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Stephan's Zebstrika
ケニヤンのゼブライカ Kenyan's Zebraika
Poké Ball
Stephan Zebstrika.png
Stephan's Zebstrika
Debuts in Oshawott's Lost Scalchop!
Caught at Unova
Evolves in Prior to Reunion Battles in Nimbasa!
Gender Unknown
Ability Unknown
Current location With Stephan
This Pokémon spent 10 episodes as Blitzle.
Voice actor Japanese English
As Blitzle Kiyotaka Furushima Marc Thompson
As Zebstrika Kiyotaka Furushima Marc Thompson

Stephan's Zebstrika (Japanese: ケニヤンのゼブライカ Kenyan's Zebraika) is the first Pokémon owned by Stephan.


As a Blitzle

Zebstrika, as a Blitzle first appeared in a battle against Ash. It went up against his Oshawott, but it kicked off Oshawott's scalchop, which ultimately caused the battle to be postponed. The next day Blitzle re-battled him after some training. It managed to destroy the stone scalchop that Dwebble had made for him with Shock Wave. However, because of Oshawott's training with the heavy scalchop, Oshawott's speed increases respectively. After Blitzle use Flame Charge and Oshawott use Aqua Jet, they both collided into a rock combined into a huge wave of steam. However, Blitzle was knocked out while Oshawott remained standing.

In Reunion Battles In Nimbasa!, it appeared again where it was revealed to have evolved. Stephan used it in his first battle in the Club Battle Tournament against Bianca and Minccino in Cilan Versus Trip, Ash Versus Georgia!. Despite getting hit by Minccino's combination of Double Slap and Hyper Voice, it defeated the Chinchilla Pokémon with Stomp and advanced its Trainer to the second round.

In Curtain Up, Unova League!, Stephan used Zebstrika at the Vertress Conference in his first match against Radley's Braviary and won with a super-effective Thunderbolt.

Zebstrika was also used to battle against Ash and Palpitoad in the fourth round during Strong Strategy Steals the Show!. It had the upper hand, but it got poisoned by Palpitoad's newly learned Sludge Wave. But Zebstrika used the poison to its advantage and use Facade. After getting confused by Palpitoad's Supersonic and getting hit by Hydro Pump, Zebstrika was able to hang in there and use Giga Impact, hitting Palpitoad. But, however the Vibration Pokémon was able to hit Zebstrika with Mud Shot, which led to a double knockout.

Personality and characteristics

Moves Used

Stephan Zebstrika Giga Impact.png
Using Giga Impact
Stephan Blitzle Double Kick.png
Using Double Kick
as a Blitzle
Move First Used In
Shock Wave Oshawott's Lost Scalchop!
Flame Charge Oshawott's Lost Scalchop!
Double Kick Oshawott's Lost Scalchop!
Stomp  Cilan Verses Trip, Ash Verses Georgia!
Thunderbolt Curtain Up, Unova League!
Giga Impact  Curtain Up, Unova League!
Double-Edge  Strong Strategy Steals the Show!
Facade  Strong Strategy Steals the Show!
A shows that the move was used recently, unless all moves fit this case or there are fewer than five known moves.

In the games

Stephan's Zebstrika made an appearance in the Pokémon World Tournament download that was available for players of the Japanese Pokémon Black 2 and White 2 games from December 3, 2012 to January 31, 2013. The tournament was based on the Vertress Conference in the anime, which was conducted under Single Battle rules.

Pokémon Black 2 and White 2
Spr 5b 523.png
Electric Unknown
Held item:
Bag Shuca Berry Sprite.png Shuca Berry
Zebstrika Lv.50
Electric Special
Giga Impact
Normal Physical
Normal Physical
Flame Charge
Fire Physical

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