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Some data exists in the game files for a location called Kalakka Desert, which does not appear in the actual game. The desert's map file, desert_m, does not exist, but it does have a description associated with it:

"The temperature here swings far between day and night, and an arid wind blows."

An unused music track, SEQ_FIELD01, is supposed to play on this map.

An unused area of the Sekra Range also appears in the game files. It's map file is mountain_j.


The file menu/pokemon_filename.dat, which is used to assign Pokémon Browser sprites, contains references to all 28 of Unown's forms and all four of Castform's. Neither Pokémon appears in the actual game, and the only one of these referenced sprites that actually exists is that of Unown's exclamation mark form.

The file yakumono/yakumono_csv.dat, which is used for targets and other objects, references the non-existent file pokemon/iwark. "Iwark" is the Japanese name of Onix. It is therefore possible that Onix may have at some point been intended to appear in the game as an obstacle or a boss, much like its evolution, Steelix, does.

Unused overworld sprites for Jumpluff and data for Wailord also exist in the game files.


The game files contain unused overworld sprites for Red (refered to as "Fire"), Leaf, Professor Oak, Brock, Misty, Lance, Todd Snap, Brendan, May, Professor Birch, and Steven Stone.

Red Ra OD.png Leaf Ra OD.png Oak Ra OD.png Brock Ra OD.png Misty Ra OD.png Lance Ra OD.png
Red's unused overworld sprite Leaf's unused overworld sprite Professor Oak's unused overworld sprite Brock's unused overworld sprite Misty's unused overworld sprite Lance's unused overworld sprite
Todd Ra OD.png May Ra OD.png May Ra OD 2.png Birch Ra OD.png Steven Ra OD.png
Todd's unused overworld sprite May's first unused overworld sprite May's second unused overworld sprite Professor Birch's unused overworld sprite Steven's unused overworld sprite


The game has three unused music tracks. The first, SEQ_FIELD01, was intended to play in the unused Kalakka Desert location. The second, SEQ_JUNGLETOWN, is a more upbeat rendition of Olive Jungle's background music, and, based on its name, may have been the original background music for Summerland. The third, SEQ_GAMEOVER, would later be used in Pokémon Ranger: Shadows of Almia as the music that plays when the Capture Styler breaks.