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Cyro and Kira are gender counterparts of each other, and they are my used trainers in Pokémon games. They have a male younger rival named Sirius, who prefers to appear in the third game of each generation.

Pokémon Diamond Version

  • Player character: Kira

Pokémon team

  • On hand:

Ani392MS.png InfernapeLv 40 Moves: Flame Wheel, Close Combat, HMRock Climb, HMRock Smash (Held item: Bag Cleanse Tag Sprite.png Cleanse Tag)

Ani405MS.png LuxrayLv 41 Moves: HMStrength, Spark, Crunch, Shock Wave (Held item: Bag Magnet Sprite.png Magnet)

Ani407MS.png RoseradeLv 41 Moves: Sludge Bomb, Mega Drain, HMCut, Petal Dance (Held item: Bag Smoke Ball Sprite.png Smoke Ball)

Ani430MS.png HonchkrowLv 40 Moves: Aerial Ace, Shadow Ball, Faint Attack, HMFly (Held item: Bag Black Glasses Sprite.png BlackGlasses)

Ani457MS.png LumineonLv 41 Moves: Water Pulse, Gust, HMSurf, Silver Wind

Ani437MS.png Bronzong Lv 38 Moves: Flash Cannon, Iron Defense, Gyro Ball, Rock Polish

bold means Starter Pokémon

  • Storage:

Ani439MS.png MimeLv 23 Moves: Flash, Drain Punch, Focus Punch, Brick Break (Held item: Bag Exp. Share Sprite.png Exp. Share)

  • Released:

Ani397MS.png StaraviaLv 30 Left with many others Staravia in Trophy Garden, Pokémon Mansion

Ani425MS.png DrifloonLv 22 Left in Hearthome City with Fantina.

Ani433MS.png ChinglingLv 31 Left with Riley in Iron Island.

Badges owned

Coal Badge.png Coal Badge Forest Badge.png Forest Badge Cobble Badge.png Cobble Badge Fen Badge.png Fen Badge Relic Badge.png Relic Badge Mine Badge.png Mine Badge Icicle Badge.png Icicle Badge