC.gif X X
351 Ani351MS.png Castform NormalIC.gif X X
352 Ani352MS.png Kecleon NormalIC.gif X X
353 Ani353MS.png Shuppet GhostIC.gif X X
354 Ani354MS.png Banette GhostIC.gif X X
355 Ani355MS.png Duskull GhostIC.gif X X
356 Ani356MS.png Dusclops GhostIC.gif X X
357 Ani357MS.png Tropius GrassIC.gif FlyingIC.gif X X
358 Ani358MS.png Chimecho PsychicIC.gif X X
359 Ani359MS.png Absol DarkIC.gif X X
360 Ani360MS.png Wynaut PsychicIC.gif X X
361 Ani361MS.png Snorunt IceIC.gif X X
362 Ani362MS.png Glalie IceIC.gif X X
363 Ani363MS.png Spheal IceIC.gif WaterIC.gif X X
364 Ani364MS.png Sealeo IceIC.gif WaterIC.gif X X
365 Ani365MS.png Walrein IceIC.gif WaterIC.gif X X
366 Ani366MS.png Clamperl WaterIC.gif X X
367 Ani367MS.png Huntail WaterIC.gif X X
368 Ani368MS.png Gorebyss WaterIC.gif X X
369 Ani369MS.png Relicanth WaterIC.gif RockIC.gif X X
370 Ani370MS.png Luvdisc WaterIC.gif X X
371 Ani371MS.png Bagon DragonIC.gif X X
372 Ani372MS.png Shelgon DragonIC.gif X X
373 Ani373MS.png Salamence DragonIC.gif FlyingIC.gif X X
374 Ani374MS.png Beldum SteelIC.gif PsychicIC.gif X X
375 Ani375MS.png Metang SteelIC.gif PsychicIC.gif X X
376 Ani376MS.png Metagross SteelIC.gif PsychicIC.gif X X
377 Ani377MS.png Regirock RockIC.gif X X
378 Ani378MS.png Regice IceIC.gif X X
379 Ani379MS.png Registeel SteelIC.gif X X
380 Ani380MS.png Latias DragonIC.gif PsychicIC.gif X X
381 Ani381MS.png Latios DragonIC.gif PsychicIC.gif X X
382 Ani382MS.png Kyogre WaterIC.gif X X
383 Ani383MS.png Groudon GroundIC.gif X X
384 Ani384MS.png Rayquaza DragonIC.gif FlyingIC.gif X X
385 Ani385MS.png Jirachi SteelIC.gif PsychicIC.gif X X
386 Ani386MS.png Deoxys PsychicIC.gif X X
387 Ani387MS.png Turtwig GrassIC.gif X X
388 Ani388MS.png Grotle GrassIC.gif X X
389 Ani389MS.png Torterra GrassIC.gif GroundIC.gif X X
390 Ani390MS.png Chimchar FireIC.gif X X
391 Ani391MS.png Monferno FireIC.gif FightingIC.gif X X
392 Ani392MS.png Infernape FireIC.gif FightingIC.gif X X
393 Ani393MS.png Piplup WaterIC.gif X X
394 Ani394MS.png Prinplup WaterIC.gif X X
395 Ani395MS.png Empoleon WaterIC.gif SteelIC.gif X X
396 Ani396MS.png Starly NormalIC.gif FlyingIC.gif X X
397 Ani397MS.png Staravia NormalIC.gif FlyingIC.gif X X
398 Ani398MS.png Staraptor NormalIC.gif FlyingIC.gif X X
399 Ani399MS.png Bidoof NormalIC.gif X X
400 Ani400MS.png Bibarel NormalIC.gif WaterIC.gif X X
401 Ani401MS.png Kricketot BugIC.gif X X
402 Ani402MS.png Kricketune BugIC.gif X X
403 Ani403MS.png Shinx ElectricIC.gif X X
404 Ani404MS.png Luxio ElectricIC.gif X X
405 Ani405MS.png Luxray ElectricIC.gif X X
406 Ani406MS.png Budew GrassIC.gif PoisonIC.gif X X
407 Ani407MS.png Roserade GrassIC.gif PoisonIC.gif X X
408 Ani408MS.png Cranidos RockIC.gif X X
409 Ani409MS.png Rampardos RockIC.gif X X
410 Ani410MS.png Shieldon RockIC.gif SteelIC.gif X X
411 Ani411MS.png Bastiodon RockIC.gif SteelIC.gif X X
412 Ani412MS.png Burmy BugIC.gif X X
413 Ani413MS.png Wormadam BugIC.gif GrassIC.gif
414 Ani414MS.png Mothim BugIC.gif FlyingIC.gif X X
415 Ani415MS.png Combee BugIC.gif FlyingIC.gif X X
416 Ani416MS.png Vespiquen BugIC.gif FlyingIC.gif X X
417 Ani417MS.png Pachirisu ElectricIC.gif X X
418 Ani418MS.png Buizel WaterIC.gif X X
419 Ani419MS.png Floatzel WaterIC.gif X X
420 Ani420MS.png Cherubi GrassIC.gif X X
421 Ani421MS.png Cherrim GrassIC.gif X X
422 Ani422MS.png Shellos WaterIC.gif X X
423 Ani423MS.png Gastrodon WaterIC.gif GroundIC.gif X X
424 Ani424MS.png Ambipom NormalIC.gif X X
425 Ani425MS.png Drifloon GhostIC.gif FlyingIC.gif X X
426 Ani426MS.png Drifblim GhostIC.gif FlyingIC.gif X X
427 Ani427MS.png Buneary NormalIC.gif X X
428 Ani428MS.png Lopunny NormalIC.gif X X
429 Ani429MS.png Mismagius GhostIC.gif X X
430 Ani430MS.png Honchkrow DarkIC.gif FlyingIC.gif X X
431 Ani431MS.png Glameow NormalIC.gif X X
432 Ani432MS.png Purugly NormalIC.gif X X
433 Ani433MS.png Chingling PsychicIC.gif X X
434 Ani434MS.png Stunky PoisonIC.gif DarkIC.gif X X
435 Ani435MS.png Skuntank PoisonIC.gif DarkIC.gif X X
436 Ani436MS.png Bronzor SteelIC.gif PsychicIC.gif X X
437 Ani437MS.png Bronzong SteelIC.gif PsychicIC.gif X X
438 Ani438MS.png Bonsly RockIC.gif X X
439 Ani439MS.png Mime Jr. PsychicIC.gif X X
440 Ani440MS.png Happiny NormalIC.gif X X
441 Ani441MS.png Chatot NormalIC.gif FlyingIC.gif X X
442 Ani442MS.png Spiritomb GhostIC.gif DarkIC.gif X X
443 Ani443MS.png Gible DragonIC.gif GroundIC.gif X X
444 Ani444MS.png Gabite DragonIC.gif GroundIC.gif X X
445 Ani445MS.png Garchomp DragonIC.gif GroundIC.gif X X
446 Ani446MS.png Munchlax NormalIC.gif X X
447 Ani447MS.png Riolu FightingIC.gif X X
448 Ani448MS.png Lucario FightingIC.gif SteelIC.gif X X
449 Ani449MS.png Hippopotas GroundIC.gif X X
450 Ani450MS.png Hippowdon GroundIC.gif X X
451 Ani451MS.png Skorupi PoisonIC.gif BugIC.gif X X
452 Ani452MS.png Drapion PoisonIC.gif DarkIC.gif X X
453 Ani453MS.png Croagunk PoisonIC.gif FightingIC.gif X X
454 Ani454MS.png Toxicroak PoisonIC.gif FightingIC.gif X X
455 Ani455MS.png Carnivine GrassIC.gif X X
456 Ani456MS.png Finneon WaterIC.gif X X
457 Ani457MS.png Lumineon WaterIC.gif X X
458 Ani458MS.png Mantyke WaterIC.gif FlyingIC.gif X X
459 Ani459MS.png Snover GrassIC.gif IceIC.gif X X
460 Ani460MS.png Abomasnow GrassIC.gif IceIC.gif X X
461 Ani461MS.png Weavile DarkIC.gif IceIC.gif X X
462 Ani462MS.png Magnezone ElectricIC.gif SteelIC.gif X X
463 Ani463MS.png Lickilicky NormalIC.gif X X
464 Ani464MS.png Rhyperior GroundIC.gif RockIC.gif X X
465 Ani465MS.png Tangrowth GrassIC.gif X X
466 Ani466MS.png Electivire ElectricIC.gif X X
467 Ani467MS.png Magmortar FireIC.gif X X
468 Ani468MS.png Togekiss NormalIC.gif FlyingIC.gif X X
469 Ani469MS.png Yanmega BugIC.gif FlyingIC.gif X X
470 Ani470MS.png Leafeon GrassIC.gif X X
471 Ani471MS.png Glaceon IceIC.gif X X
472 Ani472MS.png Gliscor GroundIC.gif FlyingIC.gif X X
473 Ani473MS.png Mamoswine IceIC.gif GroundIC.gif X X
474 Ani474MS.png Porygon-Z NormalIC.gif X X
475 Ani475MS.png Gallade PsychicIC.gif FightingIC.gif X X
476 Ani476MS.png Probopass RockIC.gif SteelIC.gif X X
477 Ani477MS.png Dusknoir GhostIC.gif X X
478 Ani478MS.png Froslass IceIC.gif GhostIC.gif X X
479 Ani479MS.png Rotom ElectricIC.gif GhostIC.gif X X
480 Ani480MS.png Uxie PsychicIC.gif X X
481 Ani481MS.png Mesprit PsychicIC.gif X X
482 Ani482MS.png Azelf PsychicIC.gif X X
483 Ani483MS.png Dialga SteelIC.gif DragonIC.gif X X
484 Ani484MS.png Palkia WaterIC.gif DragonIC.gif X X
485 Ani485MS.png Heatran FireIC.gif SteelIC.gif X X
486 Ani486MS.png Regigigas NormalIC.gif X X
487 Ani487MS.png Giratina GhostIC.gif DragonIC.gif X X
488 Ani488MS.png Cresselia PsychicIC.gif X X
489 Ani489MS.png Phione WaterIC.gif X X
490 Ani490MS.png Manaphy WaterIC.gif X X
491 Ani491MS.png Darkrai DarkIC.gif X X
492 Ani492MS.png Shaymin GrassIC.gif X X
493 Ani493MS.png Arceus NormalIC.gif X X
494 Ani494MS.png Victini PsychicIC.gif FireIC.gif X X
495 Ani495MS.png Snivy GrassIC.gif X X
496 Ani496MS.png Servine GrassIC.gif X X
497 Ani497MS.png Serperior GrassIC.gif X X
498 Ani498MS.png Tepig FireIC.gif X X
499 Ani499MS.png Pignite FireIC.gif FightingIC.gif X X
500 Ani500MS.png Emboar FireIC.gif FightingIC.gif X X
501 Ani501MS.png Oshawott WaterIC.gif X X
502 Ani502MS.png Dewott WaterIC.gif X X
503 Ani503MS.png Samurott WaterIC.gif X X
504 Ani504MS.png Patrat NormalIC.gif X X
505 Ani505MS.png Watchog NormalIC.gif X X
506 Ani506MS.png Lillipup NormalIC.gif X X
507 Ani507MS.png Herdier NormalIC.gif X X
508 Ani508MS.png Stoutland NormalIC.gif X X
509 Ani509MS.png Purrloin DarkIC.gif X X
510 Ani510MS.png Liepard DarkIC.gif X X
511 Ani511MS.png Pansage GrassIC.gif X X
512 Ani512MS.png Simisage GrassIC.gif X X
513 Ani513MS.png Pansear FireIC.gif X X
514 Ani514MS.png Simisear FireIC.gif X X
515 Ani515MS.png Panpour FireIC.gif X X
516 Ani516MS.png Simipour FireIC.gif X X
517 Ani517MS.png Munna PsychicIC.gif X X
518 Ani518MS.png Musharna PsychicIC.gif X X
519 Ani519MS.png Pidove NormalIC.gif FlyingIC.gif X X
520 Ani520MS.png Tranquill NormalIC.gif FlyingIC.gif X X
521 Ani521MS.png Unfezant NormalIC.gif FlyingIC.gif X X
522 Ani522MS.png Blitzle ElectricIC.gif X X
523 Ani523MS.png Zebstrika ElectricIC.gif X X
524 Ani524MS.png Roggenrola RockIC.gif X X
525 Ani525MS.png Boldore RockIC.gif X X
526 Ani526MS.png Gigalith RockIC.gif X X
527 Ani527MS.png Woobat PsychicIC.gif FlyingIC.gif X X
528 Ani528MS.png Swoobat PsychicIC.gif FlyingIC.gif X X
529 Ani529MS.png Drilbur GroundIC.gif X X
530 Ani530MS.png Excadrill GroundIC.gif SteelIC.gif X X
531 Ani531MS.png Audino NormalIC.gif X X
532 Ani532MS.png Timburr FightingIC.gif X X
533 Ani533MS.png Gurdurr FightingIC.gif X X
534 Ani534MS.png Conkeldurr FightingIC.gif X X
535 Ani535MS.png Tympole WaterIC.gif X X
536 Ani536MS.png Palpitoad WaterIC.gif GroundIC.gif X X
537 Ani537MS.png Seismitoad WaterIC.gif GroundIC.gif X X
538 Ani538MS.png Throh FightingIC.gif X X
539 Ani539MS.png Sawk FightingIC.gif X X
540 Ani540MS.png Sewaddle BugIC.gif GrassIC.gif X X
541 Ani541MS.png Swadloon BugIC.gif GrassIC.gif X X
542 Ani542MS.png Leavanny BugIC.gif GrassIC.gif X X
543 Ani543MS.png Venipede BugIC.gif PoisonIC.gif X X
544 Ani544MS.png Whirlipede BugIC.gif PoisonIC.gif X X
545 Ani545MS.png Scolipede BugIC.gif PoisonIC.gif X X
546 Ani546MS.png Cottonee GrassIC.gif X X
547 Ani547MS.png Whimsicott GrassIC.gif X X
548 Ani548MS.png Petilil GrassIC.gif X X
549 Ani549MS.png Lilligant GrassIC.gif X X
550 Ani550BMS.png Basculin WaterIC.gif X X
551 Ani551MS.png Sandile GroundIC.gif DarkIC.gif X X
552 Ani552MS.png Krokorok GroundIC.gif DarkIC.gif X X
553 Ani553MS.png Krookodile GroundIC.gif DarkIC.gif X X
554 Ani554MS.png Darumaka FireIC.gif X X
555 Ani555MS.png Darmanitan FireIC.gif X X
556 Ani556MS.png Maractus GrassIC.gif X X
557 Ani557MS.png Dwebble BugIC.gif RockIC.gif X X
558 Ani558MS.png Crustle BugIC.gif RockIC.gif X X
559 Ani559MS.png Scraggy DarkIC.gif FightingIC.gif X X
560 Ani560MS.png Scrafty DarkIC.gif FightingIC.gif X X
561 Ani561MS.png Sigilyph PsychicIC.gif FlyingIC.gif X X
562 Ani562MS.png Yamask GhostIC.gif X X
563 Ani563MS.png Cofagrigus GhostIC.gif X X
564 Ani564MS.png Tirtouga WaterIC.gif RockIC.gif X X
565 Ani565MS.png Carracosta WaterIC.gif RockIC.gif X X
566 Ani566MS.png Archen RockIC.gif FlyingIC.gif X X
567 Ani567MS.png Archeops RockIC.gif FlyingIC.gif X X
568 Ani568MS.png Trubbish PoisonIC.gif X X
569 Ani563MS.png Garbodor PoisonIC.gif X X
570 Ani570MS.png Zorua DarkIC.gif X X
571 Ani571MS.png Zoroark DarkIC.gif X X
572 Ani572MS.png Minccino NormalIC.gif X X
573 Ani573MS.png Cinccino NormalIC.gif X X
574 Ani574MS.png Gothita PsychicIC.gif X X
575 Ani575MS.png Gothorita PsychicIC.gif X X
576 Ani576MS.png Gothitelle PsychicIC.gif X X
577 Ani577MS.png Solosis PsychicIC.gif X X
578 Ani578MS.png Duosion PsychicIC.gif X X
579 Ani579MS.png Reuniclus PsychicIC.gif X X
580 Ani567MS.png Ducklett WaterIC.gif FlyingIC.gif X X
581 Ani581MS.png Swanna WaterIC.gif FlyingIC.gif X X
582 Ani582MS.png Vanillite IceIC.gif X X
583 Ani583MS.png Vanillish IceIC.gif X X
584 Ani584MS.png Reuniclus IceIC.gif X X
585 Ani585MS.png Deerling NormalIC.gif GrassIC.gif X X
586 Ani586MS.png Sawsbuck NormalIC.gif GrassIC.gif X X
587 Ani587MS.png Emolga ElectricIC.gif FlyingIC.gif X X
588 Ani588MS.png Karrablast BugIC.gif X X
589 Ani589MS.png Escavalier BugIC.gif SteelIC.gif X X
590 Ani590MS.png Foongus GrassIC.gif PoisonIC.gif X X
591 Ani591MS.png Amoonguss GrassIC.gif PoisonIC.gif X X
592 Ani592MS.png Frillish WaterIC.gif GhostIC.gif X X
593 Ani593MS.png Jellicent WaterIC.gif GhostIC.gif X X
594 Ani594MS.png Alomomola WaterIC.gif X X
595 Ani595MS.png Joltik BugIC.gif ElectricIC.gif X X
596 Ani596MS.png Galvantula BugIC.gif ElectricIC.gif X X
597 Ani597MS.png Ferroseed GrassIC.gif SteelIC.gif X X
598 Ani598MS.png Ferrothorn GrassIC.gif SteelIC.gif X X
599 Ani599MS.png Klink SteelIC.gif X X
600 Ani600MS.png Klang SteelIC.gif X X
601 Ani601MS.png Klinklang SteelIC.gif X X
602 Ani602MS.png Tynamo ElectricIC.gif X X
603 Ani603MS.png Eelektrik ElectricIC.gif X X
604 Ani604MS.png Eelektross ElectricIC.gif X X
605 Ani605MS.png Elgyem PsychicIC.gif X X
606 Ani606MS.png Beheeyem PsychicIC.gif X X
607 Ani607MS.png Litwick GhostIC.gif FireIC.gif X X
608 Ani608MS.png Lampent GhostIC.gif FireIC.gif X X
609 Ani609MS.png Chandelure GhostIC.gif FireIC.gif X X
610 Ani610MS.png Axew DragonIC.gif X X
611 Ani611MS.png Fraxure DragonIC.gif X X
612 Ani612MS.png Haxorus DragonIC.gif X X
613 Ani613MS.png Cubchoo IceIC.gif X X
614 Ani614MS.png Beartic IceIC.gif X X
615 Ani615MS.png Cryogonal IceIC.gif X X
616 Ani616MS.png Shelmet BugIC.gif X X
617 Ani617MS.png Accelgor BugIC.gif X X
618 Ani618MS.png Stunfisk GroundIC.gif ElectricIC.gif X X
619 Ani619MS.png Mienfoo FightingIC.gif X X
620 Ani620MS.png Mienshao FightingIC.gif X X
621 Ani621MS.png Druddigon DragonIC.gif X X
622 Ani622MS.png Golett GroundIC.gif GhostIC.gif X X
623 Ani623MS.png Golurk GroundIC.gif GhostIC.gif X X
624 Ani624MS.png Pawniard DarkIC.gif SteelIC.gif X X
625 Ani625MS.png Bisharp DarkIC.gif SteelIC.gif X X
626 Ani626MS.png Bouffalant NormalIC.gif X X
627 Ani627MS.png Rufflet NormalIC.gif FlyingIC.gif X X
628 Ani628MS.png Braviary NormalIC.gif FlyingIC.gif X X
629 Ani629MS.png Vullaby DarkIC.gif FlyingIC.gif X X
630 Ani630MS.png Mandibuzz DarkIC.gif FlyingIC.gif X X
631 Ani631MS.png Heatmor FireIC.gif X X
632 Ani632MS.png Durant BugIC.gif SteelIC.gif X X
633 Ani633MS.png Deino DarkIC.gif DragonIC.gif X X
634 Ani634MS.png Zweilous DarkIC.gif DragonIC.gif X X
635 Ani635MS.png Hydreigon DarkIC.gif DragonIC.gif X X
636 Ani636MS.png Larvesta BugIC.gif FireIC.gif X X
637 Ani637MS.png Volcarona BugIC.gif FireIC.gif X X
638 Ani638MS.png Cobalion SteelIC.gif FightingIC.gif X X
639 Ani639MS.png Terrakion RockIC.gif FightingIC.gif X X
640 Ani640MS.png Virizion GrassIC.gif FightingIC.gif X X
641 Ani641MS.png Tornadus FlyingIC.gif X X
642 Ani642MS.png Thundurus ElectricIC.gif FlyingIC.gif X X
643 Ani643MS.png Reshiram DragonIC.gif FireIC.gif X X
644 Ani644MS.png Zekrom DragonIC.gif ElectricIC.gif X X
645 Ani645MS.png Landorus GroundIC.gif FlyingIC.gif X X
646 Ani646MS.png Kyurem DragonIC.gif IceIC.gif X X
647 Ani647MS.png Keldeo WaterIC.gif FightingIC.gif X X
648 Ani648MS.png Meloetta NormalIC.gif PsychicIC.gif X X
649 Ani649MS.png Genesect BugIC.gif SteelIC.gif X X