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Note to Self (Editing and Uploading)

  • When uploading a big file (Over 2MB) use jpg and under that use png.
  • When editing pokemon {{p|Meloetta}|} and their moves {{m|Moonblast}|}.
  • Name, "Pokémon", Pokémon names, moves, locations are Cap.
  • {{subst:New episode|000|date|jp|trjp}|} (For new episodes)
  • For trivia, they have to be "First" of something not second, but can be first "since" something if it's a while ago.
  • "Notable" means important, unique, not just battling, important for the plot.
  • When doing errors for episodes, give the context for the scene of the error, not only giving a timestamp.

Anime artwork from people who worked with Pokémon